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How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card In 2024? 11 Easy Ways

Ditch the bills, embrace the blockchain! This beginner's guide shows you how to buy bitcoin with credit card - fast, easy, and without the crypto jargon. Get started in minutes!

William Willis
Feb 09, 20242641 Shares35210 Views
Purchasing Bitcoin using a credit card has become more straightforward than ever before. Nowadays, most leading cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets offer the ability to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, whether directly or via a third-party payment service. In this article, I'll discuss the top methods for acquiring Bitcoin through credit card transactions. Dive into this article to know how to buy bitcoin with credit card.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Through CEX.IO

Cexio official logo
Cexio official logo

Steps To Utilize CEX.IO

  • Create an account on CEX.IO.
  • Navigate to the "Finance" section and select "Deposit" beside the desired currency.
  • Choose between wiring the funds or utilizing your credit card for instant Bitcoin purchase.
CEX.IO provides the option for immediate withdrawals of USD, EUR, and GBP directly to payment cards. This means you can easily deposit and withdraw money to and from your payment cards after they have been connected to your CEX.IO account.
As soon as you make a withdrawal request, it is processed automatically, eliminating the need for you to sign into any external services. In the majority of instances, withdrawals happen instantaneously, allowing for swift access to your funds on your Visa or Mastercard.

Purchase Bitcoin Using A Credit Card Via Coinmama

A bitcoin on top of two credit cards
A bitcoin on top of two credit cards
Since 2013, Coinmamahas been focused on facilitating the purchase of Bitcoin via credit card. They apply a premium charge for their services, allowing purchases of Bitcoin up to $20,000 daily with an account that has been thoroughly verified.
They offer a speedy and dependable service, with Bitcoin being received immediately following the confirmation of your purchase. Customer support at Coinmama is generally quite efficient.

Using Coinmama

  • Obtain a Bitcoin wallet since Coinmama does not store the Bitcoin on your behalf post-purchase.
  • On the homepage of Coinmama, select the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase. You can specify the amount in BTC, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, or AUD.
  • Hit the "Buy" button, and you'll be directed to the registration page.
  • Once registered, verify the quantity you wish to buy and click on "Continue."
  • You will be asked to enter the details of your receiving wallet. After doing so, click on "Continue."
  • You will need to enter your credit card details to finalize the purchase.

Purchase Bitcoin Using A Credit Card Via Kraken

Kraken, a long-established cryptocurrency exchange based in the US, is recognized for its emphasis on security and its broadening presence throughout Europe. It provides a sophisticated trading platform (Kraken Pro) that includes options such as staking, spot trading, margin and futures trading, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) options.

Using Kraken

  • Go to Kraken and register for an account at no cost.
  • Enter your email address and the country you live in.
  • Select “Buy crypto” located in the upper right corner.
  • In the window that appears, choose “Add payment method.”
  • Next, select “Add a payment card.”
  • After your card has been verified, it will be available for selection under the payment options.

Via Bitpanda

A close-up of a shiny silver Bitcoin in front of a red line graph
A close-up of a shiny silver Bitcoin in front of a red line graph
Founded in October 2014, Bitpandais a startup based in Austria offering the ability to purchase Bitcoin, along with a diverse range of other assets such as altcoins, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and metals, using a credit card.
It also accepts other payment methods like wire transfers, Neteller, Skrill, SEPA, among others. Bitpanda provides its services primarily to European customers and a select few other countries, charging relatively low fees.
At Bitpanda, you have the option to deposit nine key fiat currencies: Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, Swedish krona, Hungarian forint, Czech koruna, Polish zloty, and Danish krone.
Depositing Swedish krona (SEK) through Visa or Mastercard incurs no charges. The minimum amount for both deposits and withdrawals is set at 10 EUR.

Using Bitpanda

  • Go to Bitpanda's website and create an account.
  • Complete the identity verification process.
  • Select a cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin) and press “Buy.”
  • Opt for the “Visa/Mastercard” as your payment option.
  • Specify the purchase amount.
  • Click on “Next step.”
  • Finalize your purchase by confirming your order.

Through Coinbase

Coinbasestands as the most prominent and widely used cryptocurrency exchange in the US. Coinbase has ceased to publish a standard fee for credit card transactions, but you have the option to review the fee being applied prior to finalizing your purchase. This exchange serves over 100 countries globally.

