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Laura Cover - From Actress To Playboy Model

Laura Cover, an American former actress and model, rose to prominence in the late 1990s, capturing the attention of audiences and photographers alike.

Amandeep Coleman
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Laura Cover, an American former actress and model, rose to prominence in the late 1990s, capturing the attention of audiences and photographers alike.
With her stunning beauty and charismatic presence, she made a memorable appearance in the October 1998 issue of Playboy, one of the most iconic men's magazines in the world.
Let's explore the journey of Laura Cover, from her early career in acting to her notable feature in Playboy.

Quick Facts About Laura Cover

NameLaura Cover
Date of BirthMay 6, 1977
ProfessionFormer actress and model
Net Worth$1.5 million

Laura Cover Supports His Husband's Career

Fans of the New York Yankees have been interested in Aaron Boone, a former MLB player who became the team's manager in 2018. Laura Cover, a former model and Aaron Boone's companion since 2002, is the man he now calls "wife."
Boone's professional baseball career was marked by the presence of the small blond beauty. Boone has said that his wife's undying love and encouragement are the source of his resilience and determination.
Throughout Aaron Boone's professional baseball career, Laura Cover was at his side. He played for the Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals, and Houston Astros.
They tied the knot in Cincinnati, where Boone was a star player for the Reds, in November 2002. Boone, like former teammate Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, worked as a commentator for ESPN's "Sunday Baseball" after his playing career ended.
Boone is the first to say that Cover is his number one supporter and aficionado. She has followed him throughout the nation as he has changed careers from player to commentator to manager of the New York Yankees.
Cover and his wife relocated six times in their first twenty years of marriage. The Yankees eventually offered Boone the position as manager.
Laura Cover is just as passionate about sports as her husband. Cover excelled in gymnastics and soccer during her time at an Ohio high school. She started out as a model and eventually tried out for Playboy.
Cover's beauty caught the attention of Playboy, and in 1998 she did a series of picture shoots and music videos for the magazine as Miss October. She also appeared in Mystique Magazine's fashion spreads.
In 2005, Cover and Boone became the proud parents of a son, Brandon. Bella, their daughter, was born four years later, completing their family. The couple welcomed Jeanel and Sergot, two adoptive children, into their household in 2012. The pair often updates their followers on their family's social media accounts.
Photographs of the kids on their final day of school, lounging in life vests on a boat excursion, laying hand in hand on the lawn, and even visiting him at Yankee Stadium are common subjects for the proud papa.
The Boones' annual Christmas card is a family portrait with the parents and all four of their kids. Boone and Cover seem more pleased and proud of their children as each year passes.
Boone is a third-generation baseball player; his father, Bob Boone, was an MLB All-Star four times, and his grandfather, Ray Boone, also played in MLB. In fact, his sibling, Bret Boone, is a four-time Gold Glove winner.
With baseball in the Boone family's blood, it's anyone's guess who of the three sons—Brandon, Jeanel, or Sergot—will take over the family company after their father.

Laura Cover Career

Actress Laura's career in modeling began off around this time. She was at a Playboy studio for an open call audition. Location of his self-taken Polaroid photograph.
Soon after, in the October 1998 edition, she was featured as Playmate of the Month. On the Playboy website, she is portrayed as a voluptuous, curvaceous, and seductive well-built blonde.
Her appearances in Playboy DVDs like Playboy: Club Lingerie and Lingerie: The Secret Art of Seduction as well as Playboy DVDs' Playmate Calendar 2000 and Playboy: California Girls are particularly noteworthy.
In addition, she posed scantily clad for Mystic. Cover's television appearances include Howard Stern, The Howard Stern Radio Show, and Weakest Link in addition to her modeling work. She has become a well-known actress recently.

Laura Cover Early Career In Acting

Laura Cover, a talented and versatile actress, embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry with a promising start in her early career. Her dedication, passion, and natural talent set the stage for a successful and memorable path in acting.
During the early stages of her career, Laura Cover immersed herself in various acting opportunities, honing her skills and gaining valuable experience. She actively pursued roles in theater, television, and film, showcasing her versatility and ability to portray a wide range of characters.
With her captivating presence and innate talent, Laura Cover quickly caught the attention of casting directors and industry professionals. She secured her first acting roles, often in supporting or guest-starring capacities, and began to make her mark on the acting scene.
In theater, Laura Cover honed her craft by performing in local productions and community theater groups. These experiences allowed her to refine her acting skills, build her stage presence, and connect with audiences on a personal level.
Her dedication to her craft shone through in each performance, garnering praise and recognition from both peers and audiences.
Transitioning to television and film, Laura Cover showcased her versatility and ability to embody diverse characters. She landed roles in popular television series, making memorable appearances that resonated with viewers. Her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters earned her acclaim and opened doors to new opportunities.
In addition to her acting pursuits, Laura Cover also ventured into the world of modeling, utilizing her striking looks and natural charisma to grace the pages of renowned publications and participate in high-profile fashion campaigns. This combination of acting and modeling further showcased her range and versatility as a performer.
As her early career progressed, Laura Cover continued to hone her skills and expand her repertoire. She collaborated with esteemed directors, producers, and fellow actors, building a network of professionals who recognized her talent and potential.
With each project, she demonstrated her commitment to her craft and her determination to make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.
Laura Cover's early career in acting served as a foundation for her future success. It laid the groundwork for the remarkable journey that awaited her, filled with memorable performances, critical acclaim, and a growing fan base.
Her dedication, talent, and unwavering passion for the craft continue to propel her forward as she evolves and embraces new challenges in her acting career.
As Laura Cover's career continues to flourish, her early experiences in acting remain a testament to her talent and resilience. They reflect the passion and dedication she brings to her craft, serving as a reminder of her unwavering commitment to her art and the extraordinary heights she is destined to reach in the world of acting.

