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Keanu Reeves - $380 Mill Net Worth, Career, Earnings And Lifestyle In 2022

A musician, actor, producer, and philanthropist, Keanu Reeves net worth is $380 million. He has acted in scores of movies throughout the years, some of which have grossed billions of dollars at the box office. He is likely best known for the John Wick and The Matrix movie series.

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A musician, actor, producer, and philanthropist, Keanu Reeves net worthis $380 million.
He has acted in scores of movies throughout the years, some of which have grossed billions of dollars at the box office. He is likely best known for the John Wick and The Matrix movie series.

Quick Facts About Keanu Reeves

NameKeanu Reeves
Date Of BirthSep 2, 1964
Height6 ft 1 in (1.86 m)
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor
Net Worth$380 Million

Career And Personal Life

Keanu Reeves Acting
Keanu Reeves Acting

Personal Life

On December 24, 1999, Reeves' longtime girlfriend Jennifer Syme gave birth to their stillborn daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves.
Their relationship was impacted by the tragedy, and a few weeks later they separated. Syme was killed instantly in an automobile accident in April 2001.
Reeves wanted some time to process the experience before he started filming The Matrix sequels, which were set to start at the same time.
He dated China Chow in 2008. He has never been married and is infamous for keeping his personal relationships private.
Reeves claims to be spiritual even though he is not religious and has an interest in Buddhism.
In 2014, two stalkers broke into Keanu's Hollywood Hills house. On September 12, he was awakened by a stalker in his library who said she was waiting for him.
He quietly spoke to her before dialing the cops. Three days later, Reeves' housekeepers left a gate open, allowing a second stalker access to his house.
The stalker showered and changed in his bathroom before swimming in his pool while naked.
Although Reeves wasn't at home at the time, the cleaning staff called the police, who then got rid of the stalker.


With the triumph of the 1994 action movie Speed, which won two Academy Awards and made a combined $350.5 million in domestic and international box office, Reeves was catapulted into A-list stardom.
Reeves had more popularity as the lead in the sci-fi action trilogy The Matrix, which earned $1.6 billion in total.
His performance as Neo got positive reviews and accolades, and the films were hugely successful.
In the 2014 action film "John Wick," Reeves got the lead part as the movie's titular character, in which he portrayed a former hitman.
Both the critical and commercial success of the films cannot be understated. He then appeared in two more films in the same capacity.
More than $500 million has been made at the movie office thanks to his John Wick franchise.
Keanu's films have, as of this writing, adjusted for inflation, brought in more over $4.6 billion at the global box office.
The first Keanu Reeves film festival in Europe, "KeanuCon," took place in Glasgow, Scotland in 2019. Over the course of the two days, April 27 and 28, nine of his films were shown.

Top 10 Movies And Earnings

Keanu Reeves Smiling
Keanu Reeves Smiling
In 1984, Keanu Reeves made his television debut in the Canadian comedy "Hangin' In."
Later, he made his big-screen debut in Peter Markle's 1986 American sports drama film "Youngblood."

The Matrix (1999)

A computer programmer named Thomas Anderson is compelled to engage in an underground conflict with strong machines that have created the whole of his world using the Matrix.
Domestic Box Office$173,993,387
International Box Office$291,980,811
Worldwide Box Office$465,974,198

John Wick (2014)

When a bunch of Russian thugs visit John Wick's house to steal his vehicle and murder his dog Daisy a parting present from Helen he is still grieving over the sudden loss of his wife Helen. He returns and pursues the criminals out of rage, leaving a bloody trail in his wake.
Domestic Box Office$43,037,835
International Box Office$32,972,675
Worldwide Box Office$76,010,510

The Replacements (2000)

The owner of a professional football league appoints a great coach after the regular players go on strike during the ongoing season and instructs him to find replacement players within a week without interfering with the decision.
The coach quickly begins assembling his squad, choosing a variety of players for whom the strike offers a rare second opportunity.
Domestic Box Office$44,737,059
International Box Office$5,317,452
Worldwide Box Office$50,054,511

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

The legendary assassin John Wick's plans to retire are once again put on hold as he is compelled to keep a promise he made to Italian mafia boss Santino D'Antonio in exchange for a previous favor.
He sets out on a quest to kill vicious high-level mafia D'Antonio's sister and finds himself surrounded by many assassins who are pursuing a large reward on his head.
Domestic Box Office$92,029,184
International Box Office$79,288,087
Worldwide Box Office$171,317,271

