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Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx Accused Of Sexual Assault In New York Lawsuit

In a lawsuit launched in New York City on November 22, 2011, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx accused of sexual assault. The lawsuit says he groped a woman at a Manhattan rooftop bar and restaurant in August 2015.

Kenzo Norman
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In a lawsuit launched in New York City on November 22, 2011, Oscar-winning actorJamie Foxx accused of sexual assault. The lawsuit says he groped a woman at a Manhattan rooftop bar and restaurant in August 2015.
The claim says that Mr. Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, touched the woman who asked to be photographed with him. The person who accused Mr. Foxx of "sexual assault, abuse, assault and battery"is suing him for money damages.

Jamie Foxx Accused Of Sexual Assault

Jamie Foxx wearing a black suit
Jamie Foxx wearing a black suit
Jamie Foxx is being sued in a new civil case that was filed tonight in New York. The star is being accused of sexual assault. The complaint, which was made by an unnamed lady, says that Foxx hit her at a city rooftop bar in 2015.
Jane Doe is the plaintiff in the case. She says that Foxx “intentionally and without consent used force to offensively touch Plaintiff’s person,”which included touching her breasts and genitalia. What the lawsuit says is that Foxx seemed "intoxicated" at the time of the event.
The woman says in her complaint that she has suffered and is still suffering "physical and emotional injuries, anxiety, distress, embarrassment and economic harm,"and she wants an unspecified amount of money.
Catch Hospitality Group, restaurant owner Mark Birnbaum, and managing partner Arie Kovant are also named in the claim, along with Foxx. Based on the report, Doe and a friend were sitting "one table away" from the "Ray" actor and Birnbaum, who were having drinks. Doe remembered that throughout the night, large groups of people would gather around her table and be moved away. However, she and her friend were never asked to move tables.
At some point near approximately 1:00am on August 27, 2015 after many patrons had left the area, Plaintiff’s friend stood up from the table, walked over to Defendant Foxx and asked if he would take a picture with her and Plaintiff. FOXX stated ‘sure baby anything for you’ and walked to Plaintiff’s table. Several photographs were taken.- Jamie Foxx sexual assault
He also told her she smelled "so good" and had a "supermodel body."
The lawsuit says that he took her to a private area of the restaurant where he touched her breasts and put his hands in her underwear without her permission. The act stopped when her friend came to look for her.
Mark Birnbaum, the owner of the restaurant and bar where the alleged assault happened, is also being sued for damages. The accuser says he was sitting with Mr. Foxx right before the alleged attack. The lawsuit says that Mr. Birnbaum and the restaurant staff broke their duty of care to the plaintiff by not keeping her safe.
According to the lawsuit, the woman "suffered and continues to suffer severe emotional distress and anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, post-traumatic stress disorder and other physical and emotional damages."This was because of the "heinous acts."
In the last two weeks, a lot of high-profile sexual assault lawsuits have been filed in New York. These include the case against Sean Combs, which has already been settled, as well as the ones against Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose and Beats Electronics' Jimmy Iovine earlier tonight. This is likely because the state's Adult Survivors Act is about to expire.
When the act was passed in May 2022, it gave people who say they were sexually assaulted one year to file civil cases for charges where the statute of limitations had already run out. That year ends on November 24, 2018.

Final Words

"Jane Doe" says that Jamie Foxx sexually attacked her at Catch NYC restaurant in 2015. The claim was made in a New York court on Wednesday. The lawsuit for sexual assault and battery was filed the day before the New York Adult Survivors Act expired. This law let survivors of sexual assault sue accused abusers even after the time limit for filing a lawsuit had passed. Plaintiff, Doe, said the Academy Award winner was "intoxicated" when he grabbed her by the arm and beat her up in the back of the rooftop lounge.
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