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How To Get Free Bitcoin


With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, you could be among the many people who want to get some Bitcoin. For most people, getting Bitcoin means buying it. But the price of Bitcoin could be beyond your reach. Does it mean that you should forget about ever getting your Bitcoin? The simple answer is no. You can visit bitcoin360 ai elon musk to start trading bitcoin. It is one of the best crypto trading software. There are specific ways that you can use to get free Bitcoin.

Today, many people are benefiting from owning Bitcoin. You can then convert your Bitcoin into fiat currency. Better still, you can invest your Bitcoin and earn a profit.

Open An Interest Account

One way of getting free Bitcoin is opening an interest-earning account. Specifically, you can open crypto savings account with various platforms like Aqru, Binance, and BlockFi. With such an account, you can start earning interest on your savings. Some of the venues have higher interest rates and better terms like Aqru.

When you open a crypto savings account and start saving Bitcoin, you can earn free Bitcoin based on your savings. Think about it. You open the account and start saving Bitcoin. Then you relax and earn free Bitcoin annually or daily. Opening such crypto-saving accounts is not hard and will often cost you a little money. But considering the benefits, it is worth it.

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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining ensures that people produce new Bitcoin tokens. Bitcoin miners work individually or in Bitcoin mining pools. The miners solve mathematical puzzles, and when they are successful, they get Bitcoin. For those who can perform such tasks, Bitcoin mining can bring some easy Bitcoin.

While you can work individually, you can join a mining rig. As part of the mining pool, you will be entitled to your share of Bitcoin every time the rig solves a mathematical puzzle successfully. And this is like passive income since you don’t have to be the one who solves the math puzzle.

Bitcoin Games

With cryptocurrency becoming more popular, there are many platforms that you can use to play games and earn free Bitcoin. These crypto lottery platforms will allow you to participate in Bitcoin lotteries, and if you are lucky, you can earn free Bitcoin. If you win the jackpot, you can get a lot of free Bitcoins.

But please understand that, like any other lottery, crypto lotteries depend on luck. It doesn’t mean you will always win. You can lose and not earn any Bitcoin. But it is worth trying considering that you can get a lot of Bitcoins if luck is on your side.

Affiliate Sites

You can also earn free Bitcoin through affiliate sites. When people use your affiliate link to register with a provider, you will get a commission in Bitcoin. Crypto exchange sites are the best place to find such affiliate programs. Share your affiliate link through your social media networks to maximize your chances of earning the commission. You can also do the same with friends and family.


There are many ways of getting free Bitcoin. This article has explained several ways of doing that. However, there are many other ways the article has not described, and you can learn about them through research. For example, you can research relevant information online. Then, you can use the process that suits you. Not every method will be appropriate for you, which should guide you when finding the best ways to earn your free Bitcoin.

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