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Kes Harsin - Bryan Harsin's Wife

Kes Harsin is widely known since her husband, Bryan Harsin, is the head football coach at Boise State University. Before taking up the coaching duties for the Auburn Tigers, he was the head coach of the Boise State University Broncos from the 2014 season until the 2020 season.

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Kes Harsinis widely known since her husband, Bryan Harsin, is the head football coach at Boise State University. Before taking up the coaching duties for the Auburn Tigers, he was the head coach of the Boise State University Broncos from the 2014 season until the 2020 season.
The appointment of Bryan as the 27th head coach of the Auburn Tigers was announced on December 22, 2020, which is excellent news for Bryan's followers. Bryan Harsin, Kes Harsin's husband, took over as head coach of Arkansas State University when Gus Malzahn resigned.
In addition to that, he spent the previous two years at the University of Texas serving as the co-offensive coordinator. In addition to his successful career on the football field, Bryan also has a happy and fulfilling marriage. As a result of her marriage to Bryan Harsin, Kes Harsin has received a lot of media attention.

Quick Facts About Kes Harsin

Real NameKes Harsin
Nick NameKes
Zodiac SignAquarius
Famous AsWife Of Bryan Harsin

Kes Harsin's Early Life

Kes Harsin, Bryan Harsin's wife, has had an active life full of accomplishments and ambitions in education. Although her precise age is unknown, she looks to be in her 40s, which is in line with her husband's. Kes is of American descent.
Kes Harsin built the basis for her education at Capital High School throughout her formative years. This institution, which is based in Boise, Idaho, probably had a significant influence on how she developed academically.
Kes set her eyes on expanding her knowledge and talents at Boise State University, also located in Boise, after finishing high school. She earned a degree from the university and successfully completed her studies, giving her the knowledge she would need for her future ambitions.
Kes Harsin's choice to enroll at a reputable university like Boise State University demonstrates her commitment to study and pursuit of personal development. Kes probably received a strong educational foundation and the opportunity to develop her interests from the university's wide choice of programs and academic resources.
Beyond her educational background, Kes Harsin has been involved in Bryan Harsin's life throughout her life. Bryan, who was born on November 1st, 1976, is 47 years old right now. They work well as a team, encouraging each other in both personal and professional efforts.
There is still much to discover about Kes Harsin's experiences and personal path, even while her early life offers a look into her educational accomplishments and her relationship with Bryan Harsin. Her dedication to her studies and her job as her husband's professional supporter reflect her strength and tenacity and helped her develop into the extraordinary person she is today.

Kes Harsin's Career

Kes Harsin, who is married to Bryan Harsin, is employed in the fashion industry as a designer. She has worked with Her Spirit Wear LLC, which is an online store that specializes in Broncos fan apparel, to produce a collection.
According to Kes Harsin, CEO of HER Spirit Wear LLC, the primary objective of their clothing line is to cater to women of a variety of body types by providing a size range that extends from tiny to four times the size of their largest offering.
Kes Harsin, Bryan's wife, is very passionate about the design work that she does. She believes that coming up with new designs is an enjoyable activity.
Kes Harsin Face Closeup
Kes Harsin Face Closeup

Kes Harsin's Physical Appearance

Kes Harsin is an impressive person with a powerful presence, an athletic body build, and an air of self-assurance and toughness. Her height of 1.63 meters (5 feet 4 inches), combined with her commanding presence, ensures that everyone pays attention to her. Her weight of 125 pounds (57 kilograms) is proportionate to her figure, emphasizing her toned and fit frame. Her weight is a compliment to her physique.
Kes has alluring brown eyes that glitter with warmth and intellect, which are what draw others to him. His eyes have a magnetic charm. Her golden hair is styled in lovely waves, which gives her whole look a touch of shine. She has a reach of 61 inches and a balanced and beautiful posture to go along with it.
Her feminine curves are accentuated by her body measurements of 34–28–40 inches, providing an enticing allure to her athletic form. Her body measurements Kes embraces her physical characteristics with self-assurance and elegance, emanating a dynamic energy that mesmerizes all who are in her vicinity.
Kes Harsin is a beautiful lady who has a lean and athletic frame, brown eyes that are mesmerizing, and long blonde hair that cascades down her back. Her body dimensions are proportional to her physique, lending an air of self-assurance and attraction to her appearance. She is an embodiment of power, beauty, and elegance, which makes her an alluring presence no matter the environment.

