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Kayla Varner - The Accomplished Former Soccer Player And Wife Of MLB Star Bryce Harper

Kayla Varner is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for herself both on and off the soccer field. As a former soccer player and the wife of Major League Baseball (MLB) star Bryce Harper, she has captured the attention of sports fans around the world.

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Kayla Varneris a multi-talented individual who has made a name for herself both on and off the soccer field.
As a former soccer player and the wife of Major League Baseball (MLB) star Bryce Harper, she has captured the attention of sports fans around the world.
In this article, we will delve into Kayla Varner's background, her soccer career, and her relationship with Bryce Harper.

Who Is Kayla Varner?

Kayla Varner Harper, 30, was born in Henderson, Nevada on November 4, 1992.She enjoys athletics and played soccer in high school and college.
Kayla played at Brigham Young University in 2011 and 2012. She went to Ohio State University as a junior and played there until her graduation in 2015.
She is socially engaged and often publishes on her Instagram feed, @kayy.harper, where she has 129K followers. Kayla often posts family photographs of Bryce and their two children.
Kayla Varner and Bryce Harper met via a mutual friend. Bryce and Kayla met in high school and married four years later. Their wedding was scheduled for the next year, in 2015, however they called it off.

Bryce Harper and Kayla Harper walking up the Red Carpet at the 2018 All Star game

Quick Facts About Kayla Varner

NameKayla Varner
Date of BirthNovember 4, 1992
ProfessionFormer soccer player
Net Worth$4.5 million

Kayla Varner Education

Kayla Harper, better known as Bryce Harper's wife, was really born Kayla Varner to Sean and Lizz Varner.
She spent much of her youth in her hometown of Henderson, Nevada, United States of America, where she was born and raised.
In addition, she is of the white race. Kayla is the oldest of her parents' three children, and her younger brothers and sister are McKay and Marcus.
We just know their names, so we have no idea where they are or what happened to them. Next, the famous couple's spouse is a well-educated woman who graduated from Green Valley High School and went on to study at Brigham Young University.
Varner eventually enrolled at Ohio State, however. Many prominent men and women's spouses or significant others tend to be in the background.
Just as Kayla is more recognized as Bryce Harper's wife than anything else, this is also true in this situation.
However, the OSU soccer player is also an athlete with considerable skill. Varner is well-known for her academic prowess, but less people realize that she was also a rising star on the field.
Varner's interest in the sport was sparked when she saw her mother play at a university operated by the Mormon faith. Since then, little Kayla has been polishing her abilities with consistent practice.
Kayla was also named captain of the Green Valley high school team, which she led to the postseason every year of her senior year.
Along with three Southeast division victories and the Nevada state championship, the high school squad also won two Sunrise conference crowns.
Kayla, a true fan of the beautiful game, kept up her soccer career even after enrolling in college. Young Varner suited up for 33 games during his time at Birgham University.
Kayla's penalty goal in the Sweet Sixteen match versus Maquette in the 2012 NCAA Tournament was the game-winner.
After the season, Kayla was an integral part of the Ohio State soccer squad, where she played in 20 games. She also contributed to seven points with two goals and five assists.

Kayla Varner Career

Kayla Varner's early life and soccer career serve as a testament to her commitment, skill, and love for the game. Born on April 4, 1995, she developed a passion for sports at a young age and found her calling in the world of soccer.
Growing up, Kayla Varner showed immense potential as an athlete. She demonstrated natural athletic abilities, including agility, speed, and a strong competitive spirit. Her love for the game was evident as she dedicated countless hours to training, honing her skills, and striving for excellence.
During her high school years, Kayla made a name for herself on the soccer field. She showcased her talent, determination, and leadership qualities as a key player in her team.
Her exceptional performance and contributions played a pivotal role in her high school's success, earning her recognition and respect from teammates, coaches, and the wider soccer community.
After graduating from high school, Kayla Varner continued her soccer journey at the collegiate level. She secured a spot on a prestigious college soccer team, where she continued to excel and make a significant impact. Her skill, work ethic, and dedication to the sport set her apart, and she quickly became a valuable asset to her team.
Throughout her college soccer career, Kayla consistently demonstrated her ability to lead and inspire her teammates. Her technical proficiency, strategic thinking, and versatility on the field showcased her deep understanding of the game.
She played an instrumental role in numerous victories, helping her team achieve remarkable success and earning individual accolades along the way.
Kayla Varner's soccer career is a testament to her passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to the sport. Her dedication to continuous improvement and her ability to perform under pressure have allowed her to achieve remarkable feats on the field.
While her soccer career may have reached a new phase, Kayla's love for the game remains unwavering. She continues to inspire others through her achievements, and her impact on the soccer world serves as a testament to her enduring legacy as a talented and respected athlete.

