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From Zero To Hero - Learn How To Become A Freelancer On Fiverr

Go from Fiverr newbie to six-figure freelancer! This guide unlocks the secrets to landing high-paying gigs, building a booming freelance career and more. Learn how to become a freelancer on fiverr today!

William Willis
Jan 08, 20246639 Shares90942 Views
Generating income online may seem like an ideal scenario, and Fiverr, a freelancing platform, can turn that dream into a reality. However, it's crucial to note that the competition is intense. This article is brimming with advice on how to become a freelancer on Fiverr and secure your initial orders. Generating income online is among the numerous positive aspects brought about by digitalization. An office, a master's degree, or a substantial budget are not prerequisites. To establish an online income, all you require is passion, discipline, and a touch of creativity.
If you're unfazed by the challenges and eager to commence your freelancing journey, you'll inevitably encounter service provider platforms. Essentially, these platforms can be likened to online marketplaces akin to Amazon. The distinction lies in the fact that on these platforms, providers don't vend physical products for shipping; rather, they offer services, encompassing tasks like logo design, video editing, website programming, and a myriad of others.

Crafting An Optimal Profile

Logo of fiverr.
Logo of fiverr.
Your Fiverr venture commences with your profile. During registration, you'll need to respond to queries about yourself and your expertise. This is also your chance to shape how you present yourself on Fiverr—what prospective buyers will perceive later.
This involves selecting a suitable profile picture, composing a profile description, and providing other pertinent details (which will be further explored towards the end of Tip 1). Before we dive into the details, let's introduce Fiverr, a dynamic platform that connects freelancers with clients worldwide.

Fiverr - Initiating Your Freelance Journey

Among the widely embraced platforms for freelancers is Fiverr. Originating in Israel in 2010, Fiverr gained popularity in North America and Asia before gradually establishing its presence in Europe. As of March 31, 2021, Fiverr boasts more than 3.8 million active buyers worldwide.
Initially recognized for its affordability, Fiverr set itself apart with services commencing at just five dollars, hence the name "Five(rr)." Despite its humble beginnings, the platform has evolved to feature a diverse range of both economical and more expensive offers, catering to the needs of individuals and businesses alike.
To initiate your freelancing journey on Fiverr, the initial step is to establish an account on their website. Visit Fiverr, click on the "Join" button, and sign up for free. After creating your account, proceed to set up your profile.

Choosing The Right Profile Image

Selecting an authentic profile picture is crucial for projecting professionalism. This image will be visible on both your profile page and every offer page you create.
Opt for high-quality portrait photos or images that showcase you actively engaged in your work. For instance, if you provide photography services, taking a picture of yourself with a camera is a wise choice.
These visuals convey competence and authenticity, establishing a personal and familiar connection with potential clients right from the outset. In contrast to a logo, using a genuine photo of yourself is ideal for this purpose.
Once you've captured or obtained the ideal photo, ensure it maintains high quality without pixelation or blurring. Additionally, adhere to the proper format considerations. Fiverr specifically requires a 1:1 format, meaning the photo should be square. It's essential to meet the minimum width and height criteria, which must both be at least 250 pixels.

Profile Description

Moving on to the profile description, this section aims to emphasize your competence and provide potential clients with insights into who you are.
Engaging personalities are often preferred collaborators. In your description, strive to succinctly address the following questions:
  • What is your name?
  • How did you venture into your field? (Whether it's design, photography, or your specific expertise.)
  • What aspects of your work do you find most enjoyable?
  • In what ways can your skills assist someone?
  • Which values and virtues hold significance in your professional approach? (Such as perfectionism, precision, punctuality, etc.)
Invest additional effort in crafting your profile description until you've seamlessly addressed these questions in your text. Recognize the significance of the profile description—it serves as the counterpart to a product description on Amazon, albeit on Fiverr, you're showcasing your services instead of a physical product.
Upon completion, your profile description should stand as a compelling portrayal of yourself, drawing attention, projecting professionalism, and showcasing your skills effectively.

