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Julian Hui's Wife, Biography, Net Worth And Career

Julian Hui is the son of a successful businessman in the real estate industry. Michelle Reis, a Hong Kong actress, model, and beauty queen of Macanese and Shanghainese origin, is Hui Sai Fun's most famous wife. Hui Sai Fun is best known as Michelle Reis's spouse.

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Julian Huiis the son of a successful businessman in the real estate industry. Michelle Reis, a Hong Kong actress, model, and beauty queen of Macanese and Shanghainese origin, is Hui Sai Fun's most famous wife. Hui Sai Fun is best known as Michelle Reis's spouse.
The late Sai Fun's son, Julian Hui, now serves as both the director of the family's Central Development Group and an independent non-executive director of Mandarin Oriental. Sai Fun was the founder of both companies.

Quick Facts About Julian Hui

NameJulian Hui
BirthplaceHong Kong
Family BackgroundRaised by a wealthy family in Hong Kong
FatherLate real estate agent Hui Sai Fun
Date of birthUnknown
SiblingsSister: Hui Suet Yuen Brother: Jenkin Hui (deceased)
EthnicityHan Chinese
HeritageDescendant of Hui Sai Fan (Han Chinese ancestor) through grandfather Hui Oi Chou
Nbet worth2.3 billion USD
WifeMichelle Reis
ChildrenJayden Max

Julian Hui’s Biography

Julian Hui was raised in Hong Kong, where he was both born and raised by his rich family. He spent his whole life in Hong Kong. His father, the late real estate agent Hui Sai Fun, was his primary caregiver throughout his childhood. In the meantime, the name of his mother has not been disclosed to the general public.
He spent his childhood in Hong Kong with his sister and his brother, who had passed away. In 2014, his elder brother, Jenkin Hui, who had lived to be 75 years old, passed away. His sister is Hui Suet Yuen.
The Han Chinese ancestor of the Asian business magnate was his father, Hui Sai Fan, who gave birth to the business magnate in Asia.
Julian Hui is of Han Chinese heritage, having inherited that lineage through his grandpa, Hui Oi Chou, who was also of Han Chinese descent. We do not know the age of the billionaire businessman since he has not yet shared details about his early life and birthday with the public.

Personal Life Of Julian Hui

Michelle Reis and Julian Hui, who is now her husband, have been dating since 2008. In fact, the pair tied the knot in the same year, which was 2008. The pair are parents to a single child, a boy who goes by the name Jayden Max. Julian was previously married to Pansy Ho Chiu-king before he married Michelle.
Their marriage ended in divorce. His ex-wife is a casino entrepreneur in Macau, and she comes from a wealthy family. Her father is Stanley Ho Hun-sun. Julina originally found himself in the public eye because of his connection with his ex-wife, Pansy Ho, in addition to his prominence as a business mogul worth a billion dollars.
It turns out that Julian isn't the only one who's been in a relationship in the past. In fact, the Hollywood actress actually dated a man named Leon Lai at one point in her life.
 Hui With Wife
Hui With Wife

Biography Of Julian Hui’s Wife

On June 20, 1970, Reis, Julian Hui's wife was born in Portuguese Macau. Her father was Portuguese, and her mother, who was originally from Canton but later relocated to Hong Kong, is of mixed lineage. Her father is Portuguese, and her mother is Canton Shanghainese. Her father, Francis Reis, hails from Hong Kong; he was born there. During World War II, the Japanese forces in Hong Kong were the ones who ended up capturing him.
He was well-liked and well-known among the other detainees who were housed in the concentration camps. On the other hand, due to the fact that he was so tall, he was sent to labor in the mines of Japan until Japan's surrender. After being freed from captivity, he went back to Hong Kong and married Michelle's mother there.
In 1987, Reis's parents went through with a divorce. After this point, she had a distant relationship with her father, who passed away in 1995. Reis has fond memories of her childhood, but she does not remember ever having any new toys or clothing.
She can only remember her mother crying and her parents arguing nonstop. Her father began to spend less and less time at home, which led to her mother becoming the primary caregiver for her throughout her childhood.
After having deserted his family for a considerable amount of time, Reis's father was said to have called her on the phone at some point. At this point in time, she had already achieved fame. Reis remembered the phone call she received several years later, which had an adverse effect on her.
One of Reis's sisters is called Li Jiaming, and in September 2010, she became a mother to a boy. When Reis attended Maryknoll Convent School, he had great grades, achieving a score of 2A on the English and Bible portions of the five-year secondary school graduation test and ranking 7B overall. After a short time, she entered the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination after having just been crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1988.
Julian Hui With Wife And Son
Julian Hui With Wife And Son