Using Coinbase

  • Sign up for a Coinbase account.
  • Navigate to "Settings," proceed to "Payment Methods," and click on "Add Payment Method."
  • Input your card details.
  • After your card has been verified, navigate to the Buy/Sell section to purchase Bitcoin.
  • The Bitcoin will be deposited into your Coinbase wallet.
To link your card, verification of your identity with a government-issued ID is required.

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card Through Binance

Binance has expanded to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange by both popularity and trading volume. Binance has made buying cryptocurrency convenient. Originally exclusively a cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has introduced the option for purchasing cryptocurrencies with credit cards, either directly or via third-party providers, including the well-known payment processor, Simplex.

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card Through LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap operates as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that distributes profits to its community through the native LCS token.
While it may not have the same level of popularity as more prominent counterparts such as Paxful, LocalCoinSwap offers the advantage of not requiring user verification and accepts a broad array of payment options, credit cards included.

Using LocalCoinSwap

  • Sign up on LocalCoinSwap.
  • Look for a seller under “Payment Method” who takes credit cards.
  • Examine the available sellers, select one, and check their reputation and feedback.
  • Make sure to review the "Trade terms and conditions."
  • Specify the amount you want to purchase and click on “Buy Bitcoin.”
  • You'll be taken to the trade status section, where you can interact with the seller to finalize the transaction.

Via Bitstamp

Founded in 2011, Bitstamp stands as one of the most well-established and trusted Bitcoin exchanges in operation. The exchange possesses 51 licenses and registrations worldwide. Bitstamp charges a 4% fee for credit card transactions, in addition to a standard trading fee.
It offers its services to more than 80 countries around the world, encompassing Europe and the USA (covering most states), along with a variety of countries in Asia and South America.

Using Bitstamp

  • Go to Bitstamp and select “Get started” for account creation.
  • Navigate to the deposit section and opt for card purchase from the side menu.
  • Decide on the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire.
  • Pick the currency you intend to use for payment.
  • Determine the amount of currency you want to buy.
  • Input your card information.
  • Finalize your purchase by confirming it.

Purchase Bitcoin Using A Credit Card Via Coinhouse

A phone displayig Coinhouse app on screen
A phone displayig Coinhouse app on screen
Coinhouse, originally established in 2014 as La Maison Du Bitcoin and based in Paris, allows the purchase of Bitcoin starting from €50 using Visa or Mastercard. While the fees for credit card transactions are competitive, the exchange rates might be on the higher side.

Through CoinCorner

CoinCorner is a Bitcoin broker established in 2014, located in the Isle of Man. The exchange services several countries around the world. You can buy Bitcoin with as little as £10. CoinCorner also has mobile app that allows you to send and receive Bitcoin from your account using your mobile phone.

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card Through Xcoins

Xcoins, a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2016 and located in Malta, offers its users the ability to buy BTC, along with LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and DOGE, using a variety of fiat currencies through Visa or Mastercard.
Xcoins prioritizes the rapidity of its services, guaranteeing to dispatch your cryptocurrency within 15 minutes of payment confirmation. This commitment to speed positions Xcoins as an attractive option for those looking to quickly acquire bitcoin.
The platform sets a minimum purchase threshold of 50 USD for ETH and BTC, 40 USD for XRP, and 30 USD for DOGE, LTC, and BCH. Additionally, it permits the purchase of up to 150 USD worth of cryptocurrency without the need for account verification.

Frequently Asked Questions - How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card

Who Owns The Most Bitcoin?

According to the Bitcoin research and analysis firm River Intelligence, Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator behind Bitcoin, is listed as the top BTC holder as of 2024.

Can You Use Credit Cards At Bitcoin ATMs?

Most Bitcoin ATMs only accept cash or debit cards for Bitcoin purchases, primarily because of concerns related to chargebacks. Unfortunately, this means you cannot use a credit card at a Bitcoin ATM.

Why Is Binance Rejecting My Card?

The bank's fraud rules (which consider various factors that are not made public) have been triggered. The bank may have placed a temporary hold on the customer's card. The purchase session may have been locked due to multiple declined payments.


Understanding how to buy Bitcoin with credit card and choosing the right exchange for purchasing Bitcoin can be challenging due to the abundance of options available. You should start by experimenting with a modest sum of money on various exchanges, and only proceed with larger amounts once you feel confident with the process. Taking this initial step will help you understand what you truly appreciate in an exchange, allowing you to refine your selection over time.
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