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Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinian Boys In Jenin Refugee Camp

Israeli forces kill two Palestinian boys in Jenin refugee camp in a tragic incident, as Israeli forces conducted a raid in the north of the occupied West Bank.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Nov 30, 202374 Shares36877 Views
Israeli forces kill two Palestinian boys in Jenin refugee campin a tragic incident, as Israeli forces conducted a raid in the north of the occupied West Bank.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the deaths of Adam Samer al-Ghoul and Basil Suleiman Abu al-Wafa.

Israeli Forces Conduct Destructive Raid

As talks to extend the truce between Israel and Hamas were ongoing, the Israeli army launched a raid on the Jenin refugee camp. The incursion resulted in widespread destruction, claiming the lives of four Palestinians, including the two young boys.
Adam al-Ghoul was fatally shot in the head, while Basil Abu al-Wafa succumbed to injuries sustained from a chest wound.
The Israeli army reportedly forced residents of the ad-Damj neighborhood to evacuate their homes at gunpoint, destroying streets in the process, according to Palestinian news agency Wafa. Additionally, a house was bombed using a drone.
Adam Al-Ghoul, 8 (R), and Basil Abu Al-Wafa, 15 (L), who were killed by Israeli forces in Jenin.
Adam Al-Ghoul, 8 (R), and Basil Abu Al-Wafa, 15 (L), who were killed by Israeli forces in Jenin.

Clashes And Key Figures

A joint statement from the Border Police, Israeli army, and Shin Bet security agency claimed that the army targeted two individuals allegedly involved in armed resistance, including a key leader named Muhammad Zubeidi and Hussam Hanoun.
The statement acknowledged the deaths of two more individuals during clashes in the area.
According to Charles Stratford of Al Jazeera, the raid in Jenin represents a significant escalation and is the largest since October 7.
Residents reported that Israeli soldiers surrounded homes, resulting in the destruction of at least one house and the death of Palestinian fighters hiding inside.

International Response And Arrests

CCTV footage circulating online captured the heartbreaking moments of the two boys being shot. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that Israeli forces blocked its medics from reaching the camp.
The Israeli army, in a joint statement, confirmed the arrest of 17 Palestinians during the raid.
Israeli army raids have become a daily occurrence across the West Bank since the beginning of the conflict.
Within the past 24 hours, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society, Israeli forces arrested 35 Palestinians, including a 12-year-old. The total number of arrests since October 7 now exceeds 3,325.
The toll on Palestinian lives continues to rise, with at least 242 Palestinians, including over 50 children, killed in the occupied West Bank since October 7. More than 2,750 have been injured.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health expressed concern after learning that Israeli forces had killed two additional kids in the Jenin refugee camp, including a nine-year-old boy.

Global Call For Action

As the conflict persists, the international community faces mounting pressure to intervene. France suggested the possibility of sanctions on Israeli settlers targeting Palestinians in the West Bank.
The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, declared the situation in Gaza a "monumental humanitarian catastrophe" and urged a "real ceasefire."
News from Hamas about an Israeli bombing in Gaza that killed a hostage family, including a 10-month-old baby, overshadowed negotiations to extend the ceasefire.
The Israeli military is assessing the accuracy of the information, emphasizing Hamas's responsibility for the safety of all hostages.

International Efforts For Humanitarian Aid

Efforts for humanitarian aid intensify, with Jordan set to host an international conference on November 30. Major UN organizations and relief organizations are present at the conference, which aims to organize aid for war-torn Gaza.
UN aid chief Martin Griffiths, along with representatives from Western and Arab countries, is expected to participate in the conference.
The world watches as the region grapples with an ongoing crisis, with the hope for a lasting solution seeming elusive.

Final Words

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is escalating, with tragic events in Jenin causing loss of innocent lives, especially children. The international community is under pressure to intervene and address the humanitarian crisis.
Negotiations for a truce continue, emphasizing the need for a sustainable solution. The upcoming international conference in Jordan signals a collaborative effort to coordinate humanitarian aid, but the path to a lasting resolution remains uncertain due to complex geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East.
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