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Jordan Cephus - Son Of Famous American Rapper Offset

Jordan Cephus is son of rapper Kiari Cephus (aka Offset) and Justine Watson. He was only known about since he was the offspring of well-known people. Jordan Cephus was born in 2010.

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Jordan Cephusis son of rapper Kiari Cephus (aka Offset) and Justine Watson. He was only known about since he was the offspring of well-known people. Jordan Cephus was born in 2010.
He was born and grown in Los Angeles, California. The renowned kid was born on November 18th, and his astrological sign is Scorpio. It's unclear why his dad, Kiari Cephus, didn't do well in school.
Unlike other child stars, Offset, was able to keep his kid Jordan Cephus's identity a secret from the media for over eight years. Jordan Cephus Watson, the eldest child of rapper Kiari Cephus, nicknamed Offset, and Justine Watson, shot to fame thanks to his famous father.

Interesting Facts

NameJordan Cephus
Date of BirthNovember 18, 2010
ProfessionCelebrity kid
ParentsKiari Cephus aka Offset and Justine Watson

Jordan Cephus Net Worth

Jordan, who is just ten years old, has yet to decide on a career. Kiari Cephus Alia Offset, his rapper father, is reported to have a net worth of 16 million dollars. Offset's riches have been built on the success of blockbuster albums such as Yung Rich Country, Culture, and Culture II. In comparison, Oscar Maximilian Jackman's parents had a net worth of $100 million.
His father, Offset (Kiari Cephus), is a member of the hip hop duo Migos and has an estimated combined income of roughly $30 million between September 2020. In February 2019, he also released Father 4, an album dedicated to Jordan, Kalea Marie, Kiari, and Kody Cephus.

Jordan Cephus Family

Jordan's parents, Offset and Justine, were never married despite their relationship. While he was born in 2010, his identity came to light in 2018 when Jordan's mother Justine sued Offset for unpaid child support, claiming $15K in legal bills. She requested retroactive child support.
According to sources, Justine said that a member of the hip hop duo Migos did not pay to Jordan's medical and educational expenditures, and she requested retroactive child support. In response, Offset said that he has supported his kid since his birth and want to have joint legal and physical custody of Jordan. Offset even altered Jordan's surname to his own.
In addition to Justine, Offset has three more children: Kalea Marie with Shya L'Amour, Kody Cephus with Oriel Jamie, and Kulture Kiari with Cardi B. Offset has managed to keep most of the specifics of his many romances hidden.
Offset has been lawfully married to his wife Cardi B. since September 2017. However, their marriage has began to deteriorate, with Cardi announcing in December 2018 that they were divorcing.

Offset Throws His Son Jordan An Epic Birthday Party

People Also Ask

How Old Is Jordan Cephus?

He is 12 years old.

Who Is Offset's Other Baby Momma?

Offset's second baby mama is Oriel Jamie, with whom he has a 7-year-old kid named Kody Cephus.

Who Is Jordan Cephus’s Mother Justine Watson?

Jordan Cephus' mother is Justine Watson, who rose to prominence after Offset's claims to be the mother of his kid in 2017 and some financial and legal issues.

Final Words

Jordan is displaying hints of potential popularity, as he aspires to be as well-known as his renowned father. In addition, he aspires to be successful in the entertainment sector or a comparable platform. Jordan Cephus' educational history is not publicly known, however it is certain that he attended some of the best institutions in Los Angeles.
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