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Beyond The Bling - Decoding The Symbolism Behind Miley Cyrus And Jennifer Lawrence Gold Dress Choices

More Than Metal - Unravel the hidden meanings behind Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Lawrence gold dress choices. From empowerment to rebellion, discover the stories woven into their sparkling gowns!

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jan 23, 2024170 Shares7064 Views
Miley Cyrus caused a stir online with her gold dress in the "Flowers" music video, prompting comparisons to Jennifer Lawrence gold dress from "The Hunger Games" LA premiere in 2012. The parallels between Cyrus's contemporary Saint Laurentdress and Lawrence's past red carpet look highlight a shared sense of timeless elegance, showcasing the enduring popularity of the gold color in the realm of celebrity fashion. Let's delve into this article to know the connection between Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and the relationship between them.

Getting To Know About Jennifer Lawrence

Before knowing the tea between Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence, here's some introduction to them.
Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, born on August 15, 1990, is an acclaimed American actress. Renowned for her roles in action film series and independent dramas, her movies have amassed a staggering global box office revenue exceeding $6 billion.
Garnering the title of the highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016, Lawrence earned a place in Time's list of the 100 most influential people globally in 2013, and she consistently featured on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list from 2013 to 2016.
Lawrence embarked on her career during adolescence, securing guest roles on television before landing a significant part as a main cast member on the sitcom The Bill Engvall Show (2007–2009).
Her entry into the film industry began with a supporting role in the drama Garden Party (2008), and she achieved breakthrough success with her portrayal of a poverty-stricken teenager in the independent film Winter's Bone (2010).
Rising to stardom, Lawrence became widely recognized for her roles as the mutant Mystique in the X-Men film series (2011–2019) and as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games film series (2012–2015), with the latter establishing her as the highest-grossing action heroine.

Personal Life

In terms of her personal life, while filming X-Men: First Class in 2010, Lawrence initiated a romantic relationship with her co-star Nicholas Hoult. The couple separated around the conclusion of filming X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014.
Subsequently, in September 2016, she began dating filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, whom she had met during the production of Mother! However, their relationship came to an end in November 2017.
In 2018, Lawrence entered into a relationship with Cooke Maroney, who serves as an art gallery director. Their engagement was announced in February 2019, leading to their marriage in October of the same year in Rhode Island.
As of May 2019, they have established residences in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City and in Beverly Hills, California. In February 2022, Lawrence welcomed their son, named Cy, in homage to American artist Cy Twombly.
Apart from her romantic endeavors, Lawrence faced a privacy breach in 2014 as one of the victims of the celebrity nude photo leak. During this incident, several of her private nude pictures were hacked and disseminated online.
Lawrence strongly condemned the breach, categorizing it as a "sex crime" and a "sexual violation." She expressed her disappointment in viewers who propagated the dissemination of these images, asserting that they should feel ashamed for perpetuating such a violation.
Lawrence clarified that the photos were originally intended for Hoult during their relationship and, unlike some other victims, she chose not to pursue legal action against Apple Inc., the platform through which the images were accessed.

Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus together.
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus together.

Liam Hemsworth

Born on January 13, 1990, Liam Hemsworth is an actor hailing from Australia. He gained recognition for his portrayals of Josh Taylor in the soap opera Neighbours and Marcus in the children's television series The Elephant Princess.
Making his mark in American cinema, Hemsworth took on notable roles such as Will Blakelee in The Last Song (2010), Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games film series (2012–2015), and Jake Morrison in Independence Day: Resurgence (2016).

Miley Cyrus

Miley Ray Cyrus, born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Recognized as the "Pop Chameleon," she is acclaimed for her musical versatility and ongoing artistic transformations.
Cyrus has earned the title of the "Teen Queen" of 2000s pop culture and is acknowledged as a rare example of a child star who successfully transitioned into a thriving adult career.
Her extensive list of achievements includes 19 Teen Choice Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, four World Music Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, a People's Choice Award, a GLAAD Media Award, and eight Guinness World Records.
Acknowledged as the ninth-greatest Billboard 200 female artist of all time, Cyrus has been featured in prestigious lists such as Time 100 in 2008 and 2014, Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2014 and 2021, and Billboard's "Greatest of All Time Artists" in 2019.

