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How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Nebraska - Step By Step Guide

The process of how to become a real estate agent in Nebraska involves following specific steps and requirements set by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.

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The process of how to become a real estate agent in Nebraskainvolves following specific steps and requirements set by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.
Agents licensed to practice real estate in Nebraska can help clients by researching and analyzing local markets. One needs education, training, and state certification to practice real estate. They can better plot their professional future if they are familiar with state-specific credentials.
The first thing you need to do is get a Nebraska real estate license. You can do it mostly online. There is still an in-person test, but everything else can be done online. Colibri Real Estate, which has educated thousands of Nebraskans who want to be real estate agents, has outlined the requirements clearly.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Nebraska

Here is a detailed five-step process for anybody interested in learning how to become a real estate agent in Nebraska:

Step 1 - Meet The State's Minimum Requirements

In order to run for office in Nebraska, one must meet some minimal prerequisites. In order to be a real estate agent, you must achieve certain qualifications before you may finish pre-license training and take the licensure exam:
  • Have a minimum age of 19 years old when applying
  • Please include your high school diploma or GED.
  • Demonstrate unwavering integrity
Make sure you don't have any convictions on your record, and if you do, be sure to put it all in writing.
Although having a criminal record does not automatically rule you out of being a real estate agent, most states do require applicants with convictions to provide a written statement outlining the details of their sentence. In addition to setting the record straight, the letter can demonstrate your dedication to your real estate agent duties and legal compliance.

Step 2 - Complete Pre-licensing Training

Prospective real estate licensees in Nebraska are required to take a course that covers the rules and regulations, as well as the practice, ethics, and policy of the real estate industry. A total of thirty hours of real estate instruction plus six hours of ethics and professional conduct are required of all candidates.
In order to apply for a license, you must first demonstrate that you have completed certain courses; in some cases, evidence of completion is required. Even if it's not strictly necessary, having a degree in business management or a related field might make you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of landing a job offer.

Step 3 - Submit A Real Estate License Application

An official application for a Nebraska real estate license can be made after the completion of pre-licensing training. The Nebraska Real Estate Commission accepts applications through their website; they are in charge of real estate certificates and other related procedures.
Among the many forms available on the internet is a license application form, which you may access using the links provided above. The cost of each application varies with the specifics set by each state.
For up-to-date fee information, see the NREC website. After you've verified your identity and credentials and paid the cost, it's time to wait for the state to make a decision on your application.

Step 4 - Complete A Background Check

The state also demands fingerprints and a criminal record check at the time of application submission. To make sure that candidates don't have any criminal records, the state may preserve a record of their fingerprints.
A background check can cost anywhere from $40 to $60; however, the exact amount could vary from one service to the next. You are eligible to take the state licensure test once the background check and fingerprints are finished.

Step 5 - Pass The Licensing Exam

The state real estate license test can be taken if the necessary prerequisites are met, such as a background check, pre-licensing training, and the payment of fees. Questions on real estate law, professional behavior, rules and processes, and ethics will be put to the test. To get your license, you have to pass the test with a score of 75% or above.
You will be able to schedule an exam appointment after the state approves your application. After you pass the real estate exam, you should get your license in the mail a few weeks after the test date. Operating as a licensed real estate agent in Nebraska is now within your legal purview.

Real Estate Agent Skills

Real estate agents in Nebraska distinguish themselves with a unique set of skills vital for success:
  • In-depth grasp of Nebraska real estate laws -Adept at navigating the intricacies of Nebraska real estate laws and regulations, agents are well-versed in the legal aspects of property transactions, including the nuances of loans and closing costs.
  • Exemplary organizational prowess -Managing a myriad of tasks, from coordinating meetings and open houses to handling essential documents like bank statements and inspection reports, demands exceptional organizational skills. Agents ensure seamless transactions by orchestrating various elements with precision.
  • Compelling interpersonal abilities -As natural salespeople, real estate agents leverage strong interpersonal skills and charisma to negotiate favorable prices, attract prospective buyers, and cultivate a professional image. These qualities contribute to expanding their business opportunities and fostering positive client relationships.
  • Meticulous research acumen -Research is a cornerstone of effective real estate representation. Agents delve into extensive research on home prices, market trends, and neighborhood values. Their keen research skills enable them to guide clients in determining optimal pricing strategies and negotiating favorable terms with buyers and sellers. The ability to discern between reliable and unreliable information is a crucial aspect of their research expertise.
External view of an apartment
External view of an apartment

Process To Get A Real Estate Salesperson License In Nebraska

Nebraska salesperson applicants must be at least 19 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be a legal resident or citizen to obtain a Nebraska real estate license. They must pass (8) steps to earn their license.

Take The 66-hour Pre-license Education

New real estate agents in Nebraska are required by law to complete two 30-hour courses recognized by the state's real estate commission. At least 30 hours of real estate-related coursework from a recognized institution or supplier is required. Course 0003, which covers professional practice and standards, is another six-hour requirement for applicants.
As part of the application process, applicants who have completed the necessary coursework at an accredited college or university must submit certified transcripts sent straight from their school to the Commission's headquarters. It is mandatory to offer a final test in all real estate education programs.

