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Kyedae Cancer - Story Of Triumph And Hope

The journey through the challenges of kyedae cancer has inspired many. Kyedae has completed her chemotherapy treatments, giving her newfound hope and progress in her cancer struggle.

Adaline Fritz
Dec 14, 202334 Shares34296 Views
The journey of Kyedae Cancerhas inspired viewers far and wide, Kyedae's story transcends the boundaries of gaming and streaming, shining a light on the power of community and determination in the fight against this formidable adversary.
Kyedae is a name that has started to resonate within the vast and vibrant world of Twitch streaming. With an infectious personality, engaging content, and a growing community of supporters, Kyedae has carved out a niche as a captivating and influential Twitch streamer.
This emerging star has brought a unique blend of entertainment, gaming expertise, and genuine connection to the platform, making them a figure to watch and follow closely.

Quick Info

Name Kyedae Shymko
Birthday1st December, 2001
HometownLantzville, BCStreams Valorant
Team100 Thieves

Who Is Kyedae?

Kyedae is a famous Twitch streamer for Valorant, a first-person shooter. Born December 1, 2001, in Canada, she spent her childhood in Japan, learning Japanese as her first language. Her Japanese and Ukrainian-Canadian ancestry make Kyedae multicultural.
Her popular Twitch streams propelled Kyedae to fame. Her intense feeds and captivating games have made her a fan favorite. Game companies like Logitech and Secretlab fund her streams due to her success.
In March 2023, Kyedae announced her cancer diagnosis on Twitter, devastating her fans. She continued to stream and share updates on her cancer, inspiring many of her fans. Many were thrilled when she announced that she had finished her chemotherapy. Kyedae's followers love and support her in her cancer battle due to her positive attitude and determination.

Education And Early Childhood

Canadian-born Kyedae Alicia Shymko was born December 1, 2001. Multiracial, her father is Ukrainian-Canadian and mother is Japanese. Born and raised in Japan, Kyedae speaks Japanese.
Kyedae attended a Japanese school as a child, but she hasn't disclosed much about her schooling. She moved to Canada to study.
Kyedae has always loved video games. She played Minecraft, The Sims, and Animal Crossing as a kid. As she aged, she became interested in competitive gaming and played League of Legends and Overwatch.
In 2020, Kyedae started streaming on Twitch because she loves gaming. Her Valorant skills made her popular quickly. A popular Twitch streamer with over 200,000 followers.
It was difficult for Kyedae to become a successful Twitch streamer. She disclosed in March 2023 that she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and will start treatment. Fans and gamers loved and supported her. Kyedae streams and plays games despite her sickness, showing her passion to her hobby.

Kyedae Career Beginnings

Japanese-Canadian Twitch and YouTuber Kyedae is Alicia Shymko. She became famous in streaming by appearing on Tenz's streams. She started her channel in November 2020 and acquired subscribers quickly. Her YouTube channel launched shortly afterward.
Kyedae joined 100 Thieves in April 2021. She develops content for the gaming organization and lifestyle brand and is well known for Twitch broadcasting Valorant. Kyedae joined 100 Thieves' content crew after joining. The 100 Thieves' all-female Valorant crew includes her.
Since streaming on Twitch in 2020, Kyedae has gained a large following. Her lively livestream, which often include games, Q&As, and other audience participation, are popular. Players of Valorant and other first-person shooters frequent Kyedae's streams.
Kyedae has become one of the most popular female Twitch streamers in recent years. Success has led to sponsorships, collaborations with other popular streams and game firms, and other economic opportunities. Although successful, Kyedae remains humble and dedicated to her followers, working hard to grow her channel and business.
Kyedae started Twitch streaming in 2020 and became famous for her gaming content. A Valorant streamer, she is famous for her skills. Because she engages with viewers and posts interesting content, her following is expanding.
Kyedae's passion for gaming and dedication to her job have set her apart in a competitive market. Her frequent streaming and fan interaction have helped her build a strong community. Her channel has grown due to her supportive and engaged community.
Kyedae's Twitch success has led to partnerships and collaborations. She has worked with game companies to create engaging content for fans.
Kyedae has also collaborated with famous Twitch streams to expand her exposure. Her fans love her collaborations, which have helped her channel develop.
Kyedae's rise to fame shows her passion for gaming. She has a loyal fanbase and is a Twitch rising star. Her Twitch streaming adventure has inspired many, and we can't wait to see her future.

