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How To Select Your Stocks if You are an Enterprising Investor

How To Select Your Stocks if You are an Enterprising Investor

Jun 03, 2021 09:19
Kaleem Kirkpatrick

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What’s an enterprising investor?Criteria to follow to become an effective enterprising investorCreating perfect criteria is not always guaranteedWhy plan your strategies as an investor?Conclusion

Selecting your stocks is part of your investment strategy. Before you invest, it’s advisable to have your own set of guidelines so you won’t have to trade or invest blindly.

The good thing about being an enterprising investor is that we’ve created a set of criteria that you can follow. You can use this as your foundation if you are just starting and you can freely add your own metrics to make a better investment decision.

As an enterprising investor, you invest aggressively. So, you have to take each step with extra precaution to protect your money.

If you want to know more, continue reading this blog as we unravel how you can pick your stocks as an enterprising investor.

What’s an enterprising investor?

An enterprising investor is someone who is eager and ready to make a "smart effort" to analyze a large number of seasoned stocks. That’s how simple its definition is.

Basically, an enterprising investor is the opposite of a defensive investor who takes a more conservative approach to invest. These two are similar to active and passive investors where the former uses more aggressive strategies while the latter is more protective of his investments.

Criteria to follow to become an effective enterprising investor

Some investors suggest the following as the main criteria for becoming an enterprising investor:

  • Financial condition: Existing assets with total liabilities of at least 1.5x (1.5 current ratios). Debt for manufacturing firms does not exceed 10 percent of net liquid assets.

While the defensive investor searches for firms whose existing assets represent at least two times the current liabilities, the investor should be more agile. Companies only require current assets, which are 1/2 times more than their existing liabilities, to be enough for the lender.

In addition, the debt balance could be below 110% of the net current assets.

  • Earnings Stability: No shortfall projected by the stock guide for the last five years

These criteria are easy to understand. The company should only have a positive income within five years.

  • Record of Dividends: Some current dividends

There is no need for a consistent dividend in this regard. Some current dividends are enough.

  • Profit growth: Profits last year more than doubled those of the previous five years.
  • Price: Total tangible assets are less than 120 percent of total tangible assets.

There is no lower bound here for the scale of the business. Small enterprises may have sufficient security if they are considered carefully and as a group. You may incorporate another mechanical criterion by just considering problems classified by S & P as average. This may minimize risk but at the same time decrease potential.

Creating perfect criteria is not always guaranteed

Despite the criteria mentioned above, which are unique from what you can read on the internet about active and passive investors, the selection isn’t always guaranteed to be perfect.

The probability that the stock market really reflects all the relevant information regarding the past and present success of the firm as well as all predictions about its future. This hypothesis essentially argues that all changes in the market would arise from new technologies and probabilities, which could not be confidently foreseen.

Investors actively look for the right firms on the basis of financial positioning, management, and income. Few businesses will demonstrate a high level of continuous growth over long stretches. This suggests that the investors’ demand for high earnings over long stretches is in two cases flawed: First, earnings increases would normally not last if the criteria are financial positioning and income, and the second failure is that, since the investor is investing at an adequate time, the price would probably be premium, with little margin of security at the next bear cycle.

Creating a perfect criteria is not always guaranteed

Why plan your strategies as an investor?

An investment strategy is drawn up by investors in such a manner that they will gain full revenue from the investment. The investment plan should concentrate on the company's potential requirements and therefore inform investors of the strategies. Investors should assess their objectives and develop a focused approach.

Some advantages

If you are investing, your investing strategies are important for the following reasons:

  • The investment strategy leads investors to make the investment judgment.
  • Investors should set their targets and assess the investment policy risk factor.
  • The investment plan often keeps investors skeptical about the amount of investment they will produce since inflation and living costs are also weighed prior to drawing up the investment strategy.
  • After reviewing the investing approach, investors will make a fast decision.
  • The investment plan will allow investors to make a swift investment decision.
  • The investing plans should be target-oriented such that investors can decide to spend according to their objectives.
  • Investors should reduce the danger that can arise when the investment plan is implemented.
  • Investors will also get a better understanding of potential capital demands as the investment plan also focuses on appreciating the investors' capital.
  • The investing policy also aims to secure investors' capital. The techniques are structured to enable investors to make a full profit from them.

Some disadvantages

But despite the advantages of having your own investment plan, you also need to consider the cons, such as investment plans may also be highly volatile. Investment plans can also lead people to realize that they can invest only in short-term stocks, but the truth is that the equity market can adjust at any time. Sometimes, the investment strategy approach may be constrained. The fluctuation in the equity price is not taken into account when preparing the investment policy. The risk element may even be underestimated often and thereby contribute to a wrong judgment.


At the end of it, you have to ensure that what you are planning is based on your risk tolerance and what you are really targeting. It’s fine to fail for the first time but see to it that you are progressing. Your investment plans should not be a trap for you to lose your money.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick | Kaleem weaves song and story together with experience from his 12 year career in business and sales to deliver a mesmerizing tale of wealth and anger – the ups and downs of disruption – using his expertise in music and entertainment. His background in philosophy and psychology allows him to simplify the science of why we construct trends, where they come from, and how to alter them to improve outcomes.


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