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Leafly com


Keep up with the cannabis topics you're interested in. Discover the latest in medical marijuana, watch videos on how to cultivate your own weed and make your own pot edibles, and much more on Cannabis 101. Sign up for specials and events from your favorite retail pot retailers or medical marijuana dispensaries.

What Is Leafly App?

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The award-winning Leafly app makes it easier than ever to personalise your cannabis experience. Discover strains based on effects, sensations, comparable strains to what you currently like, flavors, scents, and over a million user reviews. Browse dispensaries and find legal cannabis nearby using Leafly's integrated weed maps.

Find the cannabis that works best for you. Get your hands on a wide range of products from cannabis strains to tinctures to topicals to concentrates. Weed dispensaries and retail establishments in your area have weed strains classified by desired effects, fragrances and flavors, suggested strain lists, and nearby availability.

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Leafly's cannabis maps allow you to shop local wherever you go. Find nearby dispensaries and retail stores, medical marijuana doctors, CBD products, and local pick-up and delivery services for cannabis and CBD products. Explore menus at neighboring dispensaries and check out offers and specials.

Is Leafly A Reliable Source?

Is Leafly A Reliable Source?
Is Leafly A Reliable Source?

Licensed cannabis retailers may be found on Leafly, the world's most trustworthy source for finding and purchasing cannabis goods. Every year, Leafly attracts more than 125 million visitors who use the site to learn about cannabis and order from local companies.

How Much Does It Cost To Be On Leafly?

How Much Does It Cost To Be On Leafly?
How Much Does It Cost To Be On Leafly?

In comparison, Leafly and Weedmaps both provide a wide selection of alternatives, with monthly fees ranging from $450-995 for Leafly and up to $10,000 for Weedmaps. The number of unique monthly visitors/users to the dispensary locator is of interest to dispensaries.

What Kind Of Company Is Leafly?

Privateer Holdings, a private equity group specializing in the legalization of marijuana, owned the company from 2012 until 2019. A new company, Leafly, has been formed with 160 people.

How Many Employees Does Leafly Have?

Leafly has a workforce of 338.last year,Leafly's workforce increased by 47%.Leafly has two vacant positions at this time.

Is Leafly On The Stock Market?

Like Weedmaps, Leafly serves as an advertising and sales platform for marijuana businesses. To trade on the Nasdaq, it must not be a corporation that touches plants.

What Is So Great About Leafy?

Leafly, like Weedmaps, serves as a platform for marijuana businesses to promote and sell their products. As a result, it is permitted to trade freely on the Nasdaq. Marijuana businesses can't trade on a major US stock market because of the government prohibition on the drug. Over 1.3 million user ratings and a database of more than 5,000 strains are available on Leafly. It also aims to be a reputable name in the industry and a source of information and knowledge about marijuana.

On their first visit to Leafly, half of the customers order, and half of the shops who use their platform order within a week of signing up. A large portion of the company's revenue (80%) comes from merchants, while the rest is generated by individual companies via subscriptions and adverts.


The Leafly app is a great resource for anyone interested in cannabis, whether they are a medical marijuana patient or just inquisitive. On Leafly, see you there.

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