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How To Increase Testosterone In Females


Wait, women need testosterone too?

That's right! It's okay to not know things, and admitting that is the first step we can take towards a better understanding. Turns out it's actually very important that women maintain healthy levels of testosterone to best ensure their general health, and it's just as important that men maintain their estrogen levels. This raises a lot of questions that this article aims to answer, as well as provide some options for those seeking help on what we can do to increase testosterone levels in women.

So what does testosterone do for a woman?

It affects the sexes quite differently, and for women specifically it plays an important role in the following:

  • Bone health: Healthy testosterone levels in women promotes bone growth as well as bone density, whereas too little or too much testosterone can cause problems in this area
  • Sexual desire: A healthy sex life is important for many reasons, so a healthy sexual desire can be the key to a fulfilling life. Women with lower testosterone levels have commonly shown an increase in these desires following treatment
  • Vaginal health: Testosterone has been found to be used by the body to help maintain, grow and repair reproductive tissues, and women suffering from vaginal dryness are often prescribed testosterone boosters
  • Fertility: A delicate balance is required for optimal chances of fertility, as testosterone has been found to help promote the growth of follicles - structures that hold and release eggs during ovulation.

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As we can see testosterone is quite an important and useful hormone for a woman's body, playing a vital part in many bodily functions and as such the maintenance of these hormone levels is something to consider for many women with low testosterone having a myriad of negative consequences.

What would be considered healthy testosterone levels?

Testosterone levels and other androgens can be measured with a blood test, and with women a healthy amount of testosterone is from 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter of blood (ng/dL), so those within this range experiencing any of the issues discussed in this article should seek professional advice from their doctor.

What if my testosterone production is too low?

Women with low testosterone levels are likely to experience symptoms such as low sex drive, vaginal dryness and potentially even osteoporosis. We definitely recommend professional help for those with severe symptoms, but there's definitely more than just medical treatments, and you'll find your doctor will likely advise you try these remedies that will naturally boost testosterone levels.

Increase testosterone levels naturally

There are many ways that one can increase testosterone before resorting to medicine, and although that may be required and is nothing to be ashamed about, it's likely you'll be wanting to combine your medicine with some of the lifestyle changes we're about to discuss.


We're not talking about going on a diet or weight loss specifically, although there is a link to draw between losing weight and testosterone level, this is more causation as by increased testosterone will naturally increase muscle mass, increasing resting calorie burn. What we're talking about more specifically here are the many amazing foods that can often get you over the hurdle of a deficiency that could be causing your lower testosterone levels. Best foods to look out for are those rich in omega-3 fatty oils and nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and protein. On the vitamins front, in terms of food you should focus on B vitamins, particularly Vitamin B6.


The absolute best food in existence, here once again to prove their dominance. Such a versatile and wonderful food packed to the brim with protein, Omega-3 and Vitamin B12. One to two a day will be enough, and remember this is considering the egg is cooked. Raw eggs contain much less nutrition so their health benefits are much more limited.


Rich in proteins, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, we recommend indulging in at least two to three portions weekly, and if you're wondering what type of beans will help the most, the answer is actually Pinto beans! Particularly rich in vitamin B6, a cheeky beans on toast could be the answer to your testosterone insufficiency.

Leafy green vegetables

Especially spinach and kale. They're rich in magnesium, Vitamin B6 and iron, and we'd recommend you add them to at least one meal daily. Why not throw some into an omelet? Alternatively, greens powders are a good solution to help make sure you get all your nutrients!

Pumpkin seeds and Almonds

Sprinkle and handful of both of these on one meal daily to help boost your zinc, magnesium and protein levels, all of which will have a healthy effect on your testosterone levels.

Naturally oily fish

Absolutely jam packed with protein and omega - 3, fish such as Tuna, Mackerel and salmon are all fantastic choices, and we'd recommend at least 1-2 portions weekly. And much like the greens if your not a fan of fish there are a lot of options for omega supplements.

Specific Testosterone Supplements

A wide variety of testosterone booster supplements are available to help maximize vitamins and minerals that you can get from your diet that boost testosterone.

Drink Less Coffee

Seriously, caffeine has been shown to have a beneficial effect on testosterone production in men, but the opposite effect in women.


Engaging in regular exercise is a proven natural testosterone booster. Testosterone in women works with their physiology differently, especially varying between the different stages in life. With younger women, it's best to just engage with whatever exercise you best enjoy, be that whatever sports or dancing you love. Older women past the menopausal stage however should be a little more cautious of strenuous exercise, as this can put extra pressure on your adrenal glands and actually harm testosterone production, causing lower levels of testosterone overall.

Taking this all into account our recommendation for most women would be to engage in frequent but more gentle exercise, such as Yoga to help body and mind, aerobics, light dance classes like Zumba and Ballroom. Our highest recommendation however would unequivocally go to daily walks outside. Not only will the exercise help as stated, but of course being outdoors does wonders for ones mental health. One reason for this is the much needed Vitamin D absorption from spending time in the sun. There are some great work out programs for women here.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known for its numerous health benefits, usually mainly concerned with the boosts it can offer to ones mental health and bone health, yet in the US nearly 1 in 2 adults have been found to have low vitamin D in their blood, leading the government to reach out and suggest supplements of 10 micrograms per day during the months from October to March. This isn’t particularly surprising following a recent EASNA study which demonstrated more than 70% of employees wouldn’t get adequate sunlight during working hours. Concerning testosterone levels, research suggests a link between vitamin d and testosterone, with a recent 12 month study finding that supplementing testosterone in the elderly had an increase in testosterone levels of about 25%.


Studies have shown time and time again that engaging in frequent sexual activity will actually increase sex drive. The message is simple, sex begets sex, and the reason for this is an increase in testosterone. Studies have shown time and time again that testosterone tends to be highest after intercourse, with it being lower before and on days without intercourse.


In this article we've explored the many advantages of having a balanced level of testosterone levels as a woman, as well as many ways to increase it if you're not quite at the usual levels. This is mainly for education and if you're worried your testosterone levels are too low our first recommendation will be to visit your doctor and get a blood test to confirm your worries and following their advice first. There's nothing in this article that could harm you should you choose to engage in it however, and no matter how likely it is your GP would recommend these activities before any other treatment, it's best to follow professional guidance on all medical matters

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