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Is Your Bag "Ludicrously Capacious Bag"? The Meme Taking Over

Succession stans, assemble! Dive into the "ludicrously capacious bag" meme. Unpack the laughs, and join the and join the trend bigger than Tom's ambitions.

Tom Mohamed
Jan 31, 20241806 Shares39251 Views
Bags are no more about being large, spacious, or oversized. Rather, they're ludicrously capacious bagnow. Following the Season 4 debut of "Succession," a biting evaluation of a purse uttered by Matthew Macfadyen's character, Tom, has emerged as one of the internet's latest beloved memes.
In the first episode of the ultimate season of Succession, Greg the Egg committed a serious blunder by bringing along a date, Bridget, to Logan's birthday bash—a person who might not be entirely acquainted with the lifestyle of the affluent. Delve into this article to know more.

Story Behind "Ludicrously Capacious Bag" Meme

Bridget who is carrying a bag standing with greg
Bridget who is carrying a bag standing with greg
We must address Tom Wambsgans's harsh criticism of fashion, notably targeting a handbag he labels as "ludicrously capacious." Not since Miranda Priestly's infamous critique of Andrea and her cerulean blue sweater in The Devil Wears Prada have we witnessed such a concise commentary on fashion and societal norms.
The focal point of Tom's critique is a Burberry handbag priced at over £2,500, carried by Bridget, Cousin Greg's unexpected companion at Logan Roy's birthday celebration.
Logan's assistant Kerry promptly indicates that "Bridget Randomfuck" is an uninvited guest. She emphasizes to Greg that it's an exclusive gathering at the residence of one of the wealthiest individuals globally, emphasizing that it's "not a casual diner like Shake Shack."
However, it's Tom who truly encapsulates the family's disdain for Bridget. Her attire, particularly her "monstrous" bag, indicates that she doesn't belong in their social circle.
"What could possibly be in there?" Tom questions. "Foldable shoes for public transit? Her lunch container? It's enormous. You could use it for camping. You could even slide it across the floor after a bank heist."

Exploring Bridget's Baggage

Bridget's overwhelming baggage suggests everything she doesn't possess, highlighting the stark differences between her and the Roys, and others of their social standing. Bridget resides in a world where she must carry burdens while the Roys effortlessly navigate through life.
The realm of people who carry burdens is naturally abundant with bags. These bags are packed with various essentials such as yesterday's dinner leftovers for lunch, sneakers for the journey, reusable water bottles, cosmetics, workout attire, and much more. Occasionally, you might even require a second bag.
Bridget most likely has a reusable tote with a "Girl Boss" slogan tucked away at the bottom of her Burberrybag.
Among Logan's invited guests, carrying a miniature bag, or even opting not to carry one at all, is customary. They utilize their phones to communicate with their financial advisors, rather than using them to generate Instagram content—a mistake Bridget commits.
However, it's not solely the dimensions of Bridget's bag that stand out. Despite lacking a visible logo, its vintage check pattern immediately distinguishes it. This emblem-free design carries a historical and somewhat convoluted association with class discrimination.
Burberry represents luxury, yet it's not a label typically found in the Roy family's collection. Their style embodies understated opulence—referred to as "stealth wealth," as demonstrated by Gwyneth Paltrow recently appearing in court wearing her £1,500 cream knitwear. This style subtly suggests affluence, akin to discreetly sharing recommendations for top masseurs within the elite one percent.
It represents old wealth rather than a modern aesthetic. Iconic luxury brands like Loro Piana, Max Mara, and Brunello Cucinelli embody this style. Their garments allow wearers to blend in discreetly; at first glance, Logan's quarter-zip sweaters and comfortable cardigans could easily be mistaken for items from a mainstream retailer like M&S.
Only those familiar with luxury brands would recognize them as subtle indicators of his affluence. In contrast, Bridget's bag exudes ostentatious luxury—a bold declaration of extravagance, screaming, "Look at how much I spent." It's the kind of bag that's often replicated and sold illegally on Canal Street.
Adding to the scene's sharpness is the fact that this critique of overt spending habits comes from Tom, the Roy family's initial outsider.
He once aspired to be part of the family, wearing red chinos and, at one point, faced ridicule for donning a branded Monclervest at a Davos-like media event. "Nice vest, Wambsgans," Roman quipped. "It looks so inflated. Is it filled with your aspirations and ambitions?"
Tom's ability to now identify a Burberry bag as a symbol of social climbing speaks volumes about his own journey toward the affluent circles he currently inhabits.

