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Who Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman? Check Her Biography And Family

Zendaya, who plays Gwen Stacy in "Spider-Man," has a sister named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. The youngest of Zendaya's father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman's, children, she has also achieved fame in her own right.

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Zendaya, who plays Gwen Stacy in "Spider-Man," has a sister named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. The youngest of Zendaya's father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman's, children, she has also achieved fame in her own right.
Kaylee was born in the late 2000s and has made a few public appearances with her sister, who is also an actor. The whereabouts of Zendaya's siblings are sometimes a point of speculation. People sometimes wonder whether Zendaya is an only kid or if she has siblings.
The Dune star has five brothers and sisters. However, that's not the whole tale. Despite Zendaya's meteoric rise to fame, her sisters, especially Kaylee, remain relatively unknown in the entertainment industry. But who exactly is Kaylee Coleman? The reason she and Zendaya's other siblings have stayed out of the spotlight.

Quick Facts About Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

NameKaylee Stoermer Coleman
Date of birth4 October, 2003
Net Worth$350,000

Who Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman?

The Coleman family has protected Zendaya's siblings' privacy for as long as anybody can remember. Kaylee's birth dates have yet to be published, which is ludicrous. Unlike Zendaya, her siblings, especially Kaylee, have remained very low-key. The level of secrecy is so high that not even a single image of her has surfaced on social media.
Kaylee Stoermer Coleman was born in the late 2000s, according to her birth certificate. In October 2017, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman appeared with her sister Zendaya at Michael Jackson's Scream Album Halloween Takeover in Hollywood, California. Lester Cohen/Getty Images on behalf of SONY Music
Kajembe hasn't mentioned her birth mother much. However, Zendaya's father previously posted a photo of two women on Instagram, claiming they were their "baby mamas." He did not, however, divulge which of the two was Kaylee's mother.
Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has been misidentified as Kaylee Stoermer. Stoermer, however, is not her given name. It is, in reality, the title of her ex-stepmother, Claire.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Biography

To most people, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is best known as the older sister of American actress and singer Zendaya, but he also has a younger daughter called Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. Their sister, an American star, is the reason she became famous. She is the youngest of five children, and the only sibling of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.
Kaylee's father is an instructor and bodyguard at an American gym, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom called Claire Stoermer, so say our sources. Zendaya's parents are well known in the public eye as well-known Americans.
Furthermore, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, and AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman are her sisters' given names. Alternatively, she has two brothers, Austin Stoermer Coleman and Julien Stoermer Coleman. Kaylee Stoermer, Zendaya's younger sister, has yet to have a significant online presence, and there isn't much known about her.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Early Life

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman was born on October 4, 2003. Her mother is of German and Scottish ancestry, while her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, is an African-American with Arkansas origins. Kaylee is the youngest of four children from her father's first marriage, with three sisters and two brothers.
Zendaya, Kaylee's famous sister, is a well-known American actress and singer who has the same parents as Kaylee. Zendaya is born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. Kaylee is not as well-known as her sister, despite appearing on film alongside her on occasion.
Kaylee was reared by her parents, who were devoted to her. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, her father, is a producer, bodyguard, and director, and Claire Stoermer is her mother.
Kaylee's family life has been the topic of significant controversy, with some wondering Zendaya's paternity or whether she has any siblings. Kaylee's existence as Zendaya's younger sister, on the other hand, has been proven.

Career, Education & Family

American teen who is the younger sister of Zendaya, the successful actress and model. She is a student at the moment and hence has no working life.
Maybe she's always understood that if you dedicate yourself to learning, you can do anything in the world. She is now a student but has aspirations of being an American model and actress in the future.
Her parents, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer, are both namesakes. Her American mother is a stay-at-home mom while her father teaches physical education at a gym. Kaylee's mother is from Germany and Scotland, while her father is of African-American descent.
In addition to Zendaya, her five siblings are also receiving media attention as Zendaya's renowned and successful siblings. Aside from Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, she has five siblings: Katianna Stoermer Coleman, AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoermer Coleman, and Julien Stoermer Coleman.
Although there is currently little publicly available information about her education beyond the fact that she attends a private institution, she is, in fact, a student.
Kazembe Ajamu Coleman
Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Age, Height & Weight

As of 2023, she will be 20 years old, having been born on October 4, 2003. She is the youngest child of Claire Stoermer, a well-known celebrity, and gained media attention thanks to her sister Zendaya, who is widely regarded as a promising newcomer in the Hollywood acting scene.
When she was young, she watched her sister perform on stage. These days, she watches her sister perform alongside Hollywood's biggest stars on an LCD screen. Like her sister, this woman has lofty goals that are unlikely to be realized in her lifetime.
She stands at a modest 155 centimeters, or 5 feet 1 inch. She's well into her teens now, and her rapid development proves that the rest of her family is just as tall and healthy as she is.
This is because her father is a gym rat, and the rest of the family follows his lead by taking care of their bodies. Her estimated body mass is 48 kilograms (105 lb). Her proportions are 33 inches tall, 29 inches wide, and 34 inches in circumference.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s Career

No one knows for sure what Kaylee Stoermer Coleman studied in the past, but given her age and the way she lives, she may have just graduated from high school or be very close to doing so.
Kaylee is a brilliant person who boasts amazing skill, and she is also the treasured daughter of her parents. She has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances at both home and school, and she treats everyone with kindness and consideration.
In addition to her tight relationships with her brothers and friends, Kaylee also values her time with her favorite relative, Zendaya Maree.
Despite not having her own social media account, Kaylee often features Zendaya in images posted to Instagram. On the red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Kaylee and Zendaya were seen together at the Michael Jackson Screen Album during the Halloween Album Takeover.
Kaylee is a student at the moment; therefore, she hasn't started her professional life just yet. She still needs her parents' help with her bills.

