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Jessica Lowe - The Talented Actress And Comedian Behind 'Wrecked' And 'Miracle Workers

Jessica Lowe is an actress, comedian, producer, and writer, but she is probably best known for her roles as Wendy Darling in the TV comedy series "Wish It Inc." (2014), Florence in the TV comedy series "Wrecked" (2016–2018), and Mary Baker in the TV anthology comedy series "Miracle Workers" (2020).

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Jessica Loweis an actress, comedian, producer, and writer, but she is probably best known for her roles as Wendy Darling in the TV comedy series "Wish It Inc." (2014), Florence in the TV comedy series "Wrecked" (2016–2018), and Mary Baker in the TV anthology comedy series "Miracle Workers" (2020).
She is a multi-talented artist who has worked in a variety of mediums. Pisces is Jessica Lowe's zodiac sign, and she was born on February 21 in Samoa, California, in the United States.

Quick Facts About Jessica Lowe

NameJessica Lowe
BirthdayFebruary 21
BirthplaceSamoa, California United States
ParentsNot Known
CareerActress, Writer, Sketch Comedian, Voice Artist
Net worth$850,000
BoyfriendChris Alvarado
Star SignPisces

The Early Life Of Jessica Lowe

On February 21, 2000, Jessica Lowe was welcomed into the world by her parents. She was born in the American territory of Samoa. Her given name is Jessica Lowe; however, she goes by the name Jessica Lowe professionally.
Jessica Lowe's formative years were spent in Albuquerque, Arizona, with her parents; however, there is no information available in the media about the identities of her parents or the occupations they had when she was growing up. In addition, it is not known whether she has any siblings. Jessica is an American citizen who also identifies as white Caucasian. She was born in the United States.
Jessica received her secondary education at a local high school, which is also when she discovered her passion for performing on stage. In addition to that, she was a participant in the "National League," which is a speech and debate group.
Following her high school graduation, Jessica continued her studies at Northwestern University, where she quickly became involved in a number of the university's theatrical performances. Additionally, she directed her first performance, which was a variety show dubbed "Mee-Ow-Show," in which she also appeared as a performer.

Professional Career Of Jessica Lowe

Before being cast as Marianne in the television movie "Sincerely, Ted L. Nancy" (2008), Jessica, much like the majority of performers, appeared in a handful of short films. Her first role in a feature film was in the 2012 production of Cedar, Pine, and Corn, in which she played a supporting character. In the same year, she also made a cameo appearance in the television series RobotDown, in which she appeared in a total of six episodes.
Following her time spent as Wendy Darling on the television sitcom Wish It Inc., Jessica was selected to play the character of Ginger in the comedy film Blended. Jessica's professional advancement may largely be attributed to the appearance she made in 2014.
She was hailed for her performance in the film, in which she starred opposite Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Backseat Bitches was a web series that Jessica developed in the same year that she also appeared in it.
Jessica finished off the year 2014 with another part that received critical praise in the television movie Living the Dream. She continued on in the same vein in 2015, and as a result, she was cast in the romantic comedy Glitch. The year 2015 was also the year when Jessica made her maiden performance as a voice actor.
Jessica contributed her voice to the Primetime Emmy Award-winning animated show, Bob's Burgers, for a significant portion of the year 2015 and for a portion of the year 2016. Both the 2016 television movie Small Victories and the 2016 television comedy series Wrecked included Jessica as a main cast member.
Jessica Lowe Looking Shocked
Jessica Lowe Looking Shocked