Kyedae Streaming Style And Content

She streams differently than other Twitch streamers. She's known for her intensity and audience engagement. Kyedae is genuine and never impersonates others.
Kyedae's ability to mix things up makes her streaming fun. She likes Fortnite, Valorant, Minecraft, and other games. She can reach a varied audience and keep her work fresh with this variety.
In addition to gaming, Kyedae streams her daily life to her followers. She posts vlogs about her life and opinions on many topics and cooking feeds that teach viewers how to create wonderful meals.
Her vivacity is also famous. She responds to chat comments and keeps everyone involved. Her viewers feel a feeling of camaraderie, which is why she has such a loyal following.
Kyedae's broadcasting style and content have brought her to the top of Twitch. With her energy, charisma, and knowledge, she has something for everyone.

Kyedae Cancer Diagnosis

Kyedae "Kyedae" Shymko, a popular streamer, announced on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with cancer. The 100 Thieves creator revealed that she will shortly begin treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a blood and bone marrow cancer.
She also added that she is unsure how her body will react to the treatment, which may cause her stream schedule to become irregular.
Kyedae's tweet drew a flood of responses from gaming celebrities, fellow content creators, the Valorant community, and her followers. They all took to social media to wish each other well and encourage one another.
Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang and Christina "Tina" Kenyon, both streamers, wished her a fast recovery. Valorous players Trent "trent" Cairns and Nathan "leaf" Orf also advised her to relax and stated that she is not required to stream.
"We'll be here with you every step of the way",said 100 Thieves in response to her tweet. According to an American Cancer Society report, AML is a kind of cancer that is more common in older persons, with the average age of diagnosis being 68 years old.
Kyedae had just returned from So Paulo, Brazil, where she had cheered on her fiance, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, and his Sentinels team at VCT LOCK//IN. The two well-known Valorant personalities began dating in 2020 and were engaged on August 17 of last year.
Kyedae, who is only 21 years old, has become one of the top Valorant streamers in the world, with 2.1 million Twitch followers. She has also made significant progress as a player, reaching Immortal I late last year.
Kyedae is scheduled to appear at the CONQuest Festival in 2023 at the time of writing. She was among the first wave of visitors to visit the Philippines from June 2 to 4. Kyedae spent time with her fans and learned about Filipino culture as one of the convention's main guests last year.
Kyedae streamer shares her battle with cancer.
Kyedae streamer shares her battle with cancer.

Kyedae Provides An Update On Her Battle With Cancer

This is unquestionably great news for the streamer and her devoted viewers, providing renewed hope as she recovers from Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a condition that has previously provided less hopeful updates.
In a livestream following her initial cancer diagnosis, for example, Kyedae made the courageous decision to cut her hair short in advance, preventing it from falling out due to chemotherapy.
Furthermore, Kyedae has been open about the emotional toll her cancer diagnosis has taken. Despite this difficult time, the support offered by fans and peers alike has been remarkable.
Twitch streamers Kyedae and 39Daph shaved their heads together when the former began experiencing hair loss as a result of her treatments. Riot Games, Valorant's designer, sent her a package overflowing with nice presents in the aftermath of her cancer announcement.
Popular gamer and Twitch streamer Kyedae recently delivered a happy report that many have been waiting for: she has completed her chemotherapy treatments. The statement comes several months after Kyedae's startling declaration in March 2023, when she revealed her cancer diagnosis.
This shocking discovery rocked the global gaming community, eliciting an outpouring of sympathy, well-wishes, and solidarity from fans, peers, and fellow content creators.
Kyedae, of Japanese-Canadian origin, has achieved substantial fame in the gaming world, particularly for her outstanding prowess in the popular first-person hero shooter game Valorant.
It's also worth noting that Kyedae is engaged to TenZ, real name Tyson Ngo, a professional Valorant player. Her unwavering devotion to Valorant is evident in her comments, where Kyedae stated that even negative comments about her health don't bother her because she devotes "8 hours a day" to the game.
She has found peace and distraction in Valorant's immersive universe, allowing her to cope with the problems of her disease.
Before she shared the news, she wanted to be absolutely certain that this milestone was actually behind her. It's crucial to understand that, while her chemotherapy is finished, her total treatment path is not.
Kyedae, on the other hand, expressed her joy as she spotted her hair starting to grow back and her nails exhibiting signs of recovery, indicating substantial success in her cancer struggle.

Kyedae Fan Base - Community Engagement

Fans and community drive Kyedae's Twitch success. Her fans love her engagement with them during streaming. One reason Kyedae's channel is popular is her audience involvement. She reads and answers chat comments and often personalizes content for admirers.
Kyedae's community dedication has earned her a significant Twitch following. Her community supported her after she announced her illness and leukemia diagnosis. Many of her supporters have given her love and encouragement and arranged fundraisers for her medical expenses.
Kyedae's community commitment goes beyond streams. She communicates with followers on social media and gives personal updates. She raises awareness and finances for good causes at charity events and fundraisers.
Kyedae's fanbase and community involvement show her dedication to viewers and desire to change the world. She's one of the most popular Twitch streams because she connects with her audience and gives back.