Laura Cover Rising As A Model

Laura Cover's journey as a model began with a passion for fashion and a natural talent for striking poses. From an early age, she displayed an inherent ability to captivate the camera and bring life to any fashion ensemble.
With her distinctive features, confidence, and dedication, Laura quickly gained recognition in the competitive world of modeling.
As a young aspiring model, Laura Cover embarked on her career by collaborating with local photographers and participating in fashion events.
Her unique look, which combined classic beauty with a modern edge, caught the attention of industry professionals. With each photoshoot and runway appearance, Laura honed her skills, refining her style and expanding her portfolio.
Laura's versatility as a model allowed her to excel in various genres, including editorial, commercial, and runway. She graced the pages of renowned fashion magazines, showcasing the latest trends and lending her unique flair to every shoot.
Her ability to adapt to different concepts and embody the essence of each designer's vision earned her a reputation for professionalism and versatility.
One of the significant milestones in Laura Cover's modeling career was her feature in Playboy magazine. Known for its celebration of beauty and sensuality, Playboy provided Laura with a platform to showcase her confidence and embrace her femininity. The tastefully executed pictorial captured her allure and elegance, garnering attention from readers worldwide.
Laura's Playboy feature showcased her as a woman who exuded both beauty and intelligence. The collaboration between Laura, the photographers, and the magazine's creative team resulted in a series of stunning images that reflected her unique personality and charm.
The feature not only solidified her status as a sought-after model but also opened doors to new opportunities in the industry.
Following her appearance in Playboy, Laura Cover continued to make waves in the modeling world. She collaborated with renowned designers, walked the runways of prestigious fashion shows, and appeared in high-profile advertising campaigns.
Her talent, professionalism, and ability to connect with audiences cemented her position as a respected figure in the fashion industry.
Laura's rise as a model serves as an inspiration to aspiring models, showcasing the importance of perseverance, dedication, and staying true to oneself. Her journey from local shoots to international recognition demonstrates that with passion and hard work, dreams can become a reality.

The Playboy Feature

Laura Cover's feature in Playboy magazine marked a significant milestone in her career, catapulting her into the realm of international recognition and solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.
The tastefully curated pictorial showcased her beauty, confidence, and sensuality in a way that captivated readers and left a lasting impression.
The collaboration between Laura Cover and Playboy was a celebration of femininity and empowered self-expression. The magazine's renowned photographers skillfully captured Laura's allure, highlighting her natural beauty and magnetic presence.
The feature presented her as a multifaceted woman, not just a model, but someone who exuded charisma, intelligence, and confidence.
Laura's appearance in Playboy represented a turning point in her career, expanding her reach and introducing her to a broader audience. The magazine's global influence provided her with increased visibility and opened doors to new opportunities in the entertainment and fashion industries.
The Playboy feature showcased Laura's ability to embody different facets of femininity, celebrating her as a woman who embraced her sensuality while maintaining her individuality and strength. It allowed her to showcase her unique style and personality, resonating with readers and establishing her as a symbol of beauty and empowerment.
Beyond the visual aspect, Laura's feature in Playboy sparked conversations about body positivity, self-acceptance, and the celebration of diverse beauty. Her confidence and willingness to embrace her sensuality served as an inspiration for readers worldwide.
Laura Cover's Playboy feature remains an important chapter in her modeling career, contributing to her legacy as a versatile and respected figure in the fashion and entertainment industries.
It stands as a testament to her ability to captivate audiences, break boundaries, and redefine societal norms through her work as a model and influencer.

Laura Covers Net Worth

In 2023, her wealth is predicted to be about $1.5 million. Aaron Boone, the spouse of Laura Cover, is worth around $10 million.

Interesting Facts

  • Laura Cover has tied the knot.
  • Since the 9th of November in 2002, she has been happily married to her husband Aaron Boone.
  • Her career as a model got its start when she answered the call of an open call audition held at a Playboy studio.
  • Not long after that, she was featured as the Playmate of the Month in the edition of the magazine that was dated October 1998.
  • In addition to a career in modeling, Cover has made guest appearances on television shows such as Weakest Link, Howard Stern, and The Howard Stern Radio Show.
  • At a very tender age, Laura Lee Cover has had great success in her life.
  • In addition to this, Laura is well-known for her work as a model in commercial commercials.
  • In addition to that, she performed some naked modeling for Mystic Magazine.
  • Both sons that Laura and Aaron adopted are of African-American descent.

People Also Ask

Who Is Laura Cover Married To?

Laura Cover is married to retired professional basketball player, Marko Jarić.

What Is Laura Cover's Occupation Now?

Laura Cover has transitioned away from her career in acting and modeling and currently leads a more private life.

Where Is Laura Cover Now?

Laura Cover's current whereabouts and activities are not widely known as she has embraced a more private existence.

Did Laura Cover Have Any Significant Acting Roles?

While Laura Cover had a career in acting, she did not have any widely recognized or significant roles in film or television.

What Other Magazines Did Laura Cover Appear In?

Apart from her notable feature in Playboy, Laura Cover's appearances in other magazines are not extensively documented or widely known.

Final Thoughts

Laura Cover's career as an actress and model, along with her notable appearance in the October 1998 issue of Playboy, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment and modeling industries.
Her natural beauty, talent, and charisma captured the attention of audiences and photographers alike.
While her time in the spotlight may have been fleeting, Laura Cover's impact continues to be felt, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and embrace their unique beauty.
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