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Top 5 Imessage Games You Should Play In 2021

Top 5 Imessage Games You Should Play In 2021

In addition to sending ApplePay transactions and Memojis, the keyboard in the Messages app on your iPhone now allows you to play games with your contacts.

Camilo Wood
Last updated: Nov 17, 2021 | Nov 16, 2021

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In addition to sending ApplePay transactions and Memojis, the keyboard in the Messages app on your iPhone now allows you to play games with your contacts. You may download a variety of iMessage games to play with your pals as long as your iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or above (which it almost certainly will be unless you've been putting off upgrades since 2017).

These games are straightforward and intended to be played in sequential order. You go first, then wait for your contact to go first, and so on. It's all done via iMessage text messages.

How To Play IMessage Games On Your IPhone

  • Open your phone's Messages app and tap or search for the person you wish to play with.
  • Find the App Store icon by scrolling through the choices immediately above your keyboard. It should be tapped.
  • This will take you to a unique version of the App Store that only displays iMessage extensions. Most of them are stickers, but there is a section labeled "iMessage Games We Love" if you go down. Next to that title, tap the "See All" button.
  • You'll see a list of all the games that are accessible through iMessage. Each one has its own page where you can find photos, videos, and other game-related information. Look through them to see if there's one you like.
  • When you've found the one you want to download, press the "Get" button next to its icon and follow the prompts to download it just like any other app.
  • To leave the App Store and return to the iMessage page, tap the "X" symbol in the top-right corner.
  • Scroll through the icons on the right side of your keyboard until you find the game app you just downloaded. It should be tapped.
  • This will bring up a menu where you may change the settings for the game you're playing with your contact. After you've chosen a game type, it will be loaded onto your keyboard automatically as though you were emailing a photograph.
  • Just like a normal message, your game will state "Delivered." To begin your round, tap anywhere on the message.
  • You'll get a fresh message from your opponent with the game preview after they finish their round. To begin your next turn, tap it to reopen the game.
  • Continue playing till the game is finished. Some sports, such as basketball, have just a few rounds, while others, such as chess, have many more. When a game is over, you can either press "Play Again" from inside the game or issue a new invitation in the same manner as previously.

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Imessage Games For Android

Here's to learning how to use Android to play iMessage games. Yes, I am aware that iMessage is an iOS-only texting service. Even so, there are methods for playing iMessage games on Android. Apple's instant messaging software, iMessage, enables you to send text, audio, and video messages to your other Apple devices.

The software has undergone major modifications since its inception, the most recent of which is the ability to play games on the messaging app. Don't worry if you don't have an Apple device; you can still play these games on your Android smartphone.

As previously stated, iMessages are not formally part of the Android operating system. You may still download the app on your Android smartphone unofficially. Developers have devised a method for integrating the Apple iMessage app with the Android platform.

They accomplish this with the help of a program called WeMessage. This is a tutorial on how to use WeMessage to play imessage games on Android. Messages need an Apple Mac to function. Apple's iMessages app is a closed software, meaning it can only be used on iOS devices.

The weMessages software enables you to utilize iMessages on Android by utilizing a Mac as a server. As a result, all of the games that are connected with it. All of this, however, assumes that you already own a Mac computer. If you have it, great; if you don't, you'll have to make do with the games available on Google's PlayStore.

All of the functionality of messages is accessible on Android with the weMessage app. Sending attachments, group conversations, do not disturb, alerts, content filtering, and, most significantly, the ability to play games are among them. Here's how to get the app on your phone or tablet.

Imessage Games For Android

Installing The Wemessages App Onto Your Android Device:

To begin, you must first download the Java SE Development Kit for your Mac. This grants you terminal access to your server and allows you to make minor changes to the system settings.

The next step is to download weServer once that is complete. After that, unzip the zip file, which will prompt you to run.command. To start weServer, double-click on the icon.

You'll be prompted for your iMessage email address in the following step. However, it is recommended that you establish a new password for it. Finally, you'll be able to install the iMessages app on your Android smartphone, which is what we're all here for. After that, you'll be able to use the app to sync all of your contacts. Following that, you may use the iMessages app to play games on your Android smartphone.

An Alternative To Wemessages To Uisngimessages On Android:

Piemessage is an Android app that works similarly to iMessages. The app functions similarly to weServer. On your Android smartphone, you'll be able to receive all iMessages-related material. To install the app on your Android device, follow these instructions.

The first step is to search for the Piemessage Android app on Github. You may get the APK file from there. After that, navigate to your iPhone's menu and open the messaging app from there. You'll need to go to messages, preferences, and then accounts to add your iCloud account. You'll be able to link your iCloud account from there.

You'll need to clone the PieMessages app files from the Github website to get them onto your OSX device. After that, go to PieOSXClient/src/ and change the value of socketAddress. After that, you'll need to change it to the IP address of your OSX device.

Following that, you'll need to transfer the messages.applescript folder to your home folder. To accomplish this, open JavaWebServer in IntelliJ and execute the Server class from there. Open the PieOSXClient/RunPieOSXClient class after this is done.

The last and last step is to open PieMessage – Android in Android Studio as a project. After that, you can build an apk for whatever Android device you choose, install it, and run it.

Top Imessage Games

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Moji Bowling

Moji Bowling is another simple two-player iMessage game that eliminates the need for actual gutterballs. Both the ball and the pins come alive as you play this entertaining arcade-style game.

