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Kev On Stage And Beyond - Get To Know Kevin Fredericks

Laugh out loud with Kevin Fredericks, aka Kev On Stage! He’s not only an awesome stand-up comedian and notable content creator. He tries to be the best father, too!

Adaline Fritz
Jan 14, 202482 Shares5840 Views
Kevin Fredericks, aka Kev On Stage, is a stand-up comedian, content creator, and more.
He gained popularity through his comedic sketches and videos on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.
Kev On Stage is known for his clean and family-friendly comedy, often focusing on relatable experiences and everyday situations.

Who Is Kevin Fredericks?

Kevin Allen Montrece Fredericks was born on May 1, 1983 in El Paso, Texas. He lives with his family in Los Angeles.
As a comedian, he uses the stage name Kev On Stage.
In a 2017 podcast courtesy of New York-based non-profit organization StoryCorps, he revealed that his mother, Sheila Montrece-Fredericks, gave birth to him at home.
She was lying at the bed of his grandmother, Ruth.
His profile at Famous Birthdays describes Kev On Stage as “very much a momma’s boy.”
Kevin Fredericks and his wife, Melissa, have two children, namely:
a. Isaiah Fredericks
  • nickname: Zay Zay
  • born on August 8, 2006 in Tacoma, Washington
  • appeared in Alex Zamm’s comedy The Little Rascals Save the Day (2014)
b. Josiah Fredericks
  • nickname: Jo Jo
  • born on September 19, 2008 in Washington
These kids were part of Crazy I Say, a web series with a talk show format by Awesomeness TV, which aired from June 2012 to December 2013.
Kev On Stage taking a selfie with Isaiah, Melissa, and Josiah Fredericks near Old Navy at nighttime
Kev On Stage taking a selfie with Isaiah, Melissa, and Josiah Fredericks near Old Navy at nighttime
Based on his brother’s obituary published by Houston-based funeral home O.W. Wiley Mortuary, Kev On Stage is a middle child.
His older sibling was Jason Fredericks (1980-2022), who owned The Jason Fredericks Company. Established in January 2012 in Houston, Texas, it operates the artist management house The Jay No A-Gency.
Their younger sibling is Michelle Fredericks-McLean.
On Facebook, here are some fellow Black comedians Kev On Stage follows:
  • Kevon Carter
  • Affion Crockett
  • Khadi Don
  • Juhahn Jones
  • Simone Shepherd
  • Tanjareen Thomas
He’s also one of the 30,000 followers of Scandal: It’s Handled, a Facebook page created for hit ABC TV series Scandal (2012-2018).
The cast includes the stunning Kerry Washington as the controversial Olivia Pope, with Shonda Rhimes as one of the show’s executive producers.


In a span of four years, according to Famous Birthdays, Kev On Stage studied in three different high schools.
After high school graduation, according to his Linked In account, he enrolled at the University of Washington (2001-2005) in Seattle.
Kevin Fredericks graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Work Experience