Additional Valuable Details

Is your profile picture and description in top shape? Fantastic! You've already taken crucial strides in establishing a credible profile.
Fiverr provides additional avenues for you to convey more about yourself:
  • Languages -Specify the languages you speak and your proficiency level. Given the international nature of Fiverr's clientele, proficiency in languages like English and other European languages is advantageous.
  • Completed tests -Fiverr now offers free tests in various fields (graphic design, marketing, content writing). Successfully completing these tests enhances the appeal of your profile.
  • Linked accounts -If you have a reputable presence on platforms like Facebook, GitHub, or Twitter, linking your accounts serves as a valuable reference for your services.
  • Skills -The simplest path to entering freelancing is to select a job that aligns with your existing skills. However, if that isn't feasible, you must be open to acquiring new skills. Define your skills using Fiverr's suggested titles and indicate your experience level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert), providing potential clients with a clear impression of your capabilities.
  • Education -Record any degrees or training you've successfully completed under this section.
  • Certificates -The final element is certificates. List relevant vocational training or participation in programs like Google Digital Garage.
Including comprehensive information in these areas enhances the professionalism of your Fiverr profile, subsequently increasing your likelihood of receiving orders from profile visitors.

Crafting The Ideal Gig

With your profile completed, the next step is to create gigs—Fiverr's term for advertisements showcasing your services. When constructing your gigs, it's crucial to focus on specific quality elements, namely the title, description, and photo.

Gig Title

Every Fiverr gig title initiates with the two words "I will." Unfortunately, some overlook this formula, resulting in titles like "I will place your Facebook Ads," which appear unprofessional and are unlikely to attract clicks, regardless of the profile or offer's appeal.
Avoid this error by developing a title that forms a coherent English sentence beginning with "I will." Consider the following aspects for an effective title:
  • Conciseness (not overly long)
  • Hook (a catchy word that grabs attention)
  • Directly addresses the need (What service are you offering?)
For instance, if you specialize in marketing and Facebook Ads, a suitable title could be:
"I will create your game-changing Facebook Ads strategy."

Gig Photo Considerations

Your gig's title and photo are the initial elements visible to potential clients. It's crucial to ensure that the gig photo is both clear and possesses a contemporary design. Take into account the following aspects for an effective image:
  • Brief and concise text
  • Craft a visually striking design that captures attention during scrolling
  • Depict your association with the offer (e.g., use a camera as a visual element for the photography section)
  • Maintain dimensions of 1100 x 740 pixels
  • Avoid clickbait tactics
  • Steer clear of duplicating content from other users

Gig Description Guidance

If your photo and title successfully capture people's attention, the next critical step is to ensure that this audience not only clicks on your gig but also translates into actual orders for you.
The pivotal factor lies in your gig description. This section offers you the opportunity to explicitly convey to potential clients why you are the ideal person for the job.
Consider the following aspects for an effective gig description:
  • Avoid large blocks of text (write succinctly and utilize paragraphs)
  • Clearly articulate the problem you can solve and address the pain point
  • Describe how you can resolve the problem
  • Highlight your promises (Professionalism, reliability, punctuality, diligence, etc.)
By adhering to these guidelines, you're sure to craft an enticing description. If you encounter challenges with this task, don't be disheartened! Dedicate a few hours to compose it because the description is so pivotal that investing effort into it is unquestionably worthwhile.

Secure Your Initial Orders

A laptop displaying the Fiverr logo on its screen.
A laptop displaying the Fiverr logo on its screen.
Enhancing both your gig and profile serves as the cornerstone of your success on Fiverr. However, this alone does not ensure an immediate influx of numerous jobs, given the substantial competition on the platform.
Consider that the Fiverr algorithm needs time to acquaint itself with your profile. The most effective means to achieve this involves fostering positive customer experiences and garnering favorable reviews. Yet, the challenge lies in generating orders in the absence of any prior transactions.
Achieving your initial orders and reviews on Fiverr can be expedited through certain "shortcuts." These encompass leveraging "Buyer Requests" and engaging with existing customers. Additionally, there's a common initial challenge on Fiverr that everyone must navigate: the practice of "selling below value."

