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How to Find the Right People to Answer your Product Concept Survey?


Product concept testing survey is an important stage in the product development process. It is a process that will help you understand from both real and potential customers if your products will be successful in the current market.

Surveys form a basis for improving your customer's satisfaction or developing your business. Therefore, a concept survey cannot be successful without a specific target population group. In this article, we will help with tips and processes on how to find the right people to answer your product concept survey.

How Do I Get The Right People For Concept Surveys?

Do you want the highest response rate from your potential respondents? You'll have to be intentional with how you are going to structure your concept survey. Here are seven tried-and-true methods for getting individuals to participate in a concept survey:

Clearly Explain The Purpose Of Your Concept Survey

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How often do you involve yourself in a concept survey without knowing the reason for that particular concept survey? You have to understand that planning and executing a concept survey requires some time; therefore, if you are not aware of why you are carrying out the concept survey, you better put it on hold.

If you want the target concept survey respondents to agree to participate, then make sure to state to them clearly the reason behind the survey.

Will it, for example, translate into better service for them in the long run? This serves as an automatic inducement for them to complete the survey, increasing your response rate. It is one of the best ways to find the right people to answer your product concept survey.

Choose The Right Channel

We are in times and seasons where people are surrounded by disturbances and distractions such as phones and laptops. Therefore, to capture the attention of your target concept survey respondents, you need to carry out adequate research to learn what will work well for them.

Not everyone likes receiving emails or doing physical surveys. If you can make it a brief text-based survey or another format that can be sent instantly to a phone, you may be able to increase your survey response rate.

Avoid Too Many Questions

You're familiar with this sensation. It's the sensation of starting a survey that you believed would be short and ending up with three, four, five, six pages and counting. Finally, it becomes too long for you to continue. You didn't sign up for a ten-page survey with ten questions on each page.

A survey should be under 20 minutes long, as per Research cape. Anything more than that may cause your concept survey participant to lose concentration or choose answers randomly to complete your survey, which will skew your results.

Use Closed-ended Questions

Even though some of your concept survey questions might necessitate open-ended questions, you should focus on closed-ended questions as much as possible. Closed-ended questions reduce the need for a lot of thinking on the respondents' side hence improving the response rate.

For example, instead of saying, "Explain what you liked about our product?" just say, "Did you like our product?"

If your questions require additional information, you can include some alternative responses on the drop-down menu to assist the respondent in quickly selecting the best response.

Avoiding enormous amounts of writing is a simple method to finding the right people to answer your product concept survey

Use Common Language

For a survey respondent, taking a survey with difficult terminology is nothing but aggravating. If the concept survey respondent is not sure what a question means, he/she can either give random replies or opt-out of the electronic survey, which means you won't get enough responses for the survey.

Using straightforward language that is understandable to all is a surefire approach to boosting survey response rates. It helps to lessen the chances of your survey being abandoned due to annoyance and uncertainty.

Selecting The Target Audience Wisely

Before sending a survey, you must first determine your target audience. If you're distributing the survey to females versus males, or teenagers versus elderly, it should impact how you design the survey and how you distribute it. You can increase your chances of getting responses by carefully selecting your survey respondents.

Appropriate Timing

To be sure that your concept survey will get a response from the people you send the question to, timing is a key factor. You can send your survey questions immediately after delivering a product to a client or booking an appointment with the target respondent.

According to research, if you are sending surveys to a large group of people, then Monday or Tuesday is the best day to send the survey.


Are you planning to conduct a concept survey and wondering how to find the right respondents? Above are clear tips on how to find the right people to answer your product concept survey.

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