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Jesus Gallardo - The Mexican Football Star Who Conquered The CONCACAF Champions League Twice

Jesus Gallardo is a Mexican professional football player who currently plays as a left-back for both the Mexican national team and the Liga MX club Monterrey. Born on August 15, 1994, in Michoacán, Mexico, Gallardo began his football career at a young age and has since become one of the most promising players in Mexico.

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Jesus Gallardo is a Mexican professional football player who currently plays as a left-back for both the Mexican national team and the Liga MX club Monterrey.
Born on August 15, 1994, in Michoacán, Mexico, Gallardo began his football career at a young age and has since become one of the most promising players in Mexico.

Top 5 Facts About Jesus Gallardo

  • Jesus Gallardo began playing football at a very young age in his hometown of Michoacán, Mexico. He joined a local club called La Primavera and quickly caught the attention of scouts due to his exceptional talent.
  • While Gallardo primarily plays as a left-back, he has also demonstrated his versatility on the field by playing as a left-winger or left-midfielder when needed. This flexibility has made him a valuable asset for both his club and the Mexican national team.
  • Jesus Gallardo made his debut for the Mexican national team on June 2, 2018, in a friendly match against Scotland. He played the full 90 minutes of the match and helped Mexico keep a clean sheet in a 1-0 victory.
  • In addition to his impressive football career, Jesus Gallardo is also known for his charitable work. He has been involved in various initiatives to help underprivileged children, including organizing football clinics and visiting children's hospitals.
  • Despite his busy schedule as a professional footballer, Jesus Gallardo has also pursued academic studies. He obtained a degree in Physical Education from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional in Mexico City, demonstrating his commitment to both his athletic and intellectual pursuits.
Gallardo started his professional career in 2014 with the Mexican club Pumas UNAM, where he quickly established himself as a talented left-back. His speed and agility on the field soon caught the attention of many football fans and he quickly became a fan favorite. During his time at Pumas, Gallardo helped the team win the Liga MX Clausura title in 2018.
In 2019, Gallardo signed with Monterrey and has since become an integral part of the team. He helped Monterrey win the CONCACAF Champions League in 2019 and has continued to impress with his performances on the field. His impressive performances for Monterrey also earned him a call-up to the Mexican national team.
Gallardo made his international debut for Mexico in 2018 and has since become a regular member of the team. He played a key role in Mexico's successful campaign in the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup, helping the team win their eighth title. Gallardo's impressive performances have also earned him interest from several European clubs.
Off the field, Gallardo is known for his humility and dedication to his craft. He is a hard worker and always strives to improve his game. He has also been involved in several charitable activities, including visiting children's hospitals and organizing football clinics for underprivileged children.

Jesus Gallardo Net Worth

As of the year 2023, Jesus Gallardo has amassed a fortune of $2 million. Everything from endorsement deals to pay to contracts in the NFL.
The 28-year-old's contract with Monterrey will end on June 30, 2023, giving him one more year to play for the club. Jesus Gallardo's annual compensation is $1.16 million dollars. He earns $22,000 per week.
Jesus Gallardo is among the Liga MX's top 10 highest-priced players. He could be able to negotiate a better deal or switch teams.
Jesus Gallardo smiling
Jesus Gallardo smiling

Jesus Gallardo Transfer Rumors

As a talented young player with a proven track record in Liga MX and with the Mexican national team, Jesus Gallardo has attracted attention from clubs around the world. Transfer rumors are a constant in the world of football, and Gallardo is no exception.
Some of the recent transfer rumors surrounding Gallardo have linked him to clubs in Europe, such as Newcastle United, Everton, and AS Roma. While nothing has been confirmed, the speculation around Gallardo's potential transfer is a testament to his quality as a player.

Jesus Gallardo Speed

One of Jesus Gallardo's most impressive attributes is his speed. As a left-back, he is able to cover ground quickly and make crucial interceptions and tackles. His speed also allows him to get forward and contribute to his team's attack.
Gallardo's pace has been noted by many football analysts and fans, who praise his ability to both defend and attack with equal effectiveness. It's no wonder that many consider him to be one of the fastest players in Liga MX.

Jesus Gallardo Style Of Play

Jesus Gallardo is a highly skilled and versatile player who can play in multiple positions. He is primarily a left-back but has also played as a left-winger and left-midfielder.
Gallardo's playing style is characterized by his technical ability, tactical awareness, and work ethic. He is a reliable defender who is also capable of making key contributions to his team's attack. His versatility and ability to adapt to different positions make him a valuable asset to any team.

Jesus Gallardo Position

Jesus Gallardo is primarily a left-back or left-winger, and he is known for his speed, agility, and technical skills on the ball. He is equally comfortable playing in either position, and has been deployed in both roles by his club and country.
As a left-back, Gallardo is responsible for defending the left flank and supporting the attack when necessary. As a left-winger, he is expected to provide width and creativity in the final third, often cutting inside to create chances for himself and his teammates.

Peoples Also Ask

Does Jesus Gallardo Have Any Nicknames?

Yes, Jesus Gallardo is often referred to by his nickname "Chapo." The name reportedly comes from his resemblance to Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, a notorious Mexican drug lord. Gallardo has embraced the nickname and often uses it on his social media profiles.

What Is Jesus Gallardo's Personality Like Off The Pitch?

While Jesus Gallardo is known for his tenacity and fierce competitiveness on the pitch, off the field, he is described as a friendly and down-to-earth person. He is known to be close with his family and friends and is active on social media, sharing photos and updates with his fans.

What Is Jesus Gallardo's Social Media Presence Like?

Jesus Gallardo is active on social media and has a sizable following on Instagram and Twitter. He regularly shares updates and photos from his life on and off the pitch, as well as engaging with his fans and followers. Gallardo's social media profiles offer a glimpse into his personality and interests outside of football.


Jesus Gallardo is a talented football player who has established himself as one of the best left-backs in Mexico. His speed, agility, and dedication to his craft have made him a fan favorite both at the club and international level.
As he continues to grow and develop his game, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this promising young player.
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