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Kanye West Ditches Wedding Ring Amid Bianca Censori Split Rumors

Kanye West ditches wedding ring on his latest picture from his travels in Saudi Arabia. This comes after news that he and Biana Censori are taking a break.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Nov 21, 2023729 Shares45543 Views
Kanye West seemed to confirm reports that he and his new wife Bianca Censori are no longer together. Kanye West ditches wedding ringin his latest picture from his travels in Saudi Arabia. This comes after news that he and Biana Censori are taking a break.
West, whose real name is Ye, was seen sitting happily on a couch in a white outfit while breakfast was set out in front of him. Along with him, someone was holding a baby, and the two of them were looking straight at the camera.

Kanye West Ditches Wedding Ring In Saudi Arabia

Kanye West wearing a black coat
Kanye West wearing a black coat
A new picture on Kanye West's social media account seemed to confirm rumors that he and his wife, Bianca Censori, are taking a break. Last weekend, the Donda rapper posted a picture of himself on Instagram while he was in Saudi Arabia. In the picture, his wedding finger was noticeably empty of a ring.
West wears a white top and sits at what looks like a breakfast table in a living room. Someone is holding a baby next to him. The rapper and the Australian architect are supposedly having a rough time after Bianca's friends are said to have stepped in while she was in Melbourne visiting her family. The famous couple is said to be "taking a break."
Kanye was recently seen spending time with his 10-year-old daughter North West in Dubai. Bianca, on the other hand, went on a girls' night out and one of her friends posted a picture from the fun time she had with her friend.
There were rumors that the Yeezy mogul and his wife were "taking a break" after her friends reached out to her while she was in Australia by herself. This comes after the Yeezy mogul's most recent Instagram post.
Ye told The Sunthat they've "been taking a breather since mid-October"and that “only focus right now is the music.”
He has been a lot happier and more focused with her around, but I think the relationship has taken its toll on her a bit, with everyone having their opinion.- kanye West rep
The insider also thought about the idea of Censori joining the rapper at the launch of his new record with Ty Dolla $ign.
Tabloid newspapers like the Daily Mail and the US Sun, which both quote unnamed sources, say that Ye and Bianca have broken up. Those aren't always harsh facts, but it's also not impossible to think that Ye could be the cause of strained relationships.
A long article by the New York Timesreleased in October looked into the troubled relationship between Ye and Adidas. For example, Ye's explosive temper has made the team-up even more volatile over the years, ruining what was once a very successful partnership. Who would have thought that Ye's claimed antics would cause the same kind of trouble in a family?
Sources say that Ye and Bianca have been very upset for a while now. Bianca's family allegedly tried to get the 28-year-old to come back to Australia because they were "extremely concerned" about some of the things the couple did over the summer. It seems that Kanye's action of dropping trout on a Venetian boat was the last straw. This got Ye and Bianca in trouble with the local authorities. Ye and Bianca seem to be "on a break" right now, and there are no plans for them to get back together.
After Ye and Censori's quiet marriage, there was silence for a few months. Due to the reaction against Ye's clearly offensive rant in late 2022, the couple stayed out of the public eye. But when they came back, they made a big splash.

Final Words

It looks like heaven might have some problems. Since they got married in December 2022, Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori haven't been apart. They've traveled the world together and made news while they were in Italy, but there are rumors that they might be breaking up.
When news came out that the controversial rapper, whose stage name is now Ye, was taking a break from his marriage, he posted a picture of himself in Saudi Arabia without his wedding ring.
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