Relationship With Liam Hemsworth

While filming "The Last Song" in 2009, Miley Cyrus entered into an on-again, off-again relationship with her co-star Liam Hemsworth. Throughout the periods of separation, Cyrus was romantically linked to actors Lucas Till in 2009 and Josh Bowman in 2011.
The initial engagement between Cyrus and Hemsworth occurred from May 2012 to September 2013. Subsequently, she dated actor Patrick Schwarzenegger from 2014 to 2015 and had a relationship with model Stella Maxwell in 2015.
In March 2016, Cyrus and Hemsworth rekindled their romance and re-engaged in October of the same year. On December 23, 2018, Cyrus and Hemsworth tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony held at their Nashville residence.
Miley Cyrus revealed their separation on August 10, 2019. Shortly after, Liam Hemsworth initiated divorce proceedings eleven days later, citing "irreconcilable differences." The divorce was officially concluded on January 28, 2020.

Miley Cyrus's Song "Flowers"

In January 2023, Miley Cyrus unveiled her track "Flowers," swiftly transforming it into a worldwide sensation. This song has emerged as her most triumphantly received work to date, maintaining a prominent presence on both the Hot 100 chart and Billboard charts for an extended period.
The success of "Flowers" has sparked discussions about the possibility of Cyrus earning another Grammy nomination since its release.
However, "Flowers" has not been immune to controversy. Some enthusiasts assert that Bruno Mars deserves acknowledgment for the song, despite not collaborating directly with Cyrus on it.
Conversely, there is a prevailing belief that "Flowers" subtly conveys a diss aimed at Cyrus's former husband, Liam Hemsworth. Many point to the singer's choice of a gold dress in the music video as evidence supporting this claim.

Speculations Of Miley Cyrus' Song "Flowers" Being Directed Towards Liam Hemsworth

Collage of miley cyrus in "Flowers" MV and liam hemsworth and jennifer lawrence together at premiere
Collage of miley cyrus in "Flowers" MV and liam hemsworth and jennifer lawrence together at premiere
Certainly, some singers are recognized for 'dedicating' songs to their former romantic partners. Regarding "Flowers," fans can't shake the notion that the song revolves around Liam Hemsworth and the events that transpired during the period when the actor and Cyrus were in a relationship.
To begin with, the initial lyrics of the song touch upon constructing a residence and witnessing its destruction, a reference that appears to allude to the Malibu home of the former couple. This residence was engulfed in flames in 2018 as a result of a wildfire.
Regarding the chorus, there are assertions that it was crafted as a reply to Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man," a song that Hemsworth purportedly dedicated to Cyrus.
And if that evidence isn't persuasive enough for some, Cyrus is additionally depicted wearing a suit jacket towards the conclusion of the music video, mirroring what Hemsworth wore when the pair attended the premiere of Avengers: Endgame.
During a photo session, as the couple posed for pictures, Hemsworth appeared to scold Cyrus when she playfully pretended to lick him in front of the camera. Simultaneously, Cyrus opted to release the track on January 12, precisely one day before her former husband's birthday.

Miley Wore A Memorable Gold Dress That Seemed Quite Recognizable

In the music video for the song, Cyrus chose to wear a stunning gold hooded cut-out gown, and there's a specific reason why some might find the dress familiar. The designer of the gown is none other than Yves Saint Laurent, and Cyrus has a history of wearing pieces from this esteemed French fashion house for many years.
While Cyrus usually favors Yves Saint Laurent's more recent creations, especially those crafted by its creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, she made a vintage choice for her "Flowers" music video. As keen fashion observers might have noticed, the hooded gown worn by the singer originated from the fashion house's autumn/winter 1991/92 runway collection.
Following the music video shoot, it's uncertain whether Cyrus still owns the gown or if it has been returned to Yves Saint Laurent. What is definite, though, is that fans of the singer continue to express immense interest in the dress. This heightened curiosity may be attributed to the speculation that the gown carries concealed meanings.