Recent Projects Of Jessica Lowe

In the year 2018, Jessica was cast in parts such as Not Mollie in Jared Stern's romantic comedy film "Happy Anniversary" and Amy in another romantic comedy film named "Dog Days," starring alongside Nina Dobrev and Vanessa Hudgens. Both of these films were romantic comedies.
After that, she provided her voice for Mina in the comedy film "The Christmas Chronicles" (2018), which featured Kurt Russell and Judah Lewis, and she had a cameo appearance as Becks in the episode "Adam Ruins A Night Out" of the TV educational comedy series "Adam Ruins Everything" (2019), which was shown on the truTV network.
In the year 2020, Jessica was cast as Mary Baker in the TBS anthology comedy series "Miracle Workers," she portrayed Delilah in the truTV comedy series "Tacoma FD," and she voiced many characters in two episodes of the TV musical adult animation sitcom "Central Park," which aired on AppleTV+. All three of these roles were performed by Jessica.
In her most recent roles, she played Ellen in the romantic comedy "Desperados" (2020) and Mina in the sequel to "The Christmas Chronicles," titled "The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two," both of which were released in the same year, 2020.
Jessica Lowe With A Smile On Face
Jessica Lowe With A Smile On Face

Jessica Lowe's Role In The Miracle Workers

Jessica Lowe's depiction of Mary Baker in the television series "Miracle Workers" is proof of her prodigious acting talent and range. She holds viewers' attention throughout the series with her engaging performance, giving her character nuance and comedy.
Jessica Lowe gives a standout performance as Mary Baker that highlights her comic timing and flawless delivery. She expertly strikes a mix between humor and sensitivity, adding her own appeal to every moment. Jessica's acting is dependably compelling and affecting, whether she's delivering witty one-liners or capturing heartbreaking moments.
Jessica does a remarkable job of capturing the compassion of Mary Baker, which is one of the character's most notable qualities. Jessica gives Mary genuineness, which helps viewers relate to her despite the show's ludicrous and fanciful concept. She brings out the complexity of the persona, enabling viewers to identify with Mary's aspirations, doubts, and uncertainties.
In "Miracle Workers," Jessica's comic talent is evident as she deftly handles the show's comedy parts. Her precise timing and delivery of punchlines cause the audience to laugh out loud. She has a gift for physical comedy, adding to the fun in each situation she is in with her facial expressions and body language.
Jessica's comic skill is continuously on display throughout the series, whether it be via amusing facial expressions or wonderfully timed humorous gestures.
In "Miracle Workers," Jessica Lowe not only displays her humorous mastery but also her emotional nuance. She portrays Mary Baker with a sensitivity that is both sad and real in her most vulnerable moments. She effectively conveys the character's challenges, anxieties, and wants, evoking sympathy in the audience.
Jessica's flexibility as an actor is further shown by her ability to switch between comic and tragic scenes with ease. In addition to her acting prowess, Jessica Lowe's performance in "Miracle Workers" is remarkable for the synergy she had with the other cast members.
She quickly develops chemistry and a connection with her co-stars, resulting in realistic interactions on film. Her interactions with the supporting characters enhance the overall dynamic and humorous harmony of the program and the quality of the watching experience.
Audiences are profoundly affected by Jessica Lowe's depiction of Mary Baker. Her nuanced performance demonstrates her versatility as an actor and her skill in tragic and humorous parts alike. She gives Mary Baker depth, relatability, and perfect comic timing, making her a distinctive and adored presence on film.

Personal Life Of Jessica Lowe

Since 2017, Jessica Lowe has been romantically connected with Chris Alvarado. The two of them have been in a relationship since then. It is likely that his work on the television series "Single Siblings" (2013), the television miniseries "7p/10e" (2014), and the comedy film "Spare Change" (2015) have brought him the most notoriety as an actor and writer in the United States.
The contented pair often shares adorable photos of themselves on their various social media platforms. The city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, is now Jessica's place of residence. She is a fervent supporter of animal rights and is the proud owner of a dog named Sonny.