Some Hilarious "ludicrously Capacious Bag" Memes

One of the "ludicrously capacious bag" memes
One of the "ludicrously capacious bag" memes
People swiftly transformed Tom's verbose tirade into a meme, juxtaposing his sophisticated language with screenshots from films such as "The Devil Wears Prada."
Another user alluded to Mary Poppins' seemingly bottomless carpet bag, which famously held a variety of large items including a potted plant, a coat rack, and a tall lamp in the classic 1965 film.
"This is the original ridiculously spacious bag," commented one user.
Another Twitter user remarked, "It won't be long before educators incorporate the 'ludicrously capacious' bag scene from #SuccessionHBO into SAT vocabulary lessons."
Merriam-Webster, on the other hand, embraced the trend. The digital dictionary shared Tom's speech on its official account, accompanied by an image of its own "ludicrously capacious" tote bag, and included links to the definitions of the words in subsequent replies.
According to Merriam-Webster, "ludicrous" refers to something that is "amusing or laughable due to obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity." "Capacious" is described as "having the ability to contain or being capable of containing a large amount."
Reported by The Cut, Bridget’s bag was identified as a $2,890 vintage two-handle bag featuring the iconic Burberry pattern.
Following the episode, fans promptly embraced Tom's comment to describe other noteworthy large handbags — including a brown purse sported by Gwyneth Paltrow during her ski collision trial.
On Twitter, a different user shared multiple images of Kyle Richards from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" carrying large tote bags.
The Twitter user commented, "Kyle Richards flaunting ridiculously spacious bags."
While some users acknowledged that being the target of Tom's remark would be upsetting, others proudly showcased their own extravagantly spacious bags.

Succession’s Bag Is Auctioned Off As A Prop

Famous "ludicrously Capacious Bag"
Famous "ludicrously Capacious Bag"
The Burberry bag famously ridiculed by Tom Wambsgans in a final season episode of Succession has been sold at auction for a price befitting the Roy family, fetching US$18,750 (£14,700, A$28,000).
This bag was among over 200 props and costumes from the HBO seriesauctioned by Heritage Auctions in the US on Saturday.

Other Items From Succession Series

Additional items in the auction included the scorpion paperweight given by Wambsgans to his wife Shiv Roy, which was sold for $10,000, along with the faux sausages featured in Logan Roy's "Boar on the Floor" hazing activity, going for $5,250.
The highest-selling item was Roman Roy’s cue cards for his unspoken eulogy at his father’s funeral, purchased for $25,000. The lot consists of four pink index cards, three of which bear handwritten bullet points, while one remains blank.
These cards were utilized during filming for the scene in which Roman experiences a breakdown and is unable to proceed.
One of the most popular items was Kendall Roy’s plastic ID badge for Waystar Royco, which sold for $6,250. However, the eldest son once again fell short of outdoing Wambsgans, whose Waystar Royco ID fetched $6,875.
Other sought-after lots included Logan Roy’s birthday card to Kendall, featuring the handwritten message “Cash Out and Fuck Off” in blue ink; a dog costume worn by Cousin Greg on his first day at Waystar Adventure Parks, and Kendall Roy’s credit cards and driver's license.
In total, the auction generated $627,825 in sales, with proceeds being divided between HBO and Heritage Auctions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Ludicrously Capacious Bag

What Is A Synonym For Capacious Bag?

a capacious bag or basket. synonyms: carryall, holdall, tote. type of: bag. a flexible container with a single opening.
More than anything else, perhaps, Succession was characterized by a mastery of narrative form. The show was about a media empire; the series itself was structured like a news cycle. Taken as a whole, Succession sees the same few things happening, again and again and again.

Are Tom And Greg In Love?

But the series finale proved Succession had one pure love story: The [semi] platonic connection between Tom Wambsgans and Gregory Hirsch.


In summary, the "ludicrously capacious bag" meme stemming from Succession's critique of fashion and social class has captured widespread attention. Tom Wambsgans's scathing remarks on Bridget's bag highlight not only the show's commentary on societal norms but also the characters' perceptions of wealth and status. Fans have embraced the meme, creating humorous references and even integrating it into educational contexts. The auction of props from the show, including Bridget's bag, has further fueled interest in these symbolic artifacts.
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