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Few Highlights When Starting an Igambling Affiliate for Beginners

Few Highlights When Starting an Igambling Affiliate for Beginners

Tom Mohamed
Apr 20, 202262296 Shares1271344 Views

Who Is CasinoMentor?

CasinoMentor is an integrated website with all the necessary data and instructions for all gamblers around the world. They are a team of gambling experts, programmers, mathematicians, and data analysts working with the goal of creating a healthy and safe gambling environment for all players.
This site aggregates and distributes a wide variety of gambling-related content, with the ultimate aim of creating the world's most sophisticated independent online casino resource. The values that CasinoMentor brings to the community include:
The best casino database.CasinoMentor's casino reviewers work non-stop to gather all available information about online casinos and rate them accordingly. This website's database has grown to 1000+ casinos and is still growing, with around 400 casinos being reviewed every month.
The best casino reviews.Casino reviews are performed independently by experts to ensure that every aspect of the casino is analyzed as objectively as possible to help players get an overall view of the operator.
The best bonus database.At CasinoMentor, you will enjoy all the latest updates on the best offers available at online gambling platforms.
The best game database.The site has a total of over 11,000 different titles in various genres such as slot games, roulette, blackjack, video poker, bingo, baccarat, keno, scratch cards, and many more. Among them, slots are the most invested, with over 10,000 games from the top providers.
Educational content.The platform's team of gambling experts will introduce you to the basics of gambling, what players should pay attention to when gambling, responsible gambling solutions, and a lot of other information related to users' gambling experience to help them increase their understanding of the broader gambling world.
Create the best community and resolve player complaints.Users of the site can file complaints about any casino that has mistreated them. From there, the platform will carefully review each case and facilitate the player to contact the operator to resolve the issue. If it is true that a player is being treated unfairly or taken advantage of by non-transparent casinos, CasinoMentor will intervene by lowering the rating of the casino according to the criteria of experts and notify other players of the casino's dishonest actions.
With a huge user base and quality gambling database, it says that CasinoMentor has been a significant success since its launch in 2020 as a iGambling affiliate. So, as a fledgling affiliate, what can you learn from the experience of this platform to break into the $400 billion gambling world and make a profit from it? Today's article will give you the answer.

Business Analysis And Goal Setting

For all business areas, analyzing the market situation and setting specific goals will help you get a clear direction on your profit-seeking process and maximize your available resources. In the world of iGambling, affiliate marketing is an effective and quite popular method with casino operators to increase user traffic and raise public awareness of the brand the operator is building and developing.
Although the overall business analysis involves many complex stages and needs to be carried out over a long period, it still includes common aspects that deserve careful consideration by all affiliates to assess the effectiveness of their marketing:

The Current State Of Business

The Affiliate must be aware of the number of brands handled, statistics of the casinos it works with, its current clientele company, and many other factors. These aspects should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to maintain the optimality of the affiliate business model and form the basis for its development in the future.

Short-term And Long-term Goals

The core issue of an iGambling affiliate is clearly defining its business goals and potential customers. It must define the basic criteria for a casino to become a partner and the preferred geographical locations to expand the market size.

KPIs And Financial Indicators

This is the stage where statisticians have to work the most. The affiliate must calculate its spillover to see if the company's spending results in a net profit.

Understand How Affiliate Compensation Works?

In theory, iGambling affiliates earn profit through a commission structure, meaning they receive a percentage revenue share from the casino operators. In the current market, some of the most basic models of this commission sharing structure include:

CPC (Cost Per Click)

This model stipulates that every time a player visits the casino, the affiliate will receive a certain amount of profit. As a result, affiliates will have to do everything, such as promotional campaigns, to help their partners' websites increase their traffic. That is the most basic affiliate method, and the commissions for companies are usually relatively low compared to other models.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

This model is more complex than CPC. Specifically, it states that the affiliate can only profit when it generates a profit for the partner, meaning that the company will earn money every time a player pays a certain amount to the casino. An example of this is when players deposit and lose bets in casino games.

Contracts Based On Hybrid Models: Revenue Share By CPA And CPC

The most ideal and optimal scenario for an affiliate's business is that they combine both models. In this case, the value of those two metrics should be less than the standard requirements that an affiliate operates independently based on either model they offer to casino operators. This method offers the best business efficiency and flexibility in profit sources for affiliates.

How To Promote Online Casinos?

In reality, there are many ways for an affiliate to promote and increase the exposure of casino brands to players. Here is one of the most popular options:

Write Reviews

Most players rely on the unbiased online casino reviewsof independent review sites, such as CasinoMentor, and well-known gambling bloggers, to make their recommendations. They are a group of experienced experts in the online gambling industry. As a result, affiliates may contact these third parties to promote safe and high-quality casinos with high quality content to users in an effective manner.

Videos On Youtube

Youtube is a more user-friendly environment than traditional web content. If an affiliate can develop a Youtube channel with quality content, such as content about gambling safety, recommending top casinos, gaming topics, introducing their website, or the most engaging promotions on other platforms, they will better reach users and make a player impression on their partners.

Social Media

Every day, hundreds of millions of people use social media for entertainment. Therefore, it is the most effective way for you to spread gambling content to the target customer groups. Social media can help a casino brand become more known, and if users feel it is perfect after trying it out, they will recommend it to their friends. From there, the business of an affiliate will be improved.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also an intelligent solution for affiliates. Email-based marketing will make marketing content more formal, helping users focus more on the featured content.


Most users tend to trust the first search results on Google or any other online search engine more than the rest. That is why SEO plays a core role in the success of a marketing campaign. For example, with tricks in using keywords, affiliates can help partner casinos get higher positions on these search pages, thereby helping the brand be known more by gambling players.
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