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James Remar - A Versatile Actor With A Diverse Portfolio

James Remar, a well-known American actor and voice actor, has played a number of well-known roles on television and in movies. After playing the well-known role of "Harry Morgan" in the criminal drama "Dexter" for over seven years, he gained notoriety.

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James Remar, a well-known American actor and voice actor, has played a number of well-known roles on television and in movies. After playing the well-known role of "Harry Morgan" in the criminal drama "Dexter" for over seven years, he gained notoriety. In series like "The Huntress," "Total Security," and "Black Lightning," Remar had recurring parts. In the television shows "Sex and the City," "Jericho," "Grey's Anatomy," and "State of Affairs," he also had significant parts.
Remar has established himself as a voice actor in addition to his on-screen career, contributing his unique voice to several animated films. He received honors for his voice acting abilities, including the BTVA People's Choice Voice Acting Award for his performance in "The Legend of Korra."

Quick Facts About James Remar

Celebrated NameJames Remar
ProfessionVoice Actor
Birth DateDecember 31, 1953
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts USA
Full NameJames Remar
Star SignCapricorn
MotherElizabeth Mary
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$6 million
Height5 feet 11.5 inches (1.82 m)
Weight69 kg (152 lbs)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorRed

The Early Life Of James Remar

His paternal ancestors were Russian Jewish immigrants with the original surname Remarman, and he was born William James Remar on December 31, 1953, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States.
His parents are attorney S. Roy Remar and mental health state official Elizabeth Mary. James attended John Ward Elementary School, Newton North High School, and the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre for his acting training.

James Remar's Career In The 90s

After seeing Stanley Kubrick's Oscar-winning picture "Spartacus" (1960), starring Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, and Jean Simmons, Remar wanted to pursue acting at seven. He landed his first job in the 1978 drama "On the Yard." James' second movie helped him earn additional parts, mostly as a villain, when he portrayed the violent and sexually aggressive character Ajax in Walter Hill's cult classic "The Warriors" (1979).
In addition to playing violent characters, Remar also starred with Al Pacino as a gay in William Friedkin's "Cruising" (1980) and as a teenage Cheyenne Windwalker in "Windwalker" (1980). James co-starred with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in Walter Hill's 1982 Golden Globes Award-nominated film "48 Hrs."
He also played the sociopathic murderer Albert Ganz in Francis Ford Coppola's Oscar-nominated "The Cotton Club" (1984), alongside Richard Gere, Gregory Hines, and Diane Lane. The action movie "Quiet Cool" (1986), "The Dream Team" (1989) starring Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, and Peter Boyle, and "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989) with Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch marked the end of the 1980s for Remar.
James was originally slated to play Corporal Hicks in the Academy Award-winning science fiction/horror movie "Aliens" (1986), but due to Remar's drug abuse, Michael Biehn was brought in to fill the role. Although James Cameron initially claimed that Remar was fired due to creative differences, the truth is that James was dealing with addiction at the time.
James Remar and Dominic Janes (young Dexter)
James Remar and Dominic Janes (young Dexter)

James Remar's Recent Works Career

James co-starred alongside Ethan Hawke in "White Fang" (1991), and he portrayed Preston in the "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie" episode "Lover's Vow" from 1990. He had appearances in a variety of movies, the most prominent of which were "Renaissance Man" (1994), in which he co-starred alongside Danny DeVito, and "Blink" (1993), starring Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn.
James had appearances in many films around the middle of the 1990s, including "Miracle on 34th Street" (1994), "Boys on the Side" (1995), Jean-Claude Van Damme's "The Quest" (1996), and Lord Rayden in "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" (1997). In 1997, Remar co-starred with Jim Belushi in the criminal drama "Total Security," starring in 13 episodes. This was his first substantial participation in television. Later on in his career, he would regularly work on television.
Remar's most well-known work, apart from "Sex and the City," is as Harry Morgan in the Golden Globe-winning series "Dexter," in which he featured in 96 episodes from 2006 to 2013. James was able to make a lot of money because of the series' success and subsequent popularity, but he also had parts in big-budget films including "RED" (2010), which starred Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and Helen Mirren, and "X-Men: First Class" (2012).
Alongside Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, and Leonardo DiCaprio, Remar starred in Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-winning 2012 picture "Django Unchained," and she also had appearances in six episodes of the Golden Globe-winning television series "Grey's Anatomy" (2013–2014).
James is presently working on "Black Lightning" (2018-), in which he portrays Peter Gambi, while Remar worked on "State of Affairs" from 2014 to 2015 and most recently in the program "The Path" (2017-2018). On Quentin Tarantino's next film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (2019), Remar is now working.

