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Laila Ali Net Worth - From Nail Business To Boxing Champion


In addition to her work as an actress and presenter of a television program, Laila Ali is a former professional boxer who hails from the United States. She is most known for the fact that she is the daughter of Muhammad Ali, but she is also a successful professional boxer and a media celebrity in her own right.

During her eight-year career as a professional boxer, Ali earned a reputation for being one of the best female boxers in the world. She was victorious in several competitions and retired from the sport without suffering a loss. She won the female super-middleweight championships of the WBC, WIBA, IWBF, and IBA, as well as the light heavyweight crown of the IWBF. Her other title was the light-heavyweight crown of the IWBF. Laila Ali net worth is around $12 million.

Quick Facts About Laila Ali

Birth NameLaila Amaria Ali
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida
FatherMuhammad Ali
MotherVeronica Porche Ali
Laila Ali net worth$12 Million
ProfessionProfessional Boxer
Currently MarriedYes
Married toCurtis Conway
DivorceJohnny “Yahya” McClain
ChildrenSydney Jurldine Conway and Curtis Muhammad Conway, Jr.

Early Life Of Laila Ali

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On December 30, 1977, Laila Amaria Ali was born in Miami Beach, Florida. Muhammad Ali and Veronica Porché Ali, his third wife, welcomed her into the world. When she was 16 years old, she started her first job as a manicurist.

Ali attended California Santa Monica College after high school and graduated with a business degree. She saw a women's bout before a Mike Tyson fight and opened her own nail business before becoming a pro.

Laila Ali didn't get the reaction she had hoped for when she informed her father that she wanted to be a boxer. She ignored the elder Ali's warnings that she had chosen a "Dangerous Job," which upset him, and moved on with her plans.

Laila Ali’s Career In Boxing

Laila began boxing when she was 18 years old. She first took inspiration from Christy Martin and said she wanted to be a professional boxer in an interview with Diane Sawyer on a "Good Morning America" segment. Although he later agreed with her choice, her father had raised early worries about her security.

In 1999, she faced April Fowler in her first career contest. Normally, there wouldn't have been much interest in the fight. However, since Laila was the daughter of Muhammad Ali, it attracted a lot of press. Laila had her first triumph when she submitted Fowler. With a TKO, I also defeated Shadina Pennybaker. Ali eventually amassed a winning streak of nine games. She gained a sizable fan base thanks to the, and many of them demanded that she compete against Joe Frazier's daughter, Jacqui Frazier-Lyde.

Fans eventually got their dream in 2001 when the two boxer daughters fought. Both ladies suffered significant injuries, but Ali prevailed by a majority vote. Ali exited the ring bleeding from the nose and with a broken collarbone. It was the first main-event pay-per-view fight between two women, and it was hailed for greatly promoting women's boxing.

Ali then took a year off before making a comeback in 2002 to defeat opponents like Suzette Taylor and Shirvelle Williams. With a victory against world champion Valier Mahfood later that year, she added the WIBA and IWBF belts to her IBA crown and kept them. In a rematch, Mahfood faced Ali once again, and the outcome remained the same. The second fight, however, left Laila with severe wounds, including a deep cut to her eyelid and a bloody nose.

In 2003, Laila squared up against Christy Martin, the person who gave Laila the motivation to become a pro. In the fourth round, she defeated her hero. In 2004, Laila defeated Nikki Eplion in another knockout, keeping her hold on the world championship. Ali defeated Monica Nunez later that year before defeating Gwendolyn O'Neil to win the IWBF Light Heavyweight championship. She once again knocked out the opponent to end the battle.

In 2005, more triumphs followed. She first defeated Cassandra Ceiggar by TKO in the eighth round. Her next victory was against her fierce opponent Erin Toughill, who she stopped in round three to win the World Boxing Council championship. As a response to Toughill making fun of Ali's father, Laila vowed to "punish" him. Finally, Ali defeated Sa Sandell by KOing her in the fifth round.

Laila's career started to slack down by 2006. She began by promising a global tour and a rematch with Ann Wolfe, however, the latter bout never took place. Instead, she faced Selley Burton that year, triumphing through a fourth-round TKO. In South Africa in 2007, she faced Gwendolyn O'Neil once again and won through first-round TKO. She had a 24-win, 0-loss, 0-draw record after her career. Her 24 victories comprised three decisions and 21 knockouts.

Laila Ali In Fighting Ring
Laila Ali In Fighting Ring

Personal Life Of Laila Ali

On August 27, 2000, Ali married Johnny "Yahya" McClain, who later became her manager and assisted her in navigating several aspects of her professional life. After parting ways in late 2005, Laila Ali and McClain, her previous manager, ceased working together to manage her career.

On July 23, 2007, Ali wed Curtis Conway, a former player for the National Football League. They are the proud parents of two children: a boy, who was born in August 2008, and a girl, who was born in April 2011.

Laila Ali, who is the stepmother of three of Conway's children, is highly dedicated to the important role she plays in the lives of her stepchildren. Ali is also the sister-in-law of mixed martial arts star Kevin Casey, who is married to Ali's sister Hana. Hana is Ali's older sister.

Career Of Laila Ali In Entertainment

Laila has had a successful entertainment career outside of performing. She made her debut in 2000 when she had a part in an episode of "The Jersey." There were other appearances on programs including "One on One," "George Lopez," and "Real Husbands of Hollywood." After participating in "Dancing with the Stars" season four, Laila earned further notoriety in 2007. Despite having no prior dancing training, Ali finished in third place.

