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How To See Blocked Users On Discord? Effective Strategies 2024

Learn how to see blocked users on Discord. Explore steps to view, unblock, and control interactions. Discover privacy settings for a seamless experience.

Tyrese Griffin
Feb 09, 20241093 Shares14977 Views
Discord offers a variety of features to manage your interactions, including the ability to block users. When you block someone on Discord, you stop them from messaging you directly, from seeing their messages on shared servers, adding you as a friend, or seeing your online status. If you've blocked someone and later want to review or unblock them, here's how to see blocked users on Discord.
Millions of people use the well-known messaging and communication program Discord worldwide. Users can establish communities, connect with people in real time, and join various servers.
You may encounter people on Discord that you would like to block when conversing with them. You can keep your own space secure and pleasant by blocking people on Discord. These are the some of the ways on how to see blocked users on Discord:

Accessing User Settings On Discord

Discord provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to access and customize various settings, including those related to privacy and blocked users. Here's a detailed guide on accessing user settings:

Open Discord And Log In

To begin, open the Discord application or go to the Discord website and log in to your account. Ensure that you have the correct credentials to access your account.

Locate The Gear Icon

Once logged in, look for the gear icon. This icon is commonly used to represent user settings and is usually located at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on the gear icon to proceed.
After clicking on the gear icon, you'll be directed to the User Settings menu. This menu is a central hub for customizing various aspects of your Discord experience, from appearance to privacy and safety settings.

Explore User Settings

Inside the User Settings, take a moment to explore the different tabs and options available. These tabs may include "My Account," "Privacy & Safety," "Authorized Apps," and more. For the purpose of managing blocked users, focus on the "Privacy & Safety" tab.
Now that you're in the User Settings, let's delve into the specific steps for navigating to the "Privacy & Safety" tab, where you can find the settings related to blocked users.

Locate The "Privacy & Safety" Tab

Within the User Settings menu, look for the tab labeled "Privacy & Safety." This tab is designed to give you control over who can interact with you on Discord and manage various safety features.

Click On "Privacy & Safety"

Once you've identified the "Privacy & Safety" tab, click on it to access the settings associated with privacy and safety. Discord organizes these settings in a way that allows users to manage their interactions and overall experience on the platform.

Explore Privacy & Safety Settings

Upon entering the "Privacy & Safety" section, you'll find a range of options related to privacy, security, and user interactions. This is where you can view and manage your blocked users, control friend requests, adjust notification preferences, and more.

Access The "Blocked Users" Section

Within the "Privacy & Safety" settings, specifically look for an option or section labeled "Blocked Users." Click on this option to view the list of users you have blocked on Discord.

Review Blocked Users

Once you've accessed the "Blocked Users" section, you'll see a list of usernames corresponding to the individuals you have blocked. This provides an overview of your blocked user list, allowing you to review your blocking history.

Viewing Blocked Users On Discord

Discord provides users with the ability to block others, offering a level of control over who can interact with them on the platform. Here's a detailed guide on how to view blocked users on Discord:

Access "Privacy & Safety" Settings

To view blocked users, start by accessing the "Privacy & Safety" settings. Navigate to the gear icon, which represents user settings, and click on it. Then, select the "Privacy & Safety" tab from the menu.
Blocked Users option on Discord
Blocked Users option on Discord

Locate "Blocked Users"

Within the "Privacy & Safety" settings, look for an option specifically labeled "Blocked Users." This option is where Discord consolidates information about users you've chosen to block.

Click On "Blocked Users"

Clicking on the "Blocked Users" option will take you to a dedicated section displaying a list of individuals you've blocked on Discord. This list provides usernames, allowing you to identify and review each blocked user.

Scroll Through The List

Once in the "Blocked Users" section, take the time to scroll through the list. Discord presents a clear and organized view of the usernames of users you've blocked, facilitating easy review.

Additional Information

Discord may provide additional information in this section, such as the date when each user was blocked. This information can be helpful for understanding your blocking history and making informed decisions about unblocking users.

Review Usernames

As you scroll through the list, review the usernames of the blocked individuals. This step is crucial for ensuring that you are aware of who is currently on your blocked users list.

Unblocking Users

If, during the review, you decide to unblock a user, Discord typically offers a straightforward process. Click on the username of the person you want to unblock, and you should find an option to unblock them. Confirm the action, and the user will be removed from your blocked list.

Reviewing Blocked Users On Discord

Reviewing your blocked users on Discord is an essential aspect of managing your interactions and maintaining a positive online experience. Here's a more in-depth look at the process:

Understand The Implications Of Blocking

Before reviewing your blocked users, it's crucial to understand the implications of blocking someone on Discord. When you block a user, they are restricted from sending you direct messages, adding you as a friend, and seeing your online status.

Regularly Check Your Blocked Users List

To maintain control over your interactions, it's advisable to regularly check your blocked users list. This proactive approach ensures that you are aware of who is blocked and allows you to make adjustments as needed.

Evaluate Reasons For Blocking

As you review your blocked users, consider the reasons why you blocked each individual. Understanding the context behind each block can help you make informed decisions about whether to keep users on the blocked list or unblock them.

