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Joan Boocock Lee – Bio, age, height, nationality, education, net worth

On 5 February 1922, Joan Boocock Lee was born. She was a famous British-American model and voice actress. She was best known as the wife of the well-known writer of the comic book, Stanley Lieber, popularly known as Stan Lee. In the 1990s, she had worked as a splendid voice actress in some of the most famous movies like Spider-man and Fantastic Four animated series.

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On 5 February 1922, Joan Boocock Leewas born. She was a famous British-American model and voice actress. She was best known as the wife of the well-known writer of the comic book, Stanley Lieber, popularly known as Stan Lee. In the 1990s, she had worked as a splendid voice actress in some of the most famous movies like Spider-man and Fantastic Four animated series. She lived her life to the fullest and successfully made her name in the world.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee

Joan Boocock Lee Early Life

Joan was born in England, UK. She was a British-American supermodel, and her birth sign was known to be Aquarius. According to the birth register records in Castle Ward Rural District, Joan’s birth was recorded in the first three months of 1922.

Joan Boocock Lee Death

On 6 July 2017, a tragedy happened. On that day, a famous model, voice actress as well as the wife of Stan Lee, Joan Boocock Lee, passed away from a stroke-related issue in Los Angeles. On her deathbed, her daughter, Joan, and her husband, Stan Lee, were present. Stan Lee was 70 years old when she died. Although some sources claim that she was given the age of 93 when she passed away, birth records from the British state that she was 95 years at that time.

Joan Boocock Lee Family, Siblings, And Education

Joanwas born to Hannah Clayton and Norman Boocock. Norman and Hannah were married in 1920 in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland. Moreover, Joan was born in Newcastle and raised in Fawdon. After the end of World War II, Joan got married to Sanford Weiss, who was a serviceman from America and moved to the United States of America as his lawfully wedded wife. In an interview, she stated that she had known Sanford for only 24 hours before their wedding in 1943. Apart from this, no information is known about her family members. Lee doesn’t prefer to disclose her family background and personal life to the media.
Speaking of Joan’s educational qualification, the institute she enrolled in is no longer available. However, some sources claim that she might have completed her matriculation at least, but it is not known if she ever dropped out or never gained an opportunity to study in the first place. She usually kept her educational profile away from the public.

Joan Boocock Lee Career And Professional Life

Joan relocated to Los Angeles along with Stan Lee, her husband. In Los Angeles, she worked as a voice actress in various animated shows of Marvel in 1990. Moreover, In the year 1994, she appeared in the show Fantastic Four. She was the voice of a recurring character in the movie. In 1994, on one of the most famous series, Iron Man, she voiced as a computer for almost three episodes. From the year 1996 to 1998, Joan later worked in Spider-man as Madame Web for eight episodes. She had made a remarkable presence in the film industry.
One of the most popular creations of Stan Lee, “Monster and Marvels”, Joan appeared herself alongside Stan Lee and Kavin Smith in the year 2002. Not only that, in 2003, she also worked in a documentary of Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked. After some years, Joan Boocock Lee was again seen in a popular documentary about Stan Lee called “Great Power: The Stan Lee Story”. She made her final appearance in the cameo of the 2016 movie “X-men: Apocalypse” with Stan Lee.
Moreover, In the recent movie “Avengers: Endgame”, Stan’s likeness was shown in a digital cameo in the movie. Joan and Stan appeared as hippies who were travelling to Camp Lehigh. After some period, Joan decided to write her very first novel, “The Pleasure Palace”. Additionally, it was found that she possessed three novels that were not published.

Joan Boocock Lee Relationship Status

Before relocating to the United States, Joan was famous for her modelling career in her early years. After her marriage with Sanford, she moved to the US, and not long after that, they split. Furthermore, one time Stan’s cousin put up a date for him with some other model who was at the same agency where Joan also worked. When Stan went to meet the model at the agency, Joan opened the door, and after seeing Joan, Stan instantly fell in love with her. After two weeks, he proposed to Joan; he told her that since childhood, he had been drawing her face. Joan also liked him, and afterwards, they started their love life.
After Stan proposed to his love, Joan, she went to get an annulment in Reno, Nevada. On 5 December 1947, for her prior marriage with Sanford Weissshe, she got an annulment. On the same day, Joan and Stan took their vows right there in the next room.
The duo spent some blissful years of marriage. They were blessed with two daughters named Jan Lee and Joan Celia, “JC” Lee. Sadly, only after eight days of existence, Jan Lee passed away. The couple bought their house in Long Island. Their home consisted of two-story, three-bedroom, and they started living there in 1949. Moreover, Stan Lee stated that Joan was his inspiration to make the Fantastic Four, and he gave all the credit to her wife. He also got inspiration from his wife for Gwen Stacy, a character from Spider-man.

Joan Boocock Lee Height And Weight

Joan Boocock Lee was 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall, and she used to weigh 136 lbs (62 kg). Joan’s body stats like chest, waist, and hip size were found to be 34-27-35 inches. Furthermore, Joan had beautiful brown hair and charming blue eyes. She took good care of her body and had a perfect complexion. She had a splendid personality and lived a happy and successful life with her family.

Joan Boocock Lee Social Media

Joan never had any social media accounts. She lived a normal life away from social media. She had successfully made her name in the film industry.

Joan Boocock Lee Net Worth

According to reports, Joan had an estimated net worth of 70 million USD. She earned mostly from her career in modeling as well as voice acting.


What Is The Current Age Of Joan Boocock Lee?

At present, Joan Boocock Lee is 95 Years.

What Is The Net Worth Of Stan Lee?

The net worth of Stan Lee is 50 Million USD.

When Did Joan Boocock Lee Die?

Joan Boocock Lee died in the year 2017.
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