Career Of Julian Hui’s Wife

A baby commercial was being shot in 1973 when Michelle Reis, then 3 years old, was found and discovered for the first time. She took on her second career in advertising in 1982, when she was just 12 years old. During the time that Reis was in school, several scouts approached her when she was traveling and offered to put her in a commercial film. However, Reis turned down the offer since her goal was to work in the airline industry.
At the age of 14, Reis began her modeling career on a part-time basis. She was just 18 when she won the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1988, and that victory was the beginning of her rise to prominence. During the same year, Reis has also crowned the very first Miss Chinese International.
After being crowned Miss Chinese International, she went on to compete in the Miss World pageant in 1988, where she represented Hong Kong and did her lot to improve its reputation. She was then scheduled to take part in the contest for Miss Universe 1989, but she withdrew owing to issues with her health.
In the 1990s, Reis began to establish himself as a professional in the entertainment sector. She began her career in advertisements, which led to roles in feature films. In addition, she has made appearances in music videos and episodes of TVB television shows.


Michelle Reis's Role In “Fallen Angel”

In Wong Kar-wai's 1995 Hong Kong crime thriller "Fallen Angels," Michelle Reis portrayed the part of the murderer's agent. Her role deepens and adds mystery to the intricate story, highlighting Reis' acting abilities and enthralling the audience with her mysterious presence.
In the movie "Fallen Angels," Michelle Reis plays an intriguing and mysterious lady who acts as a go-between for the customers of a contract assassin titled "The Killer" (played by Leon Lai). Her intriguing appeal is heightened by the fact that Reis' character is unnamed throughout the whole movie. She is a major player in the criminal underground, moving through its shadowy corridors and covert transactions with seeming ease and assurance.
Michelle Reis captivates the audience with her allure from the moment she steps onto the screen. She radiates a feeling of authority and control while wearing slick, fashionable attire. Her beauty is both alluring and deceiving, as she demonstrates that she is much more than just a gorgeous face. Reis gives a performance that is both alluring and eerie, putting spectators on edge and making them unsure of what she really wants.
Michelle Reis is engaged in several complex plans and deals as the killer's representative. She serves as a conduit between customers looking to hire The Killer and the assassin himself. She negotiates transactions and makes sure that all parties are happy with the conditions with her cool, collected approach. As she maneuvers the perilous world of crime, always keeping one step ahead, her character's intellect and cunning are apparent.
Michelle Reis's character maintains a certain amount of distance throughout the movie. She continues to be emotionally reserved, seldom expressing her genuine emotions or motives. The spectator is left wondering about her actual character and her participation in the web of deception and brutality as a result of the mystery this lends to her identity.
Reis' complex connection with The Killer is one of the character's most interesting facets. She acts as his agent, but there are indications that they have a more intimate relationship. They exchange fleeting moments of vulnerability and intimacy that give us a look into their tumultuous and complicated pasts. In these passages, Reis portrays a woman who is torn between her obligations as a professional and her own wishes, adding a feeling of yearning and sorrow to the proceedings.