In 2002, together with Jason Fredericks and their common friend, Anthony Davis, Kev On Stage founded The Playmakers in Tacoma, Washington.
Active until 2016, it produced local plays in Tacoma, and, in 2010, it transitioned to creating digital content, according to Jason’s LinkedIn profile. They have already reached more than 22 million views.
Through The Playmakers, Kev On Stage had the opportunity to work with:
  • businesswoman and TV producer Tracey E. Edmonds
  • African-American media magnate Robert L. Johnson, the co-founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET)
It happened when AlrightTV and The Playmakers signed a brand partnership contract for the show My Take.
Per O.W. Wiley Mortuary, The Playmakers utilized social media to promote church comedy and broke new ground in doing so. Jayson’s “Is that my not?” became its signature catch phrase, which also went viral.
There’s an anecdote concerning the creation of The Playmakers, which Kev On Stage once shared in an interview.
Quoted by, he said:
There was a talent show at our church, and I told my brother I was thinking about doing stand-up comedy there.- Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks
Jason Fredericks, however, warned him that there was this certain female friend of theirs who didn’t find him funny.
Instead of getting discouraged, Kev On Stage said:
That was just the motivation I needed . . . I did it and loved it.- Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks
Guess what? Some years passed before Jason admitted to him that the story wasn’t true at all. There was no girl who said that he’s not funny.
Jason Fredericks probably thought his younger brother might not be able to make the crowd laugh, and to save him from embarrassment, he said something like that to dissuade him.
But Kevin Fredericks pulled it off and, as they say, the rest is history.
In January 2005, based on his LinkedIn account, Kev On Stage co-founded Family Affair Media Entertainment, a digital content and stage production company.
He is currently its president.
Since January 2012, Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks has been a professional comedian.
He has so far produced over 50 shows in different cities in the U.S. and abroad. More than 70 percent of his shows were sold out.
Kev On Stage earned these NAACP Image Awards nominations under the following categories:
  • Social Media Personality (2021)
  • Literary Work - Debut Author (2023)
Established in 1909 in New York, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) gives awards to outstanding Black people in the entertainment field (TV, film, theater, literature, etc.).
At the 53rd (2022) 54th (2023) NAACP Image Awards, Kev On Stage won the Outstanding Social Media Personality award.
Per Fresh Fiction, the following already featured the work of Kevin Fredericks:
ComplexMSNBC News
Good Morning AmericaThe Daily Beast
Per IMDb, below are some of shows where Kev On Stage gets credited for as:
A. Executive Producer, Producer, and Writer
Kevin Fredericks plays the main protagonist, Corey Carr, Jr. in Churchy (2022), a comedy TV series. The son of a pastor, he leaves town to find what path to take.
B. Executive Producer and Writer
He also directed Major Deal (2016), a comedy film starring actor, comedian, and Internet personality Keraun Harris.
Kev On Stage and Harris co-wrote this movie. His children, Isaiah and Josiah Fredericks, are part of the cast.
C. Executive Producer
“Two Bite Rule” (2023)TV series (Season 1, 8 episodes)
“A Workplace Comedy” (2022-2023)a mockumentary (12 episodes)
“Real Comedians Challenge Show” (2020-2022)a reality TV show (2021-2022; Seasons 1 and 2; 7 episodes)
“Dustin Nickerson: Overwhelmed” (2021)a TV special about this Southern California-based comic
“Keep Your Distance” (2020-2021)a stand-up comedy series (18 episodes)
“Training Wheels” (2018)a short comedy-drama film
“Worldstar Headquarters” (2015)a comedy TV series (Season 1, 9 episodes)
“Cracker Jackson (The White Samuel L. Jackson)”a short comedy video (2015)
D. Producer and Writer
“KevOnStage: Funny in Real Life” (2018) a stand-up comedy special
“Add-TV” (2017)3 episodes as writer; 2 episodes as segment producer
“KevOnStage: Family Man” (2016)a stand-up comedy special
“Fatherhood” (2013-2014)a TV miniseries
E. Producer
“WFH: Will from Home” (2020)a show featuring actor Will Smith
“The Family Exchange” (2015)featuring the Fredericks family, with Jason Fredericks
“No Way Out: The King Keraun Documentary” (2016)about Keraun Harris, aka King Keraun
F. Writer
For Nickelodeon’s sketch-comedy series AwesomenessTV (2013–2017), Kev On Stage wrote 48 episodes (2013-2014).
Kevin Fredericks also produced and directed these comedy shows, where he starred alongside his older brother, Jason Fredericks, and their friend, Anthony Davis:
“The Playmakers Show” (2013)comedy TV miniseries, with Isaiah Fredericks
“Why Lie?” (2010)a stand-up comedy special
“No Good Men” (2008)written by Kev On Stage and Jason
Before he immersed himself in the entertainment world - and this is something he doesn’t indicate in his LinkedIn profile - Kevin Fredericks used to be a part of the banking industry and aerospace industry.
According to a video he uploaded in October 2015 in his YouTube channel, he once worked at KeyBank, with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.
When Essence interviewed his wife, Melissa Fredericks, she said that they worked at Boeing, one of the world’s largest aerospace companies.
His employment there happened after KeyBank.