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

The third chapter of the suspenseful criminal thriller follows John Wick, a former assassin on a seemingly unstoppable course of vengeance.
However, this time he has a $14 million price on his head and is fleeing. He must find a way to go to the Elder, who is the only one who can rescue him, despite being exhausted, wounded, and excommunicated by the High Table for murdering one of its members.
Domestic Box Office$171,016,727
International Box Office$154,658,268
Worldwide Box Office$325,674,995

Point Break (1991)

The Ex-Presidents, a bank robbery gang that conducts crimes while wearing masks of former American presidents, are assumed to be a group of surfers that Johnny Utah, a young federal agent, infiltrates.
Johnny convinces the skilled female surfer Tyler to teach him how to surf, and he befriends the group's leader Bodhi, but after learning that they are the criminals, he has second thoughts about his instructions.
Domestic Box Office$43,218,387
International Box Office$40,313,571
Worldwide Box Office$83,531,958

Constantine (2005)

Investigator Angela Dodson enlists the aid of occult detective John Constantine, who has built a reputation for exorcising demons, in order to solve the case because she refuses to accept that her identical twin sister Isabel, a devout Catholic, committed herself.
In order to avoid going to Hell for a previous suicide attempt, Constantine must prevent a demonic scheme to take over Earth.
Domestic Box Office$75,976,178
International Box Office$145,617,376
Worldwide Box Office$221,593,554

The Devil's Advocate (1997)

Kevin Lomax, a defense attorney, is skilled and has never lost a case. Despite his mother's objections, he moves to New York with his wife Mary Ann after being employed by the prestigious legal company run by John Milton.
Due to the demands of his new career, Mary feels alone, starts experiencing nightmares, and starts seeing visions. Kevin finally comes to the realization that he could be employed by the devil.
Domestic Box Office$61,007,424
International Box Office$92,000,000
Worldwide Box Office$153,007,424

Speed (1994)

A bus bomb in the thriller Speed is programmed to detonate whenever the speed of the bus drops below 50 mph.
Keanu Reeves plays a heroic officer in the Los Angeles setting who works with Sandra Bullock to try to rescue the bus's passengers before the bomb goes off.
Domestic Box Office$121,248,145
International Box Office$161,951,855
Worldwide Box Office$283,200,000

The Lake House (2006)

When Dr. Kate Forster relocates to Chicago, she gives up her Lake House. She places a message in a mailbox for the next renter, which is found by architect Alex.
The two start communicating and fall in love, but they soon realize that they are two years difference in age.
They must work out the details of their relationship before it's too late if they want to be together.
Domestic Box Office$52,330,111
International Box Office$62,500,000
Worldwide Box Office$114,830,111

Net Worth And Salary Highlights

Reeves is said to be worth $380 million in total.
When he made his acting debut in Youngblood in 1986, Keanu only made $3000. For his part in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, he received $95,000.
Speed from 1994 brought about $1.2 million for him. That is equivalent to almost $2 million after inflation.
He declined an offer of $11 million to take part in the Speed 2 movie. He said that he was on tour with his band and so unreachable.
For Johnny Mnemonic, he received $2 million, and for The Devil's Advocate, he received $8 million.

Keanu Reeves Earnings From The Matrix

After Will Smith declined the job of Neo in The Matrix, Keanu was cast in the role. His first compensation was to be $10 million.
Additionally, he received a portion of the backend, which contributed to the first movie's $35 million in total revenues due to its unexpected popularity.
That is equivalent to almost $53 million now (after inflation). Warner Bros. revealed the fourth Matrix movie in August 2019.
Keanu's backend incentives would ultimately make him the highest-paid actor of all time for a single series thanks to DVD sales (The Matrix was one of the best-selling DVDs of all time) and the second and third movies' massive box office successes.
From the second and third films, Keanu received incentives totaling at least $120 million.As of this writing, his total compensation from The Matrix exceeds $200 million.


Keanu Reeves Lifestyle
Keanu Reeves Lifestyle
Luxury residences belonging to celebrities are often seen in big cities like Los Angeles. They have magnificent architecture, which makes them a popular tourist destination. Keanu Reeves resides in West Hollywood Hills on the Sunset Strip, which offers a breathtaking view and easy access to the Chateau Marmont Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles.