She co-hosted "American Gladiators" with Hulk Hogan in 2008. As a result, she later made an appearance on "Celebrity Family Feud." She became a reporter for "The Early Show" later in 2008. Laila had many appearances on television during the next years, including ones on "The N's Student Body," "Yo Gabba Gabba!," "Everyday Health," "Stars Earn Stripes," "The Biggest Loser," "Fashion Police," "Celebrity Wife Swap," and "Chopped: All Stars."

She started presenting her program for CBS in 2013 under the name "All In with Laila Ali." The FYI network's "Late Night Chef Fight" introduced another presenting position. She had an appearance in the 2014 movie "Falcon Rising." Following her participation in "The New Celebrity Apprentice," Ali participated in "The Masked Singer" and provided her voice for a "Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?" episode.

Laila Ali Baking Cookies
Laila Ali Baking Cookies

Some Interesting Facts About Laila Ali

  • Laila Ali is a former professional boxer, actress, and television presenter from the United States.
  • She is the daughter of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.
  • During her eight-year boxing career, Laila Ali maintained an undefeated record and became one of the best female boxers in the world.
  • She won multiple championships, including the female super-middleweight titles of the WBC, WIBA, IWBF, and IBA, as well as the light heavyweight crown of the IWBF.
  • Laila Ali was born on December 30, 1977, in Miami Beach, Florida, to Muhammad Ali and Veronica Porché Ali.
  • At the age of 16, she started working as a manicurist but later pursued her passion for boxing.
  • Laila Ali attended California Santa Monica College and graduated with a business degree.
  • She opened her own nail business before turning professional in boxing.
  • Despite initial resistance from her father, Laila Ali pursued her boxing career, disregarding his concerns about the dangers of the sport.
  • Laila Ali's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Laila Ali's Lifestyle (Muhammad Ali's Daughter) ★ 2021

Awards & Achievements

Laila regularly makes appearances as a guest on daytime shows including Steve Harvey's well-known daytime talk show and Rachael Ray's The Chew. She can display her ability via her looks, and she also cooks her legendary "oven-baked fried chicken."

Here are some of Laila Ali's career's most notable moments:

  • In "We Need to Talk," a brand-new all-female sports commentary show on the CBS Sports Network, Laila has been a loud and regular contributor.
  • She once shared hosting duties for "American Gladiators".
  • "All-In With Laila Ali" featured Ali as the host.
  • By defeating Gwendolyn O'Neil in South Africa, Laila successfully defended her IWBF Light Heavyweight championship.
  • In 2005, she faced Erin Toughill and won the World Boxing Council championship by stopping the contest in the third round.
  • Laila also served as the host of "Everyday Health," which ABC ran for many seasons in national syndication.

When Laila Ali debuted on television as a co-host of American Gladiators and as a participant on Dancing with the Stars, her celebrity status increased, and she is now in demand as a fitness journalist for news shows.


Laila has been under fire from several different people for avoiding significant confrontations. According to these observers, several female boxers sent unofficial challenges to Ali, but she declined to accept any of the suggested contests.

Laila has said, in the interest of defending herself, that the reason why conversations with her adversaries often fail is because they place unreasonable expectations on her. She also said that her opponents were aware that they would be relegated to oblivion as a result of the struggle with her, and as a result, they sought absurdly high amounts of money.

Laila Ali's Net Worth

Laila Ali's net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. This amount takes into account her profits from boxing, endorsements, and investments she has made in her enterprises. During her career as a professional boxer, Laila amassed more than $7 million in prize money, establishing her as one of the highest-earning female fighters in the history of the sport.

In addition, she has served as a spokeswoman for several corporations, including Coca-Cola, Subway, and Tupperware, among others. In recent years, Laila has created a successful career as an entrepreneur, producing a cookbook and developing her brand of skincare products. In addition, she has written a book on cooking.

People Also Ask

When Was Laila Ali Born?

Laila Ali was born on December 30, 1977.

What Is Laila Ali's Birthplace?

Laila Ali was born in Miami, Florida, United States.

Who Is Laila Ali's Famous Father?

Laila Ali's famous father is the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali.

What Is Laila Ali's Mother's Name?

Laila Ali's mother's name is Veronica Porché Ali.

What Is Laila Ali's Nationality?

Laila Ali is an American.

What Profession Is Laila Ali Known For?

Laila Ali is known for being a professional boxer, following in her father's footsteps.


Without question, Laila Ali has distinguished herself from her legendary father, Muhammad Ali, and carved out her path. Her successes as a boxer are a testament to her talent, tenacity, and love for the game. She has established herself as one of the finest female boxers of all time with an outstanding unbeaten record of 24 victories.

Laila Ali adapted well to the realm of television when she stopped fighting. Her participation in many television series and reality shows has pleased and amused her followers. Her performance on the FYI talk shows Late Night Chef Fight and the CBS program All In with Laila Ali served as examples of her flexibility as a host.

Laila Ali's net worth is around twelve million dollars. Laila Ali's skill and personality continue to wow spectators. Her adaptability and drive allow her to succeed in a variety of settings, from the boxing ring to the television screen. Fans anxiously anticipate what is ahead for this outstanding second-generation fighter as she begins new endeavors and undertakings.

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