Lessons From Parents

According to his 2022 article for Men’s Health, his father, William Fredericks, was a musician; his mother, Sheila, a writer.
As a father, Kev On Stage wrote that article for the popular men’s magazine to reflect on lessons learned from parentsto which he tries to impart on Zay Zay and Jo Jo.
First Lesson:“It never gets easy - your worry just changes.”
Kevin Fredericks recalled that when he and his wife, Melissa, were just in the first few years of marriage, his father would often remind him about the constant challenges that entail parenthood.
Circumstances just change but the same concerns for their children remain the same: how to keep them safe from the troubles of the world.
As a parent - like any other parents out there - Kev On Stage said that through the years, his worries have transitioned from the thought of his babies getting choked with their food to them as grown-ups getting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
Kev On Stage and family near Lincoln Memorial in Washington; Kev On Stage and family riding camels in Egypt
Kev On Stage and family near Lincoln Memorial in Washington; Kev On Stage and family riding camels in Egypt
Second Lesson:“See the world.”
If certain factors won’t make that feasible (e.g., financial constraints), then Kev On Stage suggests “at least other parts of the country (where you live).”
Traveling, for his father, is a way to gain “cultural capital.”
He agrees with his father, realizing:
I get it now: It’s important that children see the world so that their view of the world can be bigger.- Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks
Third Lesson:“You can’t buy memories.”
From local beaches and other tourist attractions to destinations abroad - Japan, Italy, the Netherlands - Kev On Stage and Melissa make sure to save for their family’s travels.
From “beach trips” and local tourist attractions to destinations abroad - Japan, Italy, the Netherlands - Kev On Stage and Melissa make sure to save for their family’s travels.
They allot two weeks per year for local and international trips.
Fourth Lesson:“Keep imagining.”
All the “creativity” running in his veins, Kev On Stage said that he owes them from his parents.
When he was young, he asked them for permission to work at Burger King to have money to buy things he thought he needed.
His parents eventually made him realize to focus his time and energy on enhancing his talents and skills.
He wrote:
I acknowledge that, yes, money is important, but so is appreciating your God-given (parent-encouraged) talents.- Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks
So, when Zay Zay makes “animation, video work, and sketches,” he’s there to assist and support. The same thing when Jo Jo makes a podcast.
As a parent, Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks ensures that the lessons imparted to him by his parents, William and Sheila Fredericks, will be passed on to his own children.
Full NameKevin Allen M. Fredericks
Age40 (2023)
Date of BirthMay 1, 1983
Place of BirthEl Paso, Texas, USA
SiblingsJason Fredericks (1980-2022); Michelle Fredericks-McLean
EducationUniversity of Washington (2001-2005) - B.S. Sociology
Civil StatusMarried (2004-Present)
WifeMelissa Marshall-Fredericks
Children (2)Isaiah “Zay Zay” Fredericks; Josiah “Jo Jo” Fredericks
Occupationactor, comedian, content creator, director, filmmaker, producer, speaker, writer
Net Worth$1-5 million (estimates as of 2023)
Facebook (@KevOnStage)2.9 million followers
Instagram (@KevOnStage)1.7 million followers
TikTok (@KevOnStage)approximately 828,000 followers; 31.3 million likes
X (Twitter) - @KevOnStageapprox. 347,000 followers
YouTube (@KevOnStage)approx. 935,000 subscribers; 310.1 millions views

Kev On Stage Wife

On May 15, 2000, a 17-year-old Kevin Fredericks met Melissa Marshal, according to Wikitubia. Eventually, they became high school sweethearts.
The romance continued long before they graduated from high school. Then one summer, per Essence, they decided to get married. That time, they were junior college students.
So, in 2004, Melissa Marshall became Mrs. Fredericks, aka Mrs. Kev On Stage.
Like her husband, Liz, as he likes to call her, is also active on social media as a podcaster and influencer.
Melissa Fredericks hosts The Love Hourpodcast together with her husband.
After almost 20 years of being husband and wife, they co-wrote Marriage Be Hard (2022). It’s about “12 conversations to keep you laughing, loving, and learning with your partner,” which is the book’s subtitle.
Prior to that book, she wrote The Journey to Self-Love (2016).
Based on her 2023 interview with Essence, Melissa Fredericks supported Kev On Stage when he chose to make stand-up comedy a full-time job.
She told Essence:
I knew it was real - that drive to pursue his passion was so real for him.- Melissa Fredericks
Therefore, she helped him navigate this new path - from the corporate world to the entertainment industry - that her husband wanted so much to take, balancing what’s ideal and what’s practical.
Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks has since become victorious in endeavoring to capitalize on his talents, skills, and passion.
Melissa Fredericks serves as a living proof that, as the saying goes, behind every successful man, there’s a woman.
Kev On Stage in polo with colored vertical stripes seated beside Melissa Fredericks in hoop earrings
Kev On Stage in polo with colored vertical stripes seated beside Melissa Fredericks in hoop earrings

Kev On Stage Studios

Kevin Fredericks started the streaming serviceKevOnStage Studios in Los Angeles, which aims to support “Black creators.”
It provides a 3-day free trial, and if you like what you experience, you can subscribe for $5.99 a month for “unlimited streaming.”
You can watch on your:
  • personal computer
  • smartphone/gadget (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • TV (Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV+, Chromecast with Google TV, and Roku)
Based on its website, what Kev On Stage Studios offers include:
game showsshorts films
talk showsstand-up comedy shows
As of this writing here are some of the featured shows:
“Ask Aunt Angel”a show about getting advice
“Chu Know Bout Dat”a “hip hop game show”
“Coming to the Stage”a talk show
“Destination Evrywhr”singer-songwriter evrYwhr exploring the arts and music in Cambodia
“Judith Speaks”a Black middle-aged woman adjusting in her new neighborhood
“Keon’s All-Star Teams”a game show with comedians as contestants
“Keep Your Distance”a stand-up comedy show
“That’s Cap”a game show about trivia
“The Honey Do List”a “relationship game show”
“Two Bite Rule”a guest tastes foods from other countries
“What’s Good?!”traveling around the U.S. to try foods from various dining places
“Would You Rather”a game show where contestants prejudge people
Melissa Fredericks hosts The Honey Do Listand Kev On Stage hosts Coming to the Stageand That’s Cap.

