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Marilyn Nault Bill Russell In Focus - Sustainability Icon Meets Court Hero

Marilyn Nault Bill Russel rose to prominence during her marriage to NBA legend Bill Russell from 2000 until her untimely death in 2009. She was an American entrepreneur and the ex-wife of late American professional basketball legend Bill Russel.

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Marilyn Nault Bill Russellstand as stalwarts in their respective domains, each making an indelible mark in their unique spheres. Marilyn Nault, renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to environmental conservation and sustainable living, embodies an unwavering commitment to preserving the planet. Her advocacy and pioneering work in eco-friendly practices have sparked a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and interact with our environment.
Conversely, Bill Russell, a titan in the world of basketball, stands as a towering figure of sporting excellence. His unparalleled achievements on the court and his resolute stance against social injustices have not only redefined the game but also paved the way for athlete activism, setting an enduring precedent for future generations. These two individuals, though from vastly different arenas, share an unyielding dedication to their passions and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Marilyn Nault Bill Russell - Quick Facts

NameMarilyn Nault
WifeBill Russell
BirthdateJanuary 15, 1950
Birth PlaceConcordia, Kansas

Bill Russell

NBA Hall of Famer Bill Russell was a renowned player in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as a legendary coach for decades afterward. Russell not only had a successful career, but he also became a figure who reflected the changing racial environment of professional athletics and served as an inspiration to people of color.
William Fenton Russell aka Bill Russell was born in West Monroe, Louisiana on February 12, 1934, to Charles and Katie Russell. He grew up in a segregated neighborhood. Basketball provided a respite from the hardships of prejudice in his youth. Though he struggled with the fundamentals at first, he eventually mastered them and played professionally from 1956 until 1969.

Did Bill Russell Win 11 Championships In A Row?

Bill Russell won 11 NBA championships in his 13-year career, but not in a row.
His longest winning run lasted eight years. It was between 1959 and 1966.

Who Did Bill Russell Beat In The NBA Finals?

In the NBA Finals, Bill Russell defeated a slew of outstanding players and teams.
  • Russell defeated Bob Pettit and the St. Louis Hawks in 1957. In the Finals, Pettit averaged 30 points and 18 rebounds per game.
  • Russell defeated Elgin Baylor and the Minneapolis Lakers in 1959.
  • Russell's Celtics defeated Pettit's Hawks once more in 1960. Petti averaged 26 points and 15 rebounds this time. Cliff Hagan led the Hawks with 24 points and 10 rebounds.
  • Russell defeated Hagan and Pettit's Hawks once more in 1961. This time, Hagan led the team in scoring with 30 points per game, while Pettit finished with "only" 28.
  • Russell defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, led by Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, in 1962. During the Finals, Baylor averaged 41 points per game while West averaged 31. It wasn't enough to beat the legendary Bill Russell.
  • Russell and the Celtics defeated Baylor and West's Lakers once more in 1963.
  • Russell's Celtics defeated Wilt Chamberlain's San Francisco Warriors in 1964. Wilt finished the series with 29 points and 28 rebounds per game.
  • Russell defeated the Lakers once more in 1965. The Lakers were led by Jerry West this time around, while Elgin Baylor was out with a knee injury.
  • Russell defeated Baylor and West's Lakers once more in 1966. The Lakers also had youngster Gail Goodrich on the court, but they were not nearly up to the challenge of overcoming Russell.
  • Russell defeated West, Baylor, and the Lakers once more in 1968.
  • Russell's Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers for the final time in 1969. West, who averaged 38 points per game, and Baylor were still on the Lakers' roster. They had also added Wilt Chamberlain, but it was unable to overcome Russell.

Meet All Of Bill Russell’s Wives

Rose Swisher

Bill Russell's first wife was Rose Swisher. Rose Swisher was the first woman Bill married. The couple tied the knot on December 9, 1956. While attending the University of San Francisco for their college education, they initially crossed paths and started dating.
Before divorcing in 1973, they would stay together for 17 years. Their emotional distance was cited as the reason for their divorce. William Russell Jr., Karen Russell, and Jacob Russell are the three children who came from their marriage.

Dorothy Anstett

Russell married Dorothy Anstett a second time. Bill Russell married Dorothy Anstett, a.k.a. Didi, four years after his first marriage ended. Dorothy was a previous Miss USA in 1968 and has competed in beauty pageants. The couple wed in 1977, but their union was short-lived - it ended in divorce in 1980 after just four years. Dorothy and Russell Together, Catherine Anstett did not have any children.

Marilyn Nault

In 1996, Bill Russell married Marilyn Nault. On February 17, 1996, Russell married Marilyn Nault Russell, his third wife, putting his two previous failed marriages behind him. Before their marriage disintegrated, rumors had it that they dated for four years.
Unfortunately, Nault's death in January 2009 brought a stop to the marriage. The 13-year marriage between the two ended without any children.

Jeannine Russell

His final spouse was Jeannine Russell. Jeannine Russell was Bill Russell's fourth and current wife. When Bill passed away, the two were still wed.
Although the specifics of their meeting and marriage remain unclear, it is known that Russell and Jeanine reaffirmed their vows on January 24, 2022. It goes without saying that they did not have children together.