James Remar And The Shannara Chronicles Series

In the television show "The Shannara Chronicles," James Remar played the interesting role of Cephelo, a seasoned and mysterious wanderer. Cephelo's involvement in the series gave the plot depth and complexity, displaying Remar's skill at presenting complicated people with moral gray areas.
The leader of the Rovers, a wandering gang of thieves and scavengers in the Four Lands, is Cephelo. Cephelo develops into an intriguing and surprising presence throughout the series with his gruff looks and sly personality. He is renowned for having strong instincts for survival, ingenuity, and the capacity to negotiate the perilous terrain of the post-apocalyptic world.
The character arc of Cephelo in "The Shannara Chronicles" is complex. He may seem at first to be a self-serving opportunist, but his motivations are primarily those of personal gain, riches, and power. However, as the show goes on, more and more levels of intricacy become apparent, suggesting that the character may be more complicated than first seems.
Cephelo, portrayed by Ivana Baquero, has a feeling of attachment and a protective impulse for his daughter Eretria despite his dubious behavior. Their difficult and sometimes tense relationship gives Cephelo's character emotional depth as he struggles to strike a balance between his personal goals and the welfare of his daughter.
Cephelo's goals and allegiances are relatively ambiguous throughout the whole series, which keeps viewers on edge. In a dangerous and politically complicated environment, self-preservation and survival are often what guide his decisions. While juggling the precarious line between allegiance and self-interest, he gets engaged in the greater war between the many groups and races.
Remar's depiction of Cephelo is evidence of his acting range. He gives Cephelo a fascinating appeal and a certain amount of unpredictableness, making him both alluring and ethically ambiguous. Every moment has Remar's charismatic presence on film, which effectively conveys Cephelo's nuanced character.
Cephelo's depiction by James Remar in "The Shannara Chronicles" gives the show an exciting new dimension. Cephelo, the Rovers' leader, is known for his shrewd temperament, survival instincts, and his difficult connection with his daughter. In the universe of the Four Lands, Cephelo becomes a distinctive and intriguing figure because to Remar's subtle portrayal, which gives him depth and complexity.
James Remar Sitting On Chair
James Remar Sitting On Chair

Personal Life Of James Remar

The couple, who have a son called Jason Remar and a daughter named Lisa Remar, have been married since 1984. Despite the appearance that they are still together, James Remar has been seen out and about with Yuka Kojima. James likes scuba diving, golf, and photography in his own time, but he avoids using social media and strives to keep his personal life private.

Physical Appearance Of James Remar

James Remar is a White actor who has a unique and eye-catching physical profile. He has a strong presence that contributes to his on-screen appeal despite being towering 5 feet 11.5 inches (1.82 meters) tall.
Remar weighs around 69 kilos (152 pounds), which belies his slender and muscular body. His well-maintained body helps him play a variety of personas, from tough and powerful people to more refined and intelligent ones.
Remar's stunning emerald eyes are one of his most distinctive physical characteristics. His eyes radiate depth and intensity, which enables him to express a wide range of emotions with just a look. His unusual red hair, which completes his piercing stare, gives him a distinctive overall look and makes him stand out among his contemporaries in the entertainment business.
James Remar has a distinctive physical appearance that accentuates his on-screen performances and makes him a memorable character in both cinema and television due to his height, slim body, piercing green eyes, and red hair.

James Remar Unearths a Classic Bit of Movie History from "The Warriors" on The Rich Eisen Show

James Remar's Net Worth

James Remar's net worth has grown dramatically over time as a result of his work in both cinema and television, where he has more than 150 on-screen credits to his name. Remar's net worth is said to be as high as $6 million, enough to live comfortably. Even if he retired right now, he would still be a billionaire.

Some Interesting Facts About James Remar

  • American voice actor, television, and film performer James Remar.
  • The most notable performances of James Remar are Jack Duff in "Miracle on 34th Street" (1994), "The Warriors" (1979), "48 Hrs." (1982), "The Cotton Club" (1984), and "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" (1997).
  • James Remar appeared in both "Dexter" (2006–2013) and "Sex and the City" (2001–2004).
  • James Remar reportedly has a $6 million net worth.
  • The lucky number for James Remar is 7.
  • Blue is James Remar's lucky hue.
  • James Remar loves canines.
  • Atsuko Itsuki and James Remar have been wed since 1984.
  • Jason Remar is their son, and Lisa Remar is their daughter.

People Also Ask

What Is James Remar Known For?

James Remar is known for his roles in films such as "The Warriors," "48 Hrs.," "The Cotton Club," and "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation." He is also recognized for his roles in TV shows like "Sex and the City" and "Dexter."

What Character Did James Remar Play In "Dexter"?

James Remar portrayed the character of Harry Morgan, Dexter's adoptive father, in the TV series "Dexter."

In Which Quentin Tarantino Film Did James Remar Appear?

James Remar appeared in Quentin Tarantino's film "Django Unchained" and played the role of Ace Speck/Butch Pooch.

What Award Did James Remar Win In 2014?

In 2014, James Remar won the BTVA People's Choice Voice Acting Award with the cast of "The Legend of Korra."

Where Was James Remar Born?

James Remar was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

What Was James Remar's Birth Name?

James Remar's birth name is William James Remar.

What Is James Remar's Educational Background?

James Remar attended John Ward Elementary School and Newton North High School. He trained in acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.


James Remar has had a huge influence on both television and movies. He is a very good and versatile actor. Remar has shown his exceptional acting abilities and versatility throughout the course of a career spanning many decades.
Remar's performance as Harry Morgan in the crime drama "Dexter" cemented his reputation as a remarkable performer on television. Remar's filmography is as outstanding, with memorable performances in classic films like "The Warriors" and "48 Hrs."
James Remar has cemented his position as a renowned and admired figure in the entertainment world thanks to his commitment to his art, flexibility as an actor, and capacity to provide depth and realism to his roles. With a large body of work and a variety of standout performances, Remar continues to make an impression on viewers and is still in great demand in Hollywood.
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