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Igor Makarov's Cyprus Park Initiative


Parks are complex elements of any city and serve different uses. Some parks are set aside purely for aesthetic value, while others are tools for revitalizing communities. Besides serving recreational purposes, parks also have economic benefits. For instance, they attract homebuyers and help increase property values in the area. They're also a source of municipal revenue. Other benefits of parks in cities such as Limassol, Cyprus include promoting public health, creating green infrastructure, and helping children learn.

Despite the several benefits of parks and squares, cities like Limassol have paid more attention to real estate development. Limassol, which is the second largest city in Cyprus, has experienced an upward trajectory of building, population, and cultural development. Consequently, the demand for amenities such as green spaces throughout the city's six municipalities has increased—not just for residents, but for visitors, too.

Currently, there are a number of park projects that have been implemented in the city. Some of the most popular include the Coastal Multifunctional Park and the Linear Parks in Garyllis and Vathkeia. These green areas have served thousands of people in Limassol for the last decade and a half.

Intervention by Local Authorities

Local authorities have also taken steps to make the city greener. This has been possible through city resources and funding from European programs. These funds have been used to create parks and green spaces in the context of broader development and infrastructure projects away from the city center.

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One of those projects is the Municipal Dog Park, which was developed next to the Wholesale Market in the 1st Industrial Zone of Limassol. The park sits on 8,000 square meters of land and cost about €45,000 to construct. The park operates every day of the week except Thursdays.

This park was a much-needed amenity in the city, given the restrictions regarding taking dogs to public places. Now with this park, residents can carry out different recreational activities with their dogs.

Notably, there have been parks developed by other municipalities of greater Limassol, and some are even partnering with citizens for the maintenance of these parks. For example, Ypsonas has been building small and large parks, even in industrial zones, and businesses there are adopting the parks.

Perhaps the most noteworthy project so far is Olive Park in the Agios Silas district. The park, named after the historic monastery, sits on 6,000 square meters. It's dominated by the restored ruins of the monastery and its olive trees, which are several centuries old. The municipality enhanced the park by building modern playgrounds and other amenities, making it a sought-after venue for cultural events.

Another park that attracts tremendous attention is the Melina Merkouri Park in Mesa Geitonia. This park is strategically located on a hill, giving visitors an unobstructed view of the city and the sea of Limassol. Besides the greenery, the park also has state-of-the-art sports facilities suitable for people of all ages and a refreshment stand.

The Gem on the East Coast

Although various municipalities have developed parks and green spaces for their residents, more is needed—especially due to the growing population. The highest need exists primarily on the eastern coast of Limassol, and who better to fill the void than residents?

This brings us to the story of Igor Makarov, Cypriot citizen and resident of Limassol, who along with other local investors footed the bill to construct a park in Malindi. Besides covering the construction cost they also pay for its monthly maintenance. The park sits on 3,000 square meters, which the government has leased to the Chapel Community Council. This free jewel of a public park in the eastern coastal area of ​​Limassol contributes immensely to making the city a better place.

As the construction was finished, it started attracting hundreds of citizens. The park features a children's playground and paved corridors with benches.

So, what makes this park unique? The most striking thing about it is its aromatic plants—a true gem in the city. This initiative was undertaken in an effort to promote and protect the environment of Limassol, with the overarching goal of creating as many parks as possible in the city.

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