Jennifer Lawrence Wore A Similar Dress - Significance Behind It

Jennifer lawrence wearing gold dress at premiere of hunger games.
Jennifer lawrence wearing gold dress at premiere of hunger games.
Before Miley Cyrus unveiled her "Flowers" music video, Jennifer Lawrence had already graced the public eye in a gold cutout gown. In March 2012, as she rose to stardom with the success of her film The Hunger Games, Lawrence made a memorable appearance at the premiere.
The Oscar winner chose to wear a gold lamé gown designed by American fashion designer Prabal Gurung, sparking widespread discussions and becoming the focal point of attention.
The fact that both women wore gold dresses might initially appear coincidental, but recently, there has been speculation that Cyrus intentionally chose to wear a gold dress in her video as a subtle jab at the actress. Fans are endorsing this theory, especially considering Hemsworth's well-known collaboration with Lawrence in the film franchise.
Moreover, it appears that there might have been some undisclosed incidents between the co-stars behind the scenes, despite the fact that Hemsworth was reportedly in a relationship with Cyrus during that period.
The actress appeared to acknowledge this during a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Cohen raised the rumors of Lawrence and Hemsworth being seen engaging in public displays of affection at the Waverly Inn.
When questioned about whether there were moments when the co-stars shared a kiss away from the cameras, Lawrence responded, "Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?" The actress later affirmed, saying, "Yeah, I have."
However, in a more recent appearance on Cohen's show, Lawrence clarified that the kiss between her and Hemsworth occurred when he and Cyrus were no longer together. In contrast, Hemsworth has never publicly addressed the public display of affection with the Oscar winner.
Nevertheless, since the release of the "Flowers" video, fans of Cyrus seem to think that the singer had the final say. On social media, one user expressed admiration, referring to Cyrus as the "Queen of silent but deadly revenge."
On social media, Cyrus previously asserted, "I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating." The singer also expressed enduring love for Hemsworth.

Another Woman In Gold Dresses Linked To Liam Hemsworth

It's noteworthy that both Cyrus and Lawrence are not the sole women associated with Hemsworth who have chosen to wear a gold dress. Gabriella Brooks, the actor's current girlfriend, donned a gold dress at the premiere of Hemsworth's film, Poker Face, in 2022. This particular premiere marked the official red carpet-debut of the couple in their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions - Jennifer Lawrence Gold Dress

What Suit Did Miley Cyrus Wear In Flowers?

In the "Flowers" music video, Miley Cyrus wore a Saint Laurent Le Smoking suit. She embraced the androgynous aesthetic by dancing around the house in a tuxedo ensemble featuring satin lapels, showcasing a style from the Maison's Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

Did Jennifer Lawrence Want To Sing?

Director of the film Mockingjay, Francis Lawrence told The Radio Times magazine in an interview how the Oscar-winner did not want to sing. "She was horrified to sing, she cried a little bit in the morning before (the scene).

Who Is Jennifer Lawrence Stylist?

Stylist Jamie Mizrahi. With the assistance of her stylist Jamie Mizrahi, Jennifer Lawrence effortlessly embodied a style that complemented her personality.


Speculation arises from the parallel Jennifer Lawrence's gold dress and Miley Cyrus's gold dress, suggesting intentional symbolism in Cyrus's "Flowers" video. Alleged undisclosed incidents between co-stars add complexity, with Lawrence's candid comments contributing to the narrative. While Cyrus's fans perceive her choices as a form of impactful self-expression, the ongoing digital discourse paints her as the "Queen of silent but deadly revenge." Social media statements by Cyrus rejecting infidelity as the cause of her marriage's end and expressing enduring love for Hemsworth add emotional depth to this unfolding celebrity saga.
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