Get To Know Bill Russell's Kids

Jacob Russell, Karen Russell, and William Russell Jr. are Bill Russell's children, as mentioned. He had all of them when he was married to Rose Swisher, his first wife.
The 11-time NBA champion's first kid was Bill Russell Jr. On November 2, 1957, William Felton Russell Jr. was born. Known by another name, Buddha, he was a driver for a few years for Cox Trucking.
Regretfully, Russell Jr. passed away at the age of 59 on January 25, 2016, due to cancer. Russell, Jacob H. was his second child. Jacob H. Russell is the second child of Bill Russell. His birthday is July 6, 1959.
It's interesting to note that not much is known about his private life because he is the sole child of the NBA star to live a completely private existence.
It is stated that Jacob, who is 63 years old, and his wife, Sara Marckx Russell, reside in Washington State. The youngest person in the family is Karen. Kathy
The last kid of Bill and Rose, his former spouse, is Russell. She is currently 61 years old, having been born on January 20, 1962. She is a political and legal commentator who works as a graduate of Harvard Law School and has made multiple appearances on various networks, such as MSNBC and CNN. She is a blogger as well.

bill russell wife marilyn nault

Marilyn Nault Russell was the wife of basketball legend Bill Russel, William F. Russell. Marilyn Nault was born in Concordia, Kansas on January 14, 1950 to Quentin and Helen Nault. She grew up in Kansas with her four brothers and attended Catholic elementary and high school.
Before meeting Bill Russell, Marilyn worked as a jewelry salesperson. However, information regarding what else she did before marrying Bill Russell is difficult to come across because they seemed to keep their relationship quite discreet.
American national Marilyn Nault is of Caucasian ancestry. She finished her schooling from her hometown. She has consistently been an excellent student. She had a large customer base and was the best jewelry salesperson in her career. Marilyn was quite successful in her business because she had a natural ability to sell things.
She first got to know Bill Russell when she was employed as a jewelry salesperson. She and Bill Russell made the decision to tie the knot early in 1996. She and her spouse lead a rather steady life. Together, these two have experienced a great deal of exploration and adventure.
She was quite close to her stepchildren. Sports related to basketball have always piqued her curiosity. Her favorite historical location was Egypt.

Marilyn Nault Age

Marilyn was born on January 15, 1950 in Concordia, Kansas, USA. She died on January 21, 2009, at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Marilyn Nault was 59 years old at the time of her death.

Marilyn Nault Early Life

On January 15, 1960, the jewelry salesperson was born in Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas, United States. She was the only child of Quentin and Helen Nault, and she grew up with four brothers: Phil, Eric, James, and Kyle Nault. Her father, who ran a jewelry store in Kansas, died in 1987. Unfortunately, one of her brothers died in 2020 a few years after she died.
Nault grew up in a devoutly religious home. Her parents were Catholic, and she went to a Catholic high school in Kansas. She did not, however, attend college, preferring to find job after graduating from high school.

bill russell marilyn nault marriage

On February 17th, 2000, Bill Russell and Marilyn Nault will marry. They had been dating for four years, beginning in 1996 when they met. Bill Russell and Marilyn Nault Russell were married until her death in 2009.
Bill Russell and Marilyn Nault Russel never had children. Bill's children from his former marriage to Rose Swisher would wind up with Marilyn Nault Russell as their stepmother. Karen Russell, William Russel Jr., and Jacob Russell are the children of Bill and Rose.
Karen Russell was born on the 20th of January, 1962. She would go on to get degrees from Harvard Law School and Georgetown University. She is currently employed by Artists for a New South Africa and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights as a legal and political analyst.
On November 2, 1957, William Felton Russell Jr. was born. He went to St. George and worked in trucking for a while. William Russel Jr. died on January 25th, 2016, after a battle with cancer. On July 6, 1959, Jacob Russell was born. He now lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife, Sara.
Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell
Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell

Marilyn Nault Earnings And Net Worth

Bill Russell wife Marilyn Nault Russell net worth was unknown. Given how quiet Bill Russell's wife was, there is little information on how much she was worth.
She also stopped her career after getting married. Her spouse, on the other hand, was quite affluent and was thought to be worth around $10 million at the time of his death.
Marilyn Nault environmental stewardship programs
Marilyn Nault environmental stewardship programs


What Specific Initiatives Is Marilyn Nault Known For In The Realm Of Environmental Conservation?

Marilyn Nault is recognized for her work in promoting sustainable living through initiatives such as advocating for eco-friendly practices, raising awareness about environmental issues, and championing efforts for conservation and preservation.

How Has Marilyn Nault Influenced The Global Environmental Movement?

Marilyn Nault has significantly influenced the global environmental movement by setting an example through her advocacy for sustainable living, thus inspiring a shift towards more conscientious interactions with the planet.

Who Is Bill Russell, And What Distinguishes His Legacy In The World Of Basketball?

Bill Russell is a legendary figure in basketball renowned for his unparalleled achievements on the court. His legacy is distinguished not only by his athletic prowess but also by his stance against social injustices and the role he played in athlete activism.

What Are Some Of The Notable Achievements Of Bill Russell In His Basketball Career?

Bill Russell is a 12-time NBA All-Star and won 11 NBA championships with the Boston Celtics. His exceptional defensive abilities, leadership, and an unprecedented championship-winning career make him one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

What Similarities Can Be Drawn Between Marilyn Nault Bill Russell Wife And Bill Russell Despite Their Different Fields?

Although in different domains, both Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell share a common dedication to their passions and a commitment to excellence. Marilyn in environmental conservation and Bill in basketball and social activism.


Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell, though seemingly unrelated, both epitomize the essence of unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of their passions. Marilyn's environmental stewardship and pioneering efforts for sustainable living have set a precedent for a global movement towards a more conscientious relationship with our planet.
Bill Russell's contributions on the basketball court transcend sports, extending into social activism, and reshaping the role of athletes in advocating for societal change. Their legacies are not just about personal achievements but also about the lasting impact they have had on their respective fields, inspiring generations to come. Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell serve as beacons of inspiration, reminding us that excellence, dedication, and a resolute commitment to noble causes can shape a better future for us all.
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