Kes Harsin's Personal Life

Harsin and Harsin have been married to one another for more than twenty years at this point. After going through a rough patch in their relationship, the couple has lately been getting more attention than they used to.
But in addition to that, the couple is parents to a boy and two daughters. Dayn Mykena Harsin and Devyn Lynn Harsin are the names of Bryan's son and daughter, respectively. Davis Harsin is the name of Bryan's other daughter. Bryan is a family man; he is married and the father of three kids in total.
People began to accuse him because it was rumored that he was having an affair with his assistant coach, Clesi Crochet; however, no one can prove for certain whether or not there was anything going on between the two beyond friendship. His allegations began after people suspected that he was having an affair with his assistant coach. In addition to this, several people have suggested that Bryan is having difficulty maintaining a healthy connection with his wife.

The Early Life Of Kes Harsin's Husband

Bryan Dale Harsin, husband of Kes Harsin was born in Boise, Idaho, in the United States, on November 1, 1976, making his current age 45 years old. Harsin received his bachelor's degree in Business Management from Boise State University in 2000 after graduating from Capital High School and going on to play quarterback at Boise State University from 1995 to 1999.
During his time at Boise State, he won three letters and was a three-year letterman. He was the first person who had graduated from Boise State to hold the position of head football coach for the Broncos.
Kes Harsin With Husband Bryan Harsin
Kes Harsin With Husband Bryan Harsin

Coaching Career Of Kes Harsin's Husband

Bryan Harsin began his coaching career in the year 2000 at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, where he worked with the school's quarterbacks and running backs. In 2001, he made his way back to Boise State University, this time working as a Graduate Assistant under first-year head coach Dan Hawkins.
Harsin began working as a tight ends coach in 2002 and continued in that role until 2005. He was appointed to the post. During this time span, the Broncos were consistently ranked among the top 10 scoring offenses in the country and even led the nation in scoring on two separate occasions. In 2005, the four tight ends for the Broncos combined for 27 receptions, 298 yards, and three touchdowns from the passes they caught.
Chris Petersen, who was the offensive coordinator at BSU when Hawkins departed for Colorado, was elevated to the position of head coach for the 2006 season. The Bronco's offense led to a perfect season under Harsin's direction when he was promoted to the position of offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Running back Ian Johnson topped the country in both the number of running touchdowns and total points scored. He carried for 1,713 yards.
Kellen Moore took over as the starting quarterback in 2008 and, under Harsin's coaching, went on to win the WAC Freshman of the Year award. Moore set an NCAA freshman record with a completion percentage of 69.4 (281–405) and threw 25 touchdown passes while only throwing 10 interceptions.
During the time that Bryan Harsin was Boise State's offensive coordinator, the Broncos were 61-5 (.924), which includes two perfect seasons and two wins in the Fiesta Bowl (against Oklahoma in 2007 and TCU in 2010).
After the end of the 2010 college football season, Bryan Harsin made the move to the University of Texas in Austin. During the 2011 and 2012 seasons, he served as the main play-caller for the Longhorns and served with Major Applewhite as co-offensive coordinator. In addition to that, he was the quarterbacks coach for the Longhorns when he was at Texas.
On December 12, 2012, Harsin was named the 29th head coach at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. He succeeded Gus Malzahn, who had moved on to become the head coach at Auburn after only one season at ASU. Due to the fact that both Malzahn and Hugh Freeze departed Jonesboro after just one season in their respective roles, Harsin's contract at Arkansas State includes a buyout provision for the amount of $1.75 million.
In 2013, he coached the Red Wolves to a record of 7-5 overall and a tie for first place in the Sun Belt Conference with a 5-2 conference record. They won a spot in the GoDaddy Bowl, which will be played on January 5 against Ball State University.
On December 11, 2013, Harsin was welcomed back to his position as head coach at Boise State. After his mentor, Petersen, moved on to teach at the University of Washington in Seattle, he took over that role. In his first year at the helm, he was able to guide his team to a victory in the Mountain West Championship game over Fresno State by a score of 28-14, which earned them a berth in the Fiesta Bowl versus Arizona.
The Broncos went on to win the Fiesta Bowl with a score of 38-30, and Harsin was successful in his first season as head coach, winning 12 games. In five of Harsin's seven seasons as head coach of the Broncos, the team won ten or more games.
Bryan Harsin was appointed the 27th head coach of the Auburn Tigers on December 22, 2020, after Gus Malzahn's dismissal from his position as head coach earlier the same day. Harsin finished his first year with the Tigers with a record of 6–7 in the regular season.