Why Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman's Sister Famous?

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman became well-known due to her relationship with Zendaya, another Hollywood star. Zendaya, an American actress and singer, was born in 1996, making her 26 years old. The star has won the hearts of many fans across the globe because to her great acting, singing, and overall charisma.
She got her start in the industry as a kid model and background dancer in her hometown of Oakland, California. It was in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up that she first appeared on television. Her big break came with the release of her first full-length film, 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Zendaya is not only very talented as an actor but also as a singer. She has achieved considerable fame in the field of music. She released both "Swag It Out" and "Watch Me" as singles in 2011.
Zendaya and Zac Efron's performance of "Rewrite the Stars" from the 2017 American film The Greatest Showman was one of Zendaya's most commercially successful moments as a performer.
Zendaya has been recognized with a slew of awards, including the Primetime Emmy and the Golden Globe. Perhaps it will come as a surprise to find that she is one of Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2022. The lovely actress is just 26 years old, yet she has already experienced the sweet fruit of fame and fortune.
There have been rumors that Zendaya and her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland are romantically involved.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Social Media

Kaylee is a reclusive person who prefers to keep to herself. Her private life and romantic connections are a mystery. She is a hard-working young lady who puts her mind and heart into all she does. She isn't on any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. since she doesn't use them.
There have been rumors that she goes by a pseudonym on Instagram, but no one in her immediate family has verified this. Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, though, has periodically checked out both her parents' and Zendaya's Instagram pages.

Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s Sister, Zendaya Really Dating Tom Holland?

They may not have acknowledged their relationship publicly, but there is little doubt that Holland and Zendaya are more than just co-stars.
The long-standing rumor that Zendaya was dating Tom caught fire in July 2021, when the two co-stars were seen kissing in a vehicle. They had insisted for a long time that they were just friends.
Dune actor Timothée Chalamet has also dropped hints about their possible romantic involvement, which only adds to the intrigue. While promoting their new film, Zendaya and Chalamet made a passing reference to the actress's relationship with Holland.
When asked who their co-stars admired most in the industry, Timothée confidently said, "Easy, Tom Holland." Kayklee's sibling responded with hilarity to this. People have now interpreted this as a second affirmative response from the actress herself.
But the most encouraging news came in September of 2021. Holland reportedly sent a birthday message to his supposed lover on that day. The actor's caption reading, "My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays," stood out. Please contact me as soon as you wake up xxx.
When asked about this, Zendaya said, "Calling now (with some red heart emoji)." This was the definitive confirmation of the dating rumors. They were seen again at a wedding not long after that.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Siblings

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is the middle of four siblings; her sisters are Katianna and Annabelle, while her brothers are Austin and Julien. Her half-sister Zendaya is well-known.
In addition, Coleman's father posted a photo of a lady holding a newborn online in October 2020 with the caption, "My firstborn, Latonja Coleman, and my teenage boo!!"
In addition, Latonja may be Kaylee's possible older sister. But she has also been absent from most family photos.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Net Worth

The actual amount of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman's wealth in 2024 is unknown, although estimates place it somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000.
However, she is at an age when she should be concentrating on her education rather than on conversations about her fortune.
It's hard to say where Kaylee's work will take her or how much money she'll make in the future because of this uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zendaya Have An Adopted Sister?

No, Zendaya does not have an adopted sister. She has five older half-siblings from her father's side and two older sisters from her mother's side.

Who Is Zendaya's Biological Father?

Zendaya's biological father is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. He is of African-American descent and has worked as her manager during her career.

Who Is Zendaya's Biological Siblings?

Zendaya has six siblings, five of whom are half-siblings from her father's side. Their names are Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman, and Katianna Stoermer Coleman.
She also has two older sisters from her mother's side named KZendaya was born on September 1, 1996, making her the youngest among her siblings.

Is Zendaya The Youngest In Her Family?

Yes, Zendaya is the youngest among her siblings. She has both older half-siblings from her father's side and older sisters from her mother's side, but she is the youngest in the family.

Final Thoughts

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman personality shines through in the way she handles people. She counts herself among the lucky few who may call themselves the significant other, offspring, or sibling of a well-known individual.
Kaylee Stoermer's sister is Zendaya Maree, Hollywood's biggest star in the acting, modeling, and singing industries. She is well-known for her roles in the Spiderman films.
The discovery of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman's sister acts as a source of motivation for her. She's going to follow her sister into the limelight in Hollywood, just as she did. Perhaps she will soon become the hottest star in Hollywood.
As a consequence, almost every piece of information known about Kaylee Stoermer Coleman may be found here. Please keep checking back for updates.
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