Kyedae Recognition And Awards

In her brief time streaming on Twitch, Kyedae has won fans' and industry honors. Her most notable awards and accomplishments:
Blaire "QTCinderella's" annual Streamer Awards 2023 named Kyedae Valorant Streamer of the Year. She beat out industry titans with her engaging and entertaining streaming.
In April 2021, Kyedae joined 100 Thieves' roster of famous gamers and content creators. This cooperation has helped her reach more readers and develop high-quality content with other authors.
Kyedae has over 100,000 Twitter and Instagram followers. She constantly interacts with followers, promotes her streams, and shares content creator updates and thoughts on these channels.
Kyedae has raised money and awareness for cancer research and mental health problems. She has participated in charity events and broadcasts to change the world.
Her hard effort and dedication have earned Kyedae a loyal fan base and gaming and streaming peers' respect. She will strive for more success.
Kyedae streaming stats
Kyedae streaming stats

Kyedae Criticism And Disagreement

Over her Twitch career, Kyedae has had many confrontations and complaints. Kyedae called Envy's Crashies a "scrawny f*ck" during the Masters Berlin co-stream. After the gaming community was enraged, Kyedae apologized, saying she "took it too far" and that her comment was inappropriate.
Kyedae reportedly endured "nastier and unpleasant" insults from her Valorant teammates during a game. Kyedae resisted online abuse, showing her bravery.
Many fans criticized Kyedae for winning Best Valorous Streamer at The Streamer Awards. Some thought Jodi "QuarterJade" Lee, Tark "tarik" elik, and Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan deserved the honor more, but others commended Kyedae's win for her interesting material and loyal fans.
Overall, Kyedae's conflicts and criticisms have stressed responsible and respectful gaming. Online harassment and toxic conduct are still major issues, but Kyedae's efforts show that change is achievable.

Kyedae Relationships

She has a sister and a poodle named Kuro. Her parents are supportive of her choice, however her mother's support is conditional on her keeping her grades.

Kyedae Income - Net Worth

According to TwitchStats, kyedae has approximately 575 followers. Because she typically draws over 2,000 viewers, she should make at least $2,010 USD per month, not including other revenue from tiered subscriptions, sponsorships, commercials, tips, and Twitch cheer bit contributions.

Kyedae Future Prospects

Young Twitch streamer Kyedae is gaining popularity and has a bright future. Social Blade expects her channel to grow to 2,290,000 followers and 35,000,000 views by 2024. With 2.57% and 2.24% error rates, these estimates are reliable.
Her engaging personality, consistent broadcasting schedule, and fan devotion make Kyedae successful. She communicates with her followers throughout streaming and has a dedicated fanbase. She continuously seeks innovative ways to keep her programming fresh and exciting, from games to audience interaction.
Kyedae just signed with Range Media Partners, a management and brand development organization, indicating that she will gain even more popularity beyond Twitch. Given her talent, hard effort, and growing audience, Kyedae is likely to remain a major Twitch streamer. Kyedae's career prospects look promising, and it will be exciting to watch.


Why Is Kyedae So Famous?

Under the banner of the gaming company 100 Thieves, Kyedae is a well-known gamer, streamer, and content producer in the e-sports scene. She was just honored at this year's Streamer Awards as the Best Valorous Streamer.

Who Does Kyedae Work For?

The Japanese-Canadian creator Kyedae Shymko, 100 Thieves' first international broadcaster and Valorant player, joined the esports organization and clothing company.

Which Stage Of Cancer Does Kyedae Have?

This is good news for the streamer and her viewers, giving them newfound hope as she recovers from Acute Myeloid Leukemia, which had previously given less optimistic updates.

Does Kyedae Have Chemo?

After her cancer diagnosis, Kyedae Shymko said she is "officially off" treatment. The 100 Thieves streamer said on Twitch that she will continue cancer treatments.

How Long Have Kyedae And TenZ Been Engaged?

TenZ and Kyedae have been engaged for eight months.


Through our reflection on Kyedae cancer, it's evident that this streamer's journey is one of unwavering strength and the unbreakable bonds of a supportive community. Kyedae's resilience in sharing their experience on the Twitch platform has not only raised awareness about the challenges of cancer but has also united a global audience in support and empathy.
This chapter in Kyedae's life serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the incredible reach and influence of online communities in times of adversity. We stand with Kyedae and admire their bravery in the face of this formidable opponent, as their story continues to inspire and uplift.
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