Unblocking Users

If you find that you no longer want to block a particular user, the unblocking process is straightforward. Click on the username in the blocked users list, and Discord should provide an option to unblock. Confirm the action, and the user will be unblocked.

Adjust Privacy Settings

Discord's "Privacy & Safety" settings offer additional customization options beyond just viewing and unblocking users. Take the time to explore these settings and adjust them according to your preferences.

Notifications And Server Interaction

Consider adjusting your notification settings to control how messages from blocked users are handled. Additionally, be aware that blocking someone doesn't remove them from shared servers. You may still see their messages in mutual servers, but direct communication is restricted.

Stay Informed About Updates

Discord may introduce updates and changes to its features over time. Stay informed by checking the official documentation for any alterations to the process of viewing and managing blocked users.

Unblocking Users On Discord

Blocking users on Discord provides a level of control over your interactions, but there may come a time when you want to reverse this action. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to unblock users on Discord:

Access "Blocked Users" Section

Start by accessing the "Blocked Users" section in the "Privacy & Safety" settings. Navigate to the gear icon for user settings, click on it, select the "Privacy & Safety" tab, and find the option labeled "Blocked Users."

Locate The User To Unblock

Within the "Blocked Users" section, you'll find a list of usernames corresponding to individuals you've blocked. Scroll through the list to find the user you want to unblock.

Click On The User's Name

Click on the username of the person you want to unblock. This action will typically open a menu with options related to that specific user.

Choose The "Unblock" Option

Look for an option that says "Unblock" or a similar term. Clicking on this option will prompt a confirmation dialogue to ensure you want to unblock the user.

Confirm Unblocking

Confirm the unblocking action. Discord may ask for additional confirmation to prevent accidental unblocks. Once confirmed, the user will be removed from your blocked list.

Verify Unblocking

After unblocking a user, it's advisable to verify that the action was successful. You can do this by revisiting the "Blocked Users" section and ensuring that the user's name is no longer on the list.

Reestablish Communication

Once unblocked, the user will regain the ability to send you direct messages, add you as a friend, and see your online status. If desired, you can reestablish communication with the unblocked user.

Additional Tips

In addition to the basic steps of accessing, viewing, and unblocking users on Discord, there are some additional tips to enhance your overall experience and understanding of the blocking feature:

Direct Message History

Blocking someone on Discord doesn't remove their past direct message history. If you unblock a user, you may still see messages exchanged before the block.

Friend Requests

Blocked users cannot send you friend requests. This restriction remains in place until you decide to unblock the user.

Server Interaction

Blocking someone doesn't remove them from shared servers. If you're part of the same server, you may still encounter their messages, but direct communication is limited.

Notification Settings

Consider adjusting your notification settings for messages from blocked users. This customization ensures that you control the visibility of messages from unblocked users.

Privacy Preferences

Explore additional privacy preferences within the "Privacy & Safety" settings. These preferences allow you to tailor your Discord experience to align with your comfort level and preferences.

Reviewing Blocked Users Regularly

Make it a habit to review your blocked users list regularly. This practice helps you stay aware of who is currently blocked and enables you to make adjustments based on changing circumstances.

Understanding Block Implications

Before blocking or unblocking users, understand the implications. Blocking restricts various interactions, and unblocking restores those interactions. Be sure to consider your reasons for blocking and unblocking.

Stay Informed About Updates

Discord may introduce updates and changes to its features over time. Stay informed by checking the official documentation for any alterations to the process of managing blocked users.
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How To See Blocked Users On Discord? - FAQs

How To See Blocked Users On Discord Mobile?

To access blocked users on Discord, click on your profile picture at the bottom right of the app. In the menu that appears, choose the first option for the account. Scroll down within this section until you find "Blocked Users," positioned just under 2-factor authentication. Click on "Blocked Users" to view the list.

How Do I Check Who I've Blocked On Discord?

To check your blocked users on Discord, go to User Settings, navigate to the "Privacy & Safety" tab, and click on "Blocked Users." There, you'll find a list of users you've blocked.

Can I Unblock Someone On Discord After Blocking Them?

Yes, you can unblock someone on Discord. Simply go to the "Blocked Users" section in your privacy settings, find the user you want to unblock, and click on their name to access the option to unblock.

Do Blocked Users Know That They Are Blocked On Discord?

No, Discord doesn't notify users when they are blocked. However, they may notice that they can't send you messages, add you as a friend, or see your online status.

Can I See Messages From A User I've Blocked Before Blocking Them?

Yes, blocking someone on Discord does not remove messages sent before the block. You will still see the messages sent by a user you later choose to block.

How Do You See Who You Are Blocked By On Discord?

  • To find out if the person's profile appears blank to them as well, ask a common friend to view it. You will be blocked if the common friend has access to profile content and you do not.
  • You will see deactivated individual in place of the username if the individual deactivated their Discord account.

Can You See Someone Status If Blocked On Discord?

Mutual servers still display their online status, and a large block with the text "x blocked message" covers their chat message.


How to see blocked users on Discord? Managing blocked users on Discord is a straightforward process through the "Privacy & Safety" settings. Regularly reviewing your blocked users list can help you maintain control over your interactions and make informed decisions about unblocking users when necessary. Remember that Discord's interface may evolve, so always refer to the official documentation for the latest instructions.
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