Even if you don't knock the pins down, they will taunt you. You may use the normal app to train even if you aren't playing against an opponent. While playing, you may unlock a variety of different balls, pins, and blowing alleys.

Moji Bowling

Mr. Putt

Mr. Putt is a fun game for two players or a group to play. There are four distinct and unique courses to play: Frost, Blaze, Retro, and Nebula. You'll have to bounce the ball against walls and other obstacles on each course. While doing so, try to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible.

Mr. Putt

Letter Fridge

Letter Fridge is a fun and simple word game that can be played by anybody of any age. On an old-school refrigerator, you'll start with a variety of magnets. You'll get a minute to create as many words as possible with those letters.

Your buddies will then compete to see who can beat your score. Outside of iMessage, the game is much more entertaining. You'll attempt to pass each level of the iPhone and iPad game by completing a crossword puzzle pattern using the given letters.

Letter Fridge game

Yahtzee With Buddies Dice

With Buddies Dice, get ready to play Yahtzee. In iMessage, you can play one of the finest traditional board games available on the App Store. To get the greatest score in this two-player game, you'll need to employ a lot of strategies while also relying on some fortunate dice rolls.

It's simple to play a solo game versus machine dice masters or other actual players from across the globe outside of iMessage. While it's not as much fun as taunting your opponents by shouting "Yahtzee!" in the same room, it does a fantastic job bringing the game to an iPhone or iPad.

Yahtzee With Buddies Dice

Words With Friends

The game's rules are mostly similar to those of two-player Scrabble, with a few exceptions, such as the placement of premium squares and the distribution and point values of certain letters (see Scrabble letter distributions and point values). Players are assigned seven letter tiles at random, which are refilled until all 104 letters have been utilized.

Players take turns creating words on the board, but they may also opt to exchange tiles with the pool of presently unused tiles or skip their turn if they don't want to create a word. On the board, players may construct words either vertically or horizontally. The goal of the game is for the player to get as many points as possible.

When a letter is put on a DL or TL square, the value of that letter is doubled or tripled in all words created with that square. The DW and TW squares, meanwhile, double and treble the value of the new word (s) created with that square.

In contrast to the 50 extra points in Scrabble, if a player utilizes all seven tiles in a single play (known as bingo in Scrabble), 35 additional points are awarded. In a normal Scrabble game, the unusual placement of premium squares may lead to scoring scenarios that would be uncommon or unattainable.

In a Scrabble game, for example, it is conceivable to put a new word that covers a triple letter score (TL) and a triple word score (TW), or a new word that covers a double word score (DW) and a triple word score (TW), which would be difficult or almost impossible.

When a player has played all of the tiles in his or her rack and there are no more tiles to draw, the game is over. Unless the score is zero-zero, the game terminates if three scoreless movements (i.e. passes or tile swaps) are performed in a row.

After the final tile is played, the opposing player loses all points proportional to the number of remaining tiles. The player who plays the last tile will get this number of points. The player with the highest score at the conclusion of the game wins. Words With Friends comes in a variety of variations.

Players may use the "resign" function to resign their turn, the "pass" tool to pass their turn, the "swap" option to switch out one or more tiles and lose the current turn, and the "tile bag" feature to check what tiles are left in all versions.

The "word strength" function may be enabled or disabled, and it allows players to view how powerful their placed word is in comparison to all other word combinations on the current board. Zynga (temporarily) disabled a feature dubbed "hindsight" in 2016, which enabled a player to pay to view the highest-scoring movements on the board after the play was made, but it has since been reinstated.

In addition to the "hindsight" power-up, the game also has "swap," "word radar," and "word hint" power-ups. In the game Words with Friends, there are 173,000 words to choose from. The game's word list is based on the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon, with a few changes made by the creators.

Words With Friends game

Word Streak

Word Streak (previously Scramble with Friends) is a word game created by Zynga and launched in January 2012 for iOS and Android. Players attempt to discover as many words as they can in a jumbled 4x4 grid of letters by linking neighboring letters to create words within a two-minute time limit, similar to Boggle, but with additional elements and a distinct score system. Words may be constructed in three different ways: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Scramble with Friends is one of the most popular games in the iOS app store, with a free ad-supported version and a premium ad-free version available. Scramble with Friends took the place of Scramble Challenge at the end of 2011, but without the latter's sole option.

Head-to-head (against a buddy), daily challenge, tournaments (against many other real-time opponents), and solo play are the four-game types available. Each game is made up of three rounds that are played in order, with the player with the highest total score after all three games being declared the winner.

In the second round, tiles with the double letter and word multipliers are introduced, and in the third round, triple multipliers are introduced. Longer words and words with uncommon letters are favored by the scoring system. Players may use one of four different power-ups:

'Freeze' provides the player a few additional seconds, 'Inspiration' highlights words for the player to play, 'Scramble' rotates/flips the board, giving the player a fresh viewpoint, and 'Vision' offers the player three words to discover and a time bonus if all three words are found.

Players must spend one token each round and a second token if they want to utilize two powerups in around instead of just one. Every 20 minutes, a new token is earned (regardless of whether the app is open).

Extra tokens may be purchased, and the premium ad-free version earns tokens at a quicker pace. Players may use Facebook to join up and invite friends to play, search for opponents by username, or be paired with random people.

In addition, the game has a chat function that enables players to communicate with one another. As part of a significant upgrade in June 2015, the game was renamed Word Streak with Friends.

Word Streak game
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