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The Dysfunctional Past Of Shia LaBeouf Due To His Criminal Father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf


Shia LaBeouf has had a long and illustrious career - being previously known as a child star who went on to become an incredible actor, but his personal behavior and troubling mental and emotional issues always seemed to get in the way of his career.

He has built a name for himself in Hollywood and has remarkable works that showcased his incredible acting abilities. However, Shia LaBeouf's entire career is on the verge of collapse due to the allegations of abuse made by his ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs.

This prompted the fans to link Shia's abusive behavior to the violent and equally abusive relationship with his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf.

Who Is Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf?

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf close up picture wearing a worn-out cap and eyeglass
Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf close up picture wearing a worn-out cap and eyeglass

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/jeffrey-craig-labeouf/ by Adaline Fritz on 2021-12-13T05:33:52.966Z

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf is the father of Shia LaBeouf, a controversial and well-known actor. Jeffrey served in the Vietnam War and is a registered sex offender. In 1980, he was found guilty of attempted rape of a minor and sentenced to three years in prison.

He was also found guilty of sexual assault on the set of Even Stevens by an anonymous actress. Shia corroborated his father's sexual assault on a gay Disney executive.

Due to the fact that he is a wanted fugitive, Jeffrey Craig leads a mostly secluded life. Since 2013, Amomama has been on the run from US officials, according to him.

Jeffrey is said to have refused to register as a convicted sex offender at the time, putting him in direct violation of his court orders. Authorities issued an arrest order for him after he refused to register, and he remains in an undisclosed place to this day.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Vietnam

Shia LaBeouf portraying his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, on the drama series, Honey Boy
Shia LaBeouf portraying his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, on the drama series, Honey Boy

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf was an American War veteran who served in three tours of the Vietnam War.

Shia claimed in one of his interviews that his father was never the same after coming home from the war. Jeffrey was haunted by the horrendous events he saw, and the pain and trauma he caused his family was purportedly related to it.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Is A Sex Offender

The Unsettling Truth About Shia LaBeouf's Childhood | Rumour Juice

Shia has been candid about Jeffrey's problems, but his father's record includes more than lousy parenting and drug and alcohol addiction.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf was charged with kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon in 1981.

Jeffrey was sentenced to prison that same year for the attempted rape, for which he pleaded no contest. In an interview with Gen in 2019, Jeffrey admitted, "I went to the joint for attempted rape. This was in 1980. Whatever I was doing, I have no clue. I was blackout drunk. I’d done cocaine and also alcohol. I’m 6 foot 3; this person was 5 foot 2 and 29 years old. It hurt my heart to see her in the courtroom. I was appalled. I have no clue why I was in that car, whether I was carjacking the car or what. I have no rape in my history so I don’t know, but I was appalled. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I just said, “Your honor, I plead no contest.” The judge said, “Okay, three years, attempted rape."

He was also included on the Megan's Law website, which provides information on sex offenders throughout the United States. His sexual assaults, however, allegedly did not stop there.

He was once accused of sexual harassment on the set of his son's program, Even Stevens, according to a Daily Mail report. He allegedly punched a gay Disney executive after witnessing him hug Shia, according to the publication.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Is An Abusive Father

Honey Boy Trailer Shia Labeouf Life Story | Prime Video

Jeffrey was an abusive father who failed to nurture his kid in a healthy atmosphere, according to all testimonies offered to the press by both Shia LaBeouf and Jeffrey himself.

In an article written by Gen, "his approach to fatherhood consisted of raising his son in a squalid motel; subjecting him to emotional and psychological (and borderline physical) abuse; tormenting him with erratic tirades on the finer points of juggling and other comedic techniques, and once threatening physical harm to a Disney Channel production liaison."

Shia was also forced to work at such a young age, and he lost a lot of his childhood as a result. Shia quickly became the man of the house and began paying for his father's lifestyle with the money he earned from his acting career. Shia was earning $800 per week at the time and handed over enough money to pay his parents' rent. He was so supportive of them that Jeffrey recalls having a cigarette addiction at the time and claiming that Shia even paid for his habit. Shia went on to buy a house for his mother, a house for his father, and a motorcycle for his father, among other things.

Shia LaBeouf depicted their father-son relationship and how they were as he grew up in the TV series Honey Boy.

Is Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Alive?

Shia LaBeouf portraying his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, on the drama series, Honey Boy
Shia LaBeouf portraying his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, on the drama series, Honey Boy

Yes, but his whereabouts are still unknown due to the fact that he is on the run. However, there are rumors that Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf is in Costa Rica.


Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf's horrible experience in Vietnam War caused him so much trauma and mental instability which rippled to his son, Shia LaBeouf. However, the pain from their dysfunctional past should not be a reason to cause violence to - and abuse individuals.

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