Physical Appearance Of Jessica Lowe

Jessica Lowe has a compelling physical look that makes an impact that stays with one for a long time. She has an elegant posture that radiates elegance and self-assurance, and she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Her athleticism and elegance are well paired in her well-proportioned body, which weighs around 54 kg and displays a natural balance between the two.
One of Jessica's most remarkable characteristics is her gorgeous brown hair, which frames her face in gentle waves and adds a touch of seduction to her entire appearance. Her hair is one of the reasons people are drawn to her.
Her pale skin is enhanced by the lush locks of hair, which are a wonderful compliment to her already stunning appearance. Jessica emits an impression of easy flair and refinement, which is accentuated by the way her hair cascades about her shoulders in a lovely way.
When you first meet Jessica, your eyes are instantly pulled to her alluring blue eyes, which sparkle with the warmth and intellect with which she is composed. Her eyes have a particular sharpness and clarity to them, which compels others around her to have profound exchanges with her. They are windows into her dynamic personality, showing the true warmth and friendliness that she exudes at all times.
Grace, attractiveness, and approachability all come together wonderfully in Jessica Lowe's outward presentation, which is a treat to see. The attraction of her appearance is enhanced by her height, weight, and the fact that she keeps her form in such good shape.
She exudes an ageless beauty that captivates onlookers with her entrancing brown hair and enchanting blue eyes, and anyone who has the good fortune to cross paths with her is sure to remember her for a very long time.

Some Interesting Facts About Jessica Lowe

  • Samoa is where Jessica's childhood house is located.
  • When she made her first appearance, she was just 15 years old.
  • At the age of 21, Jessica was well on her way to achieving her goals.
  • Jessica has uploaded a little video to her YouTube channel.
  • She is noticeably shorter than any other actress in the United States.
  • On Instagram, Jessica has a following of 22,500 people.
  • She has never submitted a boring picture or status update on her account.
  • Jessica has appeared in the film Blended, the animated series Bob's Burgers, and the popular comedy program Wrecked. She has also voiced a character in each of these projects.
  • During her time at the high school, she was also a member of the National League, the debate club, and the speech honor society.

Net Worth Of Jessica Lowe

Since the late 2010s, when Jessica Lowe first began her career as an actress, Jessica Lowe has been in more than 40 different television and film productions, which has significantly contributed to her wealth, which is now estimated to be in excess of $850,000. Lowe amassed her fortune through her successful participation in the film business as a professional actor.

People Also Ask

Who Precisely Is This Jessica Lowe?

Young American actor, writer, sketch comedian, and voice artist Jessica Lowe is a multitalented performer who hails from the United States.

Who Is Jessica Lowe’s Boyfriend?

She has formally proposed to Chris Alvarado.

What Is Jessica Lowe‘s Ethnicity?

The race that Jessica Lowe belongs to is white.

What Stands Out Most About Jessica Lowe's Performance As An Actress?

One of the most noticeable aspects of her performance is the ease with which she can combine comedic and dramatic elements.

In Addition To Her Career In Acting, What Other Kinds Of Jobs Has Jessica Lowe Held?

Additionally, Jessica Lowe has dabbled in the fields of production and writing.

In Which Tv Comedy Series Did She Play The Role Of Wendy Darling?

She portrayed the role of Wendy Darling in the television comedy series "Wish It Inc."

Which Television Sitcom Was She A Part Of Where She Played Florence?

She appeared in the television comedy series "Wrecked" as the character Florence.


Jessica Lowe is a talented individual who excels in a variety of areas and has had a big influence in the field of entertainment. Her mesmerizing performances and inventive contributions to a wide variety of television programs are clear evidence of her versatility as an actor, comedian, producer, and writer. Moreover, she is also an executive producer.
Jessica continually demonstrates her great range and comic timing, whether she is performing sharp humorous material or playing characters that are emotionally motivated. Her ability to fluidly switch between genres and imbue her performances with realism sets her apart from other actors and firmly establishes her as a rising star in the industry.
Jessica Lowe never fails to enthrall audiences with her unquestionable skill, unwavering commitment to her profession, and contagious charisma. As a result, she always leaves an indelible mark on the projects that she works on. This gifted and adaptable performer seems to have a bright career ahead of him.
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