Kayla Varner Marriage To Bryce Harper

When they initially began dating, Bryce was a student at Las Vegas High School and Kayla was a student at Green Valley High School in Nevada.
According to her Brigham Young University resume, both were all-star athletes in high school, with Bryce already being recruited for baseball and Kayla leading her high school team to a state championship title.
Kayla had a successful high school soccer career that included being selected a national All-American. Her athletic abilities were then transferred to Brigham Young University for her first two years of college. She completed her soccer career at Ohio State University, where she graduated in 2015.
According to The Washington Post, when Bryce went down on one knee to ask Kayla for her hand in marriage in 2014, the pair was all ready to go down the aisle in early January of 2015. But it never occurred.
The pair had unfollowed each other on Twitter, and their online biographies had been edited to eliminate connections to one another, indicating that something was wrong between them.
Bryce and Kayla, on the other hand, couldn't stay apart from one other for long, with a reunion by the end of 2015 and a second engagement by July 2016. Six months later, on December 16, 2016, they made it official by marrying.
On August 22, 2019, Kayla and Bryce welcomed their baby Krew Aron Harper. Less than a year later, the couple was overjoyed to announce that they were expecting another child. Brooklyn Elizabeth Harper, their daughter, was born on November 12, 2020.
According to The Knot, Kayla and Bryce wanted to marry in a Church of Latter-day Saints-approved temple since they are both active Mormons. "I had always wanted to be sealed in the San Diego Temple, and Bryce agreed that this was the best place for us," Kayla told the publication.

Kayla Varner Transitioning To A New Chapter

Kayla Varner's life took a new and exciting turn in 2016 when she entered a new chapter by marrying Bryce Harper, a prominent MLB player.
Bryce is widely recognized for his remarkable skills in baseball, known for his powerful hitting and exceptional fielding abilities. Together, Kayla and Bryce have become a dynamic power couple, capturing the attention and admiration of fans and media around the world.
Their relationship is characterized by a deep love and genuine support for one another. Despite the demands of their individual sports careers, they have managed to nurture a strong and solid bond.
Their shared values, dedication to their craft, and mutual understanding have allowed them to navigate the challenges that come with being in the spotlight.
As Kayla embarked on this new chapter alongside Bryce, she embraced the role of being a supportive wife and partner. While her own soccer career may have taken a backseat, she continues to bring her love for sports and her unwavering support to Bryce's baseball journey.
Whether cheering him on from the stands or offering words of encouragement during difficult moments, Kayla stands by Bryce's side, showcasing the strength of their relationship.
Kayla and Bryce's partnership extends beyond the realms of sports. They are often seen engaging in philanthropic endeavors, using their platform to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Through their actions, they inspire others to pursue their passions, cultivate strong relationships, and give back to their communities.
As they continue to navigate their respective careers and personal lives, Kayla and Bryce exemplify the power of a strong partnership built on love, trust, and shared goals.
Their journey together serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the beauty of pursuing dreams while fostering a supportive and fulfilling relationship.
The future holds endless possibilities for Kayla Varner as she embraces this new chapter alongside Bryce Harper. Their unwavering support for one another and their shared love for sports will undoubtedly continue to shape their lives and inspire those around them.

Kayla Varner Net Worth

Kayla Varner now has an astounding net worth of $4.5 million. Varner was a brilliant soccer player in her early days and succeeded in her area.
Also, her celebrity as Bryce Harper's wife may have affected the statistics in hindsight, or so we'd like to think.
Her spouse, a renowned Major League Baseball star, on the other hand, currently has a stunning net worth of $330 million. He is presently a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

People Also Ask

Who Is Kayla Varner Married To?

Kayla Varner is married to Bryce Harper, a professional MLB player.

What Is Kayla Varner's Age?

According to The Knot, Kayla and Bryce wanted to marry in a Church of Latter-day Saints-approved temple since they are both active Mormons. "I had always wanted to be sealed in the San Diego Temple, and Bryce agreed that this was the best place for us," Kayla told the publication.

What Sport Did Kayla Varner Play?

Kayla Varner was a former soccer player.

Does Kayla Varner Have Any Philanthropic Involvement?

Yes, Kayla Varner actively participates in philanthropic endeavors and supports various charitable initiatives.

How Did Kayla Varner Gain Fame?

Kayla Varner gained attention and recognition as the wife of MLB player Bryce Harper.

Final Thoughts

Kayla Varner's journey as a former soccer player and her relationship with Bryce Harper have captivated the hearts of sports enthusiasts.
Her accomplishments and unwavering support for her husband have made her a beloved figure in the world of sports.
As she ventures into new chapters of her life, her impact and influence are sure to continue shining brightly.
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