Submit Salesperson License Application

The Real Estate Commission of Nebraska suggests applying for a license to sell or buy real estate online. A head-and-shoulders passport photo, transcripts from both your high school and any courses taken prior to licensing, and an application are all required pieces of documentation.
Please submit the completed application by sending an attachment in Word, JPEG, or PDF format to It is advised by the commission to review the paper application before submitting the electronic version. Your previous addresses, jobs, licenses (real estate or otherwise), and criminal record (if applicable) must be included on the application.
There is a one-year grace period beginning on the date the NREC receives your application for a license and all related fees (including exam fees). You can take the exam up to one year after you apply for it and still pay the same amount. There is an application fee of $135 and an examination fee of $150 for a driver's license.

Undergo A Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check requires all real estate agents to provide fingerprints. You will not be issued fingerprint cards until your license application is on file at the NREC office.
Without the criminal history record, your application would be incomplete. Your criminal background check report will not be received by the Commission for an average of four to six weeks following the submission of your fingerprints, according to the NREC.
If you don't follow the instructions on the fingerprint cards, your processing may be delayed.

Schedule Your State Licensing Exam

The NREC receives your application and sends a notification when it's time to book and take the salesperson exam. The applicant is responsible for scheduling the exam, which requires your Social Security number and name.
To schedule the exam, visit and use the same email address and name when creating your account. PSI can help set up a test date and provide information on nearest testing facilities.
To schedule an appointment over the phone, call (855)-834-8748. There is a fee associated with the exam, which must be reapplied if you don't show up or cancel within the allotted time.

Take And Pass The Licensing Exam

Bring a valid photo ID (driver's license, passport, military ID, or official state ID) that isn't about to expire, as well as your name and signature, in order to sit for the Nebraska Salesperson Licensing Exam. There is a national section to the test that lasts 90 minutes and consists of 80 items, each worth one point.
You need 60 points to pass. Five or ten of the questions may be experimental in nature and will not affect your final score. You can find the exam's content outline and the percentage of questions in each topic area in the Candidate Information Bulletin.
An official score report is necessary for license issuance, and you can see your report on the screen. Reapplication through the NREC is required in the event of exam failure. The licensing process can be finished within 30 days by candidates who pass.

Submit The License Issuance Forms

After passing the licensing test, you must have your employing broker sign the License Issuance Form and send it to the NREC to officially acknowledge your employment with that broker. An individual must pay $80 in order to obtain a salesperson license.

Obtain Errors & Omission Coverage

Agents in the real estate industry are required by law to have E&O insurance. The Nebraska Department of Insurance has approved any number of insurance providers in the state. The NREC will accept a Certificate of Coverage as proof of this choice.
Williams Underwriting Group is also the underwriter for the NREC's group plan. The annual maximum is $235; the exact amount depends on the liability limitations you select and the month you submit your coverage application. After your application and payment have been processed, the insurer will provide proof to the NREC if you choose the group plan.
After your insurance is verified, the Nebraska Real Estate Commission will award you a valid license to sell real estate.

Take A 12-hour Post-licensing Course

You are required to complete a 12-hour post-licensing course and submit proof of completion to the NREC within 180 days after receiving your license.
Client money, listing agreements, and contracts are just a few of the real estate practice-related topics covered in this course. This course is numbered 7000 by NREC. If the evidence of completion is not submitted, the license will be set to inactive.

FAQs - How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Nebraska

What Educational Requirements Are Necessary To Become A Real Estate Agent In Nebraska?

To become a real estate agent in Nebraska, you need to fulfill educational requirements, typically involving completing pre-licensing courses approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. These courses cover essential topics like real estate principles and practices.

Is There A Licensing Exam For Aspiring Real Estate Agents In Nebraska?

Yes, after completing the required pre-licensing education, individuals must pass the Nebraska real estate licensing exam. This exam tests candidates on their understanding of real estate laws, regulations, and practices.

Can I Complete Real Estate Pre-licensing Courses Online In Nebraska?

Nebraska allows individuals to take real estate pre-licensing courses online. This flexibility enables aspiring real estate agents to complete the required education at their own pace.

What Steps Are Involved In The Application Process For A Real Estate License In Nebraska?

Once you've completed the pre-licensing education and passed the licensing exam, you'll need to submit a license application to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. The application process typically includes a background check.

Are There Continuing Education Requirements For Licensed Real Estate Agents In Nebraska?

Yes, licensed real estate agents in Nebraska must fulfill continuing education requirements to maintain their license. These ongoing education courses help agents stay updated on industry changes and best practices.

Final Words

In conclusion, understanding the outlined process and meeting the criteria for how to become a real estate agent in Nebraskalays the foundation for a successful career in the state's real estate industry.
To become a real estate agent in Nebraska, one must complete required coursework, pass the licensing exam, and gain practical experience through mentorship or internships.
Staying updated on Nebraska's real estate laws and market trends is crucial for success. Networking with professionals, joining industry associations, and using online platforms contributes to building a professional network.
Success in this dynamic field requires a combination of education, practical experience, interpersonal skills, and a commitment to staying informed. With dedication and perseverance, aspiring agents can contribute to Nebraska's real estate landscape.
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