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Laura Louie: From Simple to Dazzling Life

Laura Louie: From Simple to Dazzling Life

Last updated: 05/05/2021 01:23 | 01/12/2021 01:23
Ceri Sinclair

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A quiet life is quite what most people desire to have – living far from the crowd, gossip and rumors, and away from the spotlight. But as everyone knows, despite the deepest desires of a person's heart, it can eventually be altered the moment love enters the picture. Such an occurrence happened to a person who has lived a low-key life until she met the love of her life.

Laura Louie came to light when she married Woody Harrelson, a distinguished American actor, and businessman. Curious about who Laura is? This article will tell you everything there is to know about Woody Harrelson's wife, Laura Louie.

Who is Laura Louie?

Laura Louie is the wife of Woody Harrelson and a mother of three daughters.

Aside from being the loving wife of the American actor, Laura Louie is also a business person and social activist. She co-manages her own business, which involves organic foods.

laura louie and woody harrelson

Early Life of Laura Louie

Little is known of Laura Louie's background as not much information was indulged in the media. Laura kept her life confidential and away from the people's prying eyes and ears. But it is known that she was born in 1965 in Hawaii. And because of her birthplace, she holds American nationality despite her being of Asian descent.

Regarding her education, she is a degree holder in Business Management and Environmental Science. No wonder she holds high regard for the environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Dating and Marriage

Laura met Woody at work. She started her career as a personal assistant to the actor. Although we only see an assistant falling in love with her boss in movies or romantic novels, the story of Laura and Woody proves that such stories could happen in real life.

The two were able to maintain a professional commitment for two long years. But things took a different turn when Laura and Woody fell in love with each other and started dating. The once quiet life of Laura became the subject of the media.

But just like every relationship, theirs was far from being perfect. Known as a playboy before Laura started dating him, Harrelson had been involved in a sex scandal after getting drunk in a bar in London way back in 2002. Such scandals prove to be a death blow to many celebrity relationships because of the public scrutiny with the media's help. Despite that, the couple never let any scandal get in their way.

Laura, as most Asians are, is compassionate and understanding. Instead of throwing a fit to Woody because of the scandal, she instead extends grace to her partner when she said, "that must be really hard for you, to have this shit exposed."

In 2008, exactly 20 years after dating, Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson vowed to love each other till death did them part. They got married in front of a few close friends and family at their Maui home.

They were blessed with three gorgeous daughters, which makes Woody Harrelson the only man in the house. Laura and Woody have been happily married for 12 years now.

laura louie and woody harrelson children

The Second Wife

Not a secret, but known to all, Laura Louie is the second wife of Harrelson. Two years before they met, Harrelson married his first wife, Nancy Simon. Nancy is an actress and a daughter of a playwright, Neil Simon. Simon and Harrelson got married in 1985 in Tijuana, but the very next day, Harrelson and Simon decided to part ways as their union was never profound.

On Changing Her Husband

Laura has brought immense change in the life of Woody. Unlike most women who would limit their partner in doing things and places to go, Laura lets Woody do what he wants to do despite knowing that her husband was once widely known as a playboy.

During an interview in 2017, Harrelson revealed that he never believed in marriage, much more in the power of love. That might be because of what happened to his previous marriage with Nancy Simon. And probably that is also why it took Woody and Laura 20 years before they tied the knot.

Harrelson has never been a fan of long-term monogamy. He never believed that a thing such as marriage could keep a person with the same partner for a long time. But that all changed when Laura entered his life. He further stated that he didn't want to be attracted to his fantastic assistant because of his belief in marriage. But love works in a different way. And just like magic, the "Now You See Me" star finally let down his walls and asked the exquisite Laura Louie into a union.

Laura never did something extraordinary to change Harrelson. The love and care she showers her husband day in and day out was enough for Harrelson to change his view of what he thought marriage is. There could be nothing more blissful than to spend your life with the people you love.

Career and Achievements

Laura began her career as a personal assistant to Harrelson. From there on, things have changed in Laura's life. Upon marrying the actor, Laura started to be in the spotlight, especially with scandals trying to threaten their relationship. Although being a celebrity wife was a significant contributor to Laura's fame, she alone has her fair share of her achievements that adorned her professional life.

As a vegan herself and an advocate of the vegan lifestyle through green initiatives, Laura is a co-owner of Yoganics, an organic food delivery service. Aside from that, the couple also founded a project called Voice Yourself, which calls attention to environmental conservation awareness, which is suitable for her being an environmentalist. The said project is also a haven for those who are seeking sustainable living tips, diet advice, and eco-friendly products.

Laura Louie's Net Worth

Laura may have attracted a wealthy man, but she has made her way to achieve what she now has. With her booming food delivery business and eco-friendly project, her net worth is now over $4 million.

Meanwhile, her husband's net worth is over $65 million. It is no wonder that the two have been on the list of the media's prying eyes and ears.

Hobbies and Interests

As a practitioner of a healthy lifestyle, Laura does yoga and meditation daily. Aside from that, she loves reading and spending quality time with her family. She was once spotted in Italy having a wonderful time with her family on vacation. She also loves to shop for clothes, mostly in colors blue, black, and pink, as these colors seem to be her favorite ones.

Regarding her palate, Laura has taken a liking to explore various cuisines that proved challenging, considering that she is a vegan.

Life Today

Although Laura is now 55 years old, it never hindered her from achieving the kind of lifestyle and work she wanted to do.

Nearing her 60s, the exotic beauty has a height of 5 feet 9.5 inches. And despite having three children, Laura was able to maintain her figure at 34-24-35 inches. Until now, she undergoes a vegan diet, which could be reflected in how young and radiant-looking her skin is.

The perks of having a husband that has the same interest as she made Laura's marriage life a joyful one. Although their marriage is far from perfect, their children have made those imperfections perfect.

For some, life in the spotlight may be too taxing and demanding. The main reason why people who marry a person of high esteem easily look for a way out through divorce. Laura, despite having unknown backgrounds, pushed through all the nosy media outlets' rumors and gossip. A witty woman with a strong will – that is who Laura Louie is.

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