Some Interesting Facts About Kes Harsin

  • Bryan Harsin, the head coach of American football, is married to Kes Harsin.
  • She is an accomplished American fashion designer.
  • Bryan and Kes started dating after their first encounter in high school.
  • Kes is renowned for being Bryan's loving and devoted wife.
  • Bryan and she have three kids together.
  • The fashion industry favors Kes Harsin's creations.
  • She comes from a multiethnic family.
  • Kes practices Christianity.
  • Her eyes have a rich brown tone.
  • Her blonde hair enhances how attractive she seems as a whole.
  • She is well known for having an athletic physique.
  • Kes Harsin continues to be a secretive person, and nothing is known about her private affairs.

Kes Harsin, post-Fiesta Bowl

The Net Worth Of Kes Harsin

Kes Harsin has not made public the details of her actual net worth. But it's reasonable to assume that she has a sizable net worth thanks to her success as a fashion designer. Her husband, Bryan Harsin, is said to have a net worth of approximately $10 million.
His work as a head coach is his primary source of income. With additional professional earnings, Harsin makes more than $5.5 million a year in salary. His lucrative job has allowed him to enjoy opulent lifestyles and expensive travel. He is one of the wealthiest and most powerful head coaches in American football.

People Also Ask

How Did Kes And Bryan Harsin Meet?

Kes was 15 and Bryan was 14 when they first met in high school. They went to the same college and high school.

What Led Kes Harsin To Decide To Become A Fashion Designer?

Kes has always been passionate about creativity and using clothing to express herself. She enjoyed developing and designing new styles.

How Does Kes Manage Her Responsibilities As A Wife, Mother, And Fashion Designer?

Kes puts her family first while juggling her personal and professional obligations. She is well-supported, which makes it easier for her to handle her obligations.

What Major Achievements Has Kes Harsin Made In The Field Of Fashion Design?

With an emphasis on Broncos fan gear, Kes successfully developed her own clothing business and worked with Her Spirit Wear LLC. Customers have commended her broad size range.

What Value Does Kes Harsin Provide To The Fashion World?

By fusing team logos with modern fashion components, Kes provides new and creative ideas to the fashion market. Both sports fans and fashion fans connect with her work.

What Characteristics Make Kes Harsin A Loving And Devoted Spouse To Bryan Harsin?

Kes is renowned for her constant support, compassion, and devotion to Bryan's professional endeavors. She acts as a rock in both his personal and professional lives, giving him a solid foundation.


Bryan Harsin, a well-known American football head coach, is the spouse of Kes Harsin, who has played a vital part in her ascent to stardom. Kes is Bryan's wife and is most known for her nurturing and compassionate qualities, but she has also carved herself a successful career as a fashion designer.
Her burgeoning reputation is a result of her commitment to her family and love of design. Kes has been known for her ability to design fashionable clothing that appeals to both sports fanatics and fashion lovers thanks to her partnership with Her Spirit Wear LLC and her inclusive style philosophy. Kes Harsin keeps inspiring people and leaving her imprint in the football and fashion worlds.
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