Filmography Of Julian Hui’s Wife

YearFilm Title
1990Perfect Girls
1990Doctor's Heart
1990No Risk, No Gain
1990A Chinese Ghost Story Part II
1991Party of a Wealthy Family
1991Swordsman II
1992Casino Tycoon II
1992Royal Tramp II
1992Zen of Sword
1992The Wicked City
1992A Kid from Tibet
1993The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk
1993The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk II
1993The Sword of Many Lovers
1993The Black Morning Glory
1994Drunken Master III
1994The Other Side of the Sea
1995Fallen Angels
1996100 Ways to Kill Yourself
1997Heaven Earth Great Ambition
1997Young and Dangerous 4
1998Flowers of Shanghai
1999The Island Tales
1999Round About Midnight
1999Prince Charming
2000Healing Hearts
2000The City of Strangers
2000When I Fall in Love... with Both
2001Every Dog Has His Date
2001Bakery Amour
2002The Irresistible Piggies
2002Beauty and the Breast
2003Miss Du Shi Niang
2009Bodyguards and Assassins

Some Interesting Facts About Julian Hui

  • The late real estate broker Hui Sai Fun, a well-known name in the field, left behind a son named Julian Hui.
  • He holds the directorships of both the Central Development Group, which his father created, and Mandarin Oriental, where he also serves as an independent non-executive director.
  • Julian Hui was raised in an affluent household in Hong Kong, and his father is a prosperous businessman.
  • He wed Hong Kong actress and model Michelle Reis in 2008, and the two are now husband and wife.
  • Jayden Max is the son of Michelle Reis and Julian Hui.
  • Julian Hui previously married Pansy Ho Chiu-king, a casino mogul in Macau, before getting hitched to Michelle Reis.
  • Pansy Ho Chiu-king, his ex-wife, is descended from a wealthy family; Stanley Ho Hun-sun is her father.
  • Julian Hui is recognized as a major player in both the business and entertainment worlds because of his engagement in his family's company and his personal ties.

Julian Hui's Net Worth

Julian Haus comes from a family with a long history in the business world. When he passed away, his late father, Hui Sai Fun, was estimated to have a staggering net worth of $7.4 billion. In 2018, Julian's father passed away at the ripe old age of 97.
The successful entrepreneur now manages the family firm, which is in the shipping and real estate industries and is spread out over Hong Kong. Julian, who was the only child of the late millionaire, is the only inheritor of his father's property, which as of today is estimated to be worth a staggering $7.4 billion. Julian Hui's own wealth is estimated to be $2.3 billion, independent of his father's riches.

People Also Ask

Who Is Julian Hui?

Julian Hui, a well-known person in Hong Kong's commercial community, is the son of the late real estate broker Hui Sai Fun.

What Function Does Julian Hui Play In Household Business?

In addition to being an independent non-executive director of Mandarin Oriental, another business that his late father built, Julian Hui also serves as the director of the Central Development Group, which was also started by him.

Who Was Hui Sai Fun?

The Central Development Group and Mandarin Oriental were both founded by prominent real estate magnate Hui Sai Fun. He was also referred to as Michelle Reis' husband.

What Is Julian Hui's Family Background?

Julian Hui came from a wealthy Hong Kong family. Hui Sai Fun, his late father, was a prosperous businessman, and his mother's name hasn't been made public. He has a deceased older brother called Jenkin Hui and a sister named Hui Suet Yuen.

What Is Julian Hui's Ethnicity?

Han Chinese ancestry makes up Julian Hui.

Who Is Julian Hui's Spouse?

Michelle Reis, an actress, model, and beauty queen from Hong Kong, is married to Julian Hui. In 2008, they got married.

Do Michelle Reis And Julian Hui Have Kids Together?

Yes, Jayden Max is the son of Julian Hui and Michelle Reis.

Who Was The Ex-Wife Of Julian Hui?

Pansy Ho Chiu-king, a Macau casino mogul, was Julian Hui's ex-wife. Her father, Stanley Ho Hun-sun, is from an affluent family.


Julian Hui is a well-known person in Hong Kong's corporate community. He continues on his father's legacy as the director of the Central Development Group and an independent non-executive director of Mandarin Oriental, both businesses established by the late real estate agent Hui Sai Fun.
Julian Hui comes from a wealthy and successful family; his father is a prominent figure in the real estate sector. He is married to the actress and model Michelle Reis from Hong Kong, and the two are the parents of Jayden Max.
Before divorcing and marrying Michelle Reis, Julian Hui was married to Pansy Ho Chiu-king, an owner of a Macau casino. Julian Hui continues to have a huge effect on the corporate world while balancing his personal and professional lives with the commercial activities of his family.
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