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Kriti Vij - An Indian Actor, Mostly Known For His YouTube Sketches And Web Series

Kriti Vij is a well-known actress in India. She has done work for both television and online shows. She has also been seen in a few ads that air on television. Kriti spends most of her time working on internet sites.

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Feb 10, 202346 Shares1072 Views
Kriti Vijis a well-known actress in India. She has done work for both television and online shows. She has also been seen in a few ads that air on television. Kriti spends most of her time working on internet sites.
The woman is married to an actor whose name is Pranay, and MX Player has just started streaming the new series that she is starring in called "Bhootiyagiri." This is an anthology series that combines horror with humor, and it stars performers such as Sumit Vyas.
People are giving the performers in the show a lot of praise for their performances, which is one of the reasons why the program has become so popular. Every single actor has done an outstanding job during the series.

Quick Facts About Kriti Vij

NameKriti Vij
Nick NameKriti
Place Of BirthNew Delhi, India
Height5 feet 4 inches
Relationship StatusMarried
HusbandPranay Manchanda
SchoolingGD Goenka Public School, New Delhi
Zodiac SignNot Known
Hair ColorBlack
Education QualificationsGraduate

Early Life Of Kriti Vij

Kriti Vij was born in 1990 in New Delhi, India, to parents who were originally from Punjab. Her father, Naveen Vij, is a well-known architect in his own right. Additionally, he publishes some of his works on his Instagram profile. On the other hand, Kriti's mother works inside the home as a housewife.
She received her diploma in 2008 from the GD Goenka School, which she had attended before. After that, she moved to Mumbai, where she attended an institution known as Raffles to complete her training in fashion design. After the completion of her studies, she relocated to Singapore to further her professional education and specialize in her field.

The Career Of Kriti Vij

Kriti Vij's acting career got its start in Delhi with a program called Baked, which served as somewhat of a springboard for her later success in the industry. She was able to get into a character via co-star substitution or some other kind of wizardry, and now she is one of the actors in the web series.
Shreya, the character that Kriti Vij played in the sitcom What the Folks, brought her the most fame. This is a short comedy-drama TV series about the differences between generations, current family clichés, and a lot of other fascinating topics. She also worked with well-known Bollywood actors such as Neha Sharma on the suspenseful television series Illegal-Justice: Out of Order in 2020, which aired on Voot Select.
Kriti Vij has appeared in many online series, such as The Good Vibes, as well as television shows, such as 2by3 and Filtercopy Talkies. She also participated in the second season of Dice Media's "Firsts." Her most recent appearances on Disney +, Hotstar, and Humra Bar Happy Hour are among her most recent.
A group of unsuccessful actors and friends named Pari, Gulshan, Shivam, and Fuddu inherit a bar in this drama, which is told on the program. In 2015, she began her first accomplishment in the online business by playing the role of Tara Bara in the Voot series Backed.
After then, in 2017, as a result of a "vibe match," the Good Feelings web series came into being. This series is the fusion of insane energies vibrating to create good vibes. In 2020, she starred with the well-known actress Neha Sharma in the Voot series Illegal Justice, which was shown out of sequence.
In the course of her acting career, she has played a few different parts, including the main role in the second season of Dice Media Firsts, which was a very adorable relationship series. Kriti Vij has been in many online series, including ones produced by Dice Media, FilterCopy, Blush, and Alright, as well as one produced by Gobble, in which she had a role in a travel series.
On moving forward with Happy Hour, a new series of hers at the Disney-owned Humra Bar. Happy Hour is an uplifting narrative about failing friends and performers that is all about the protagonist.
She thinks that "Be Yourself" is the one motto that can reliably keep a person happy, regardless of the presence or absence of other people. Then you should pursue whatever it is that brings you joy and can serve as your carrier. In addition to this, she appeared in a few commercials that were shown on television.

Personal Life Of Kriti Vij

Kriti married Pranay Manchanda in 2018. Pranay is an actor, director, and writer. Along with Kriti, he also appeared in the online series Baked. In the series, Pranay played the part of Mohammad Haris.
Marriage Of Kriti Vij
Marriage Of Kriti Vij

Some Interesting Facts About Kriti Vij

  • Kriti Vij was born and raised in New Delhi, which is located in India.
  • In addition to that, she has her own business as an interior designer.
  • Kriti has been in several short films, including Humsafar (2013), Insured Death (2018), The Test (2019), and The Intruder (2019), among others.
  • She also made an appearance in a Raksha Bandhan campaign video for Nykaa 2019, which was released in 2019.
  • Kriti appeared as a model in several different television ads, one of which was for Ceat.
  • She appeared as an actress in several web series, including 2by3 (2017), FilterCopy Talkies (2018), The Good Vibes (2018), What the Folks (2018-2019), Firsts (2020), and Chalo Koi Baat Nahi (2021), among others.
  • In the year 2020, Kriti and her spouse, Pranay Manchanda, appeared in an episode of the travel series Love, Travel, Repeat.
  • Additionally, in the year 2020, she appeared in an episode of a web series called Bhootiyagiri that was shown on MX Player.
  • Her hobbies include drawing, dancing, and going on adventures.

Net Worth Of Kriti Vij

She has accumulated an estimated net worth of around 1.5 crores INR. Kriti Vij acquired this sum via several acting projects. She is a brilliant performer.

People Also Ask

Who Is Kriti Vij?

Riya Vij is a well-known actress in India. She made her acting debut in the 2013 family film Gippi, directed by Karan Johar.

What Country Does Kriti Vij Belong To?

She's an Indian.

What Is The Name Of Kriti Vij's Husband?

In 2018, Kriti Vij married Pranay Manchanda.


Kriti Vij is a Hindi film industry supporting actress. She contributed to the films What the Folks? in 2017, The Intruder in 2019, and Illegal Justice: Out of Order in 2020. We wish her well with her future endeavors and forthcoming initiatives. She is a talented actress and with our best wishes for her, she will be able to achieve more in the future.
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