Kev On Stage MasterClass

Have you heard about MasterClass?
It’s an online learning platform that offers courses taught by renowned experts (e.g., Italian restaurateur and chef Massimo Bottura and American filmmaker Martin Scorsese) and celebrities (e.g., British actress Helen Mirren and American actor-comedian Steve Martin) across various fields.
Launched in 2015, MasterClass allows students to learn directly from some of the outstanding individuals in their respective industries.
Kevin Fredericks isn’t part of MasterClass, but he offers his ownonline classes, which he refers to as “master class.”
As an accomplished and award-winning social media personality, his learning modules on content creationinclude:
“Building an Audience”“Case Study: How to Grow your Podcast”
“Monetization”“How to Break Creator’s Block”
“Writing Great Captions”“Instagram Reels + The Future of TikTok”
If you’re an aspiring content creator, you may want to avail of the master classes by Kev On Stage, where he consulted certified experts in creating the modules.

Kev On Stage Net Worth

Several online sources estimated the net worth of Kev On Stageto be between $1 million and $5 million.
According to Social Blade, a social media analytics website, as reported by All Star Bio, Kevin Fredericks earn approximately between $1,200 and $19,000 from his YouTube posts.
A bald and beardless Kevin Fredericks in black T-shirt holding a mic and doing stand-up comedy
A bald and beardless Kevin Fredericks in black T-shirt holding a mic and doing stand-up comedy

Kev On Stage - People Also Ask

What Shows Are Kevin Fredericks In?

You can catch Kev On Stage in several shows, including the following, as compiled by IMDb:
1. A Black Lady Sketch Show (2019-2023)
  • 2023: Season 4, Episode 4
  • 2021: Season 2, Episode 6
  • an HBO Original
2. A Workplace Comedy (2022-2023)
  • 2022: Season 1, Episodes 1-7
  • 2023: Season 2, Episodes 5, 8-12
3. The Crossover (2023)
  • Season 1, Episode 3
  • a Disney+ production
  • based on Kwame Alexander’s children’s book The Crossover (2014)
4. Tab Time (2021-Present)
  • 2022: Season 2, Episode 7
  • a YouTube Originals
  • winner: 2023 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Children’s Program
5. We Stay Looking (2020-Present)- an HBO Original (podcast series)
6. BSU: Black Student Union (2017)
  • Season 1, Episode 4
  • a web comedy series
7. Love Different (2016)
  • Kev On Stage plays Professor Black
  • a comedy directed and written by Anthony Hackett, founder and president of Christian production company SONset Friday Entertainment
8. Flawed (2014)
  • Kevin Fredericks plays Bishop Marshall
  • a web drama series
9. AwesomenessTV (2013-2017)
  • 2013: Season 1, Episodes 3 and 18
  • based on the popular YouTube channel of the same name
10. The Choir (2013-2015)
  • 2013: Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8
  • a comedy series

Who Are The Comedians In ‘The Bald Brothers?’

The Bald Brothers Tour 2023featured comedians Tony Baker and Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks.
Per Live Nation Entertainment, the tour kicked off on August 4, 2023 at The Fillmore Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The amazing duo also performed in:
The Town Hall - New York CityMimi Ohio Theatre - Cleveland, Ohio
Warner Theatre - Washington, D.C.Harris Theater - Chicago, Illinois
Knight Theater - Charlotte, North CarolinaFillmore New Orleans - Louisiana
Tabernacle - Atlanta, GeorgiaOrpheum Theatre - Phoenix, Arizona
The tour concluded on September 3, 2023, with their final performance at Majestic Theatre in Dallas, Texas.

Who Are The Spectrum One Guys?

Per iSpot.TV, the Spectrum One guys refer to:
  • Kev On Stage
  • comedian Tony Baker
  • actor-comedian Tahir Moore
  • comedian, writer, and Emmy-winning producer Ron G.
Collectively, they’re called Kev & The Kirkpatricks, who performed The One, a song promoting Spectrum One and first aired in June 2023.
Spectrum One is an internet service provided by telecom company Charter Communications headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.
Kev On Stage in camouflage T-Shirt, with left hand on his chest performing near the audience at Laugh Factory
Kev On Stage in camouflage T-Shirt, with left hand on his chest performing near the audience at Laugh Factory

Final Thoughts

For nearly two decades now, Kevin “Kev On Stage” Fredericks has been nurturing his passion - the passion to inspire people and make them laugh along the way.
In the course of his personal and professional journey, he has also made it a mission to support Black comedians and content creators and help them promote their work.
The Black community in the American entertainment industry is fortunate to have Kev On Stage.
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