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The incessantly growing mobile gaming market and some trends

The incessantly growing mobile gaming market and some trends

The global mobile gaming market, endowing players with the practicality of continuing gaming without containments, has kept its gradual ascend and is expected to grow even more between 2021 to 2026 with a CAGR of 12.6%. Many contributory factors are discernable behind this surge.

Darren Mcpherson
Sep 27, 2021

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The global mobile gaming market, endowing players with the practicality of continuing gaming without containments, has kept its gradual ascend and is expected to grow even more between 2021 to 2026 with a CAGR of 12.6%. Many contributory factors are discernable behind this surge.

However, according to the experts, the continuous advancement of technology and its adaptation to modern smartphones are the functional factors. Alongside, this upsurge is supplemented by the uprising number of mobile phone using populaces is also undeniable. The following points can be discerned as responsible factors after breaking down the setting fueling the global mobile gaming market to attain more signposts in upcoming years. 

Continuous inclusion of innovative technologies in smartphones

The enlargement was initiated with the introduction of smartphones, and its acceleration is preserved by the continuous improvement of mobile phone technology. With mobile gaming’s prospects, popular social media platform has drenched their hands in creating compelling mobile games for their users. Such platforms have joined the venture of developing games only to improve their advertisement strategies, getting more apparent insights. 

Covid-19 spread and lockdowns followed by it

The spread of the Covid-19 disease and the countrywide lockdowns followed by it should be highly emphasized as a reason for the mobile gaming market boom. Because of being unable to get out of houses and spend time in other activities, a significant section of populaces has chosen to invest time in online platforms through their mobile phones, a large portion of which goes to indulging in mobile gaming.

Rise of AR/VR, Blockchain, and Location-Based mobile games

Rise of AR/VR, Blockchain, and Location-Based Mobile Games

The mobile gaming market is also drenching its power to thrive from consumers’ keenness towards the cloud, location, AR/VR, and blockchain-based gaming software and smartphone availability. However, the notable shift is VR-based games have gained tremendous admiration from the global player base compared to AR-based games. 

Shrinking price of mobile internet 

The decrease in the price of mobile internet is yet another active factor behind this augmentation. Therefore, the Asia-Pacific can refer as one of the most mentionable regions in this regard. For a reason, the companies in this region that are in endeavors of producing mobile-friendly games comprising innovative formats can be mentioned. 

The mobile game genres that have become majorly popular 

According to studies of SuperData research, mobile gaming has been dominated by puzzle games. Although, RPG/MMORPG (massive multiplier online role-playing games) and MOBA (multiplier online battle arena) were the names among the highest-grossing titles. 

2020 was the year to observe its first half getting subjugated by the hyper-casual games. Simultaneously, games conducting multiplier gameplays in real-time appeared as the highest-grossing games for mobile phones. And being more specific, MMORPG, co-op play, and PvP battle proved how players admire mobile gaming as much as they do playing games on computers. 

When the scenario needs to be considered from the viewpoint of downloads, puzzle, hyper-casual, and action comes before others, again. The entire Asian market was engulfed with this trend, and the observed differences in the mobile gaming market of Taiwan, China, Japan, and South Korea were natural.  

Current trends the mobile gaming market is going through 

People have started watching games

With the availability of Twitch, a video streaming service provider active from 2011, gaming has also entered the list of specter sports. Furthermore, players have also shown their keenness in observing software-based games during football or tennis matches. It enlists the necessities of the audiences in the minds of game developers and the interest of gamers.

Technology is curving new edges in mobile gaming

With more people working remotely from their homes, the need for higher internet speed has necessitated 5G internet for mobile phones. Unfortunately, although it might have been introduced for utilization of gamers by now, the sudden spread of Covid-19 made it halt in a few states of the US. 

But when gamers can experience mobile gaming with 5G internet, many advantages will be incorporated for them. First off, the latency rate will significantly lessen. Latency rate means the time an amount of data requires for getting transmitted from one point to another. 

Technology is Curving New Edges in Mobile Gaming

Secondly, the gaming services aided by cloud service will benefit the most with greater efficiency in streaming services. These are the games that offer live gaming facilities like live dealer online casinos. Simultaneously, higher internet speed will also bring more perfection in multiplier gaming experiences. According to, over 70% of their users that play at online casinos have switched from desktop to the mobile casino version, and this number will continue to grow. In addition, according to the reports published by Newzoo, 43% of the smartphones active currently will be able to adapt to 5G internet by 2023. 

Mobile gaming will get more socialized

Noticing the shift of mobile games towards bringing gameplays on social platforms, predictably, this tendency will continue to breathe in the future, as well, accelerating over time. The concurrent evolution of mobile phones and gaming technology has made it possible for players to interact and join with other players (even residing in foreign countries). 

Nowadays, more than half of mobile gamers team up with multiple other players and descend in gaming bases where they need to complete several tasks as teams. In a survey by Facebook, 4 out of 10 mobile gamers have admitted that they love to interact with other players accompanying them during gameplays. 

Higher screen-time for in-game advertisements

Last year, the business brands were observed to be engulfed in altering their marketing strategies, as the majority of the consumers preferred not to leave their dwelling’s safety. Hence, their new marketing strategies choose to enter the ground, in which billions of players were spending time – mobile games. Thus, mobile gamblers have been experiencing the occurrence of payable ads more frequently.  

Concurrently, mobile games comprise two different formats of advertisements that come within the gameplays. The first is the Interstitials, which cover up the entire gaming interface and appear after completing tasks or levels. The second one is the rewarded videos see more at So naturally, the players more admire such advertisements because they offer rewards or activates features after full-screen videos.

An online publication of Unity Ads has highlighted that 6 out of 10 gamers have no problems engaging with video advertisements during playing games for in-game rewards.

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