Keanu Reeves's Houses

House Of Keanu Reeves In The Hollywood Hills

Keanu's home is perched on a hill with a view of Los Angeles. Keanu Reeves' beautiful 5,607 square foot mansion is presently believed to be worth $8.07 million in net worth, based on real estate estimations.
In addition to its stunning scenery, Los Angeles is a popular location for celebrity residences due to its close proximity to Hollywood. It is a well-known, affluent, and one of Hollywood Hills' priciest areas.
This lovely house is situated on a 0.41-acre residential property. In comparison to the size of the typical house in their neighborhood, this is fairly big.
Since he purchased it in 2013, the home's estimated value has increased tremendously from $3.22 million.
The house was constructed with strong lines and a characteristic floor-to-ceiling fenestration in a modern design. It has a high permeability to the outer environment as a result.
The house's exterior mimics a standard Hollywood mansion. In contrast to the projections covered in black that are located at the front of the home, it has white structural parts and walls.

House Of Keanu Reeves In Hawaii

Keanu Reeves resides in a luxurious home in Honolulu, Hawaii.
The actor values privacy in his personal life. After all, he's had stalkers break into his house in the past.
We are aware that the stunning 10,245 square foot home was sold in May 2015 to an unidentified buyer.
This magnificent house is situated on a hill. This house sold for a staggering $6.8 million.

Vehicle Collection

The amazing vehicle collection of Canadian actor Keanu Reeves includes both sports cars and regular cars.
Volvo 122 $24,500
Porsche 911 Carrera $117,100
Mercedes GLE $74,000
Bugatti Veyron $1.2 million

Volvo 122

The first vehicle in the Reeves Car Collection is a green Volvo 122. It has an inline-4 cylinder engine with a maximum torque of 140 NM and 86 BHP.
This RWD vehicle has a peak speed of 92 MPH and is paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox.
Although this Volvo is a somewhat sluggish car, it may be a fine option if you require a vehicle for daily driving.
However, there are many other vehicles on the market now that can easily outperform it.

Porsche 911 Carrera

He was all black. The 3.0-L Twin-Turbo flat-6 cylinder engine in the Porsche 911 Carrera produces 444 BHP and 530 NM of maximum torque.
With a peak speed of 250 MPH, it accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in under 3.7 seconds.

Mercedes GLE

The Mercedes AMG GLE53 has a 3.0-liter turbo V6 engine with an electric supercharger and an electric motor that together produce a maximum of 429 HP and 384 pound-feet of torque.
Although it has an all-wheel drive system as standard and is coupled to a 9-speed automatic gearbox.
It has a 4.7 second 0-60 mph time. While cornering, the air suspension performs well without sacrificing ride quality.

Bugatti Veyron

Following the guidelines for the Guiness World Record, a record-breaking 431.072 km/h was attained, earning the Veyron the title of fastest super sportscar of its era. There are no more available Veyron 16.4 Super Sport vehicles.

Top 7 Interesting Facts About Keanu Reeves

  • At the start of his career, Reeves almost changed his name.
  • Keanu Reeves is a multiethnic person.
  • Reeves has a book of poems on the market.
  • While shooting Speed, Keanu developed a crush on Sandra Bullock.
  • Keanu was a fantastic hockey player in the past.
  • Keanu once removed his hair in defiance.
  • Reeves excels in working as a team.
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People Also Ask

How Is Keanu Reeves So Rich?

The Matrix movies are where Reeves earned the most of his wealth. He received a $15 million advance payment as well as a portion of the box office receipts, totaling around $83.3 million for each of the first three movies.

Is Keanu Reeves Still Rich?

Keanu Reeves is a musician, actor, producer, and philanthropist with a $380 million net worth.
He has acted in scores of movies throughout the years, some of which have grossed billions of dollars at the box office.He is likely best known for the John Wick and The Matrix movie series.

What Is Keanu Reeves Fear?

Keanu Reeves can pull off practically any stunt, whether it's fighting agents in The Matrix or navigating Los Angeles traffic on a bus carrying bombs in Speed.
The actor, though, has a dread of the dark that he is reluctant to confront, either on or off camera.


Keanu Reeves has made a name for himself as one of the greatest performers of all time during the last 30 years.
Despite having a long history of acting in indie films, the actor immediately became well-known for his amazing skill.
Keanu Reeves is one of the most well-known performers of all time because of how highly people regard his acting abilities.
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