Utilizing Buyer Requests

For those starting with a clean slate on Fiverr, Buyer Requests present an excellent avenue to secure orders. This feature allows you to discover individuals who have posted unique, custom orders.
Anyone providing services within the relevant field can submit an application for these jobs. The more compelling your application and offer, the higher the likelihood of being accepted.
You have the opportunity to submit up to ten applications daily. It is highly advisable to fully leverage these ten daily applications, especially in the initial stages. With consistent effort, success in securing a job is assured sooner or later.

Returning Clients

If you have existing clients outside of Fiverr, it's beneficial to recommend that they place an order through Fiverr. This approach allows you to receive a rating for your profile, and it signals to Fiverr for the first time that you deliver commendable services.

Undervaluing Your Services

While it may seem counterintuitive, delving deeper reveals that it's a tough lesson encountered by many on their Fiverr journey.
Newcomers often emerge on the platform without ratings or significant references, yet they price their services in the three-digit range. Given the intense competition on Fiverr, the likelihood of attracting clients with such high-priced offers is minimal.
At the outset, it's necessary to forgo a lofty hourly wage, even if you possess extensive experience in your field. I suggest initiating a few gigs with a starting price of $5 for the most basic package. This approach enhances the likelihood that someone will click on your gig and make a purchase.

Learn From Fiverr

Despite dedicating hours to crafting your profile, gigs, description texts, and photos, if the orders haven't started flowing in, fret not. It might take a few weeks for the pieces to align perfectly.
The silver lining is that you can actively make your profile truly irresistible. Fiverr now offers a relatively recent feature called "Learn from Fiverr," presenting an array of courses covering marketing, graphic design, programming, Photoshop, writing, business, and photography.
These video courses are curated and presented by highly seasoned experts in their respective fields. The exciting part is that upon completing these courses, you earn badges that are tastefully displayed on your profile, offering a clear indication of your expertise.
Beyond enhancing your profile, these courses provide practical knowledge. Each course is meticulously crafted by experts, ensuring a high standard and a coherent content plan.
The only caveat is that there is a cost associated with these courses. However, the prices start at an exceptionally reasonable level. In some instances, you can acquire a one or two-hour course for as low as 30 dollars (25 euros). It's an investment that is sure to yield substantial returns!

Securing Repeat Business Through Exceptional Service

As orders begin to flow in, it becomes crucial to take every possible step to cultivate long-term relationships with these customers. This approach enables the gradual development of a reliable and predictable volume of orders.
The potential of this strategy is substantial: businesses seeking freelancers on Fiverr prefer consistency over constantly finding new individuals each week. If you deliver a positive experience and establish trust in the relationship, it's certain that they will return to you whenever they require services.
On Fiverr, exemplary service is primarily characterized by effective communication, high quality, and a customer-centric approach.

Effective Communication

Sound communication is a fundamental element of excellent service, applicable not only on Fiverr but universally. Consider running a business where you collaborate with service providers to propel projects you are passionate about and dedicated to. Wouldn't you consistently desire to stay informed about the progress?
This practice communicates ongoing activity, assures customers that their orders are in progress, and conveys your commitment to finding solutions to their concerns.
In instances of complications leading to delays, effective communication becomes even more critical. Timely notification about potential delays, accompanied by an apology and a clear explanation, is key. To make amends, offering a discount on the next order or an additional service at no cost can be a constructive approach.
In such situations, the right communication is pivotal to ultimately ensure a positive customer experience and to secure a favorable rating. Honesty and sincerity hold equal importance alongside the delivery of high-quality service.

Delivering Excellence

When it comes to quality, it's implicit that your delivery aligns with the portrayal on your profile and gig. Even stellar communication won't ensure a returning customer if the outcome falls short of expectations.
Always approach your work with diligence and precision. If there's any uncertainty, don't hesitate to seek clarification and have the client elaborate on their requirements. The crucial aspect is ensuring that you genuinely provide what the client envisioned.
In this context, it's preferable to ask one too many questions than one too few, adhering to the rule that thorough understanding is paramount.

Patience And Understanding

In the freelancing realm on Fiverr, both newcomers to the field and those making their initial purchase may lack experience with standard processes. Considering this, be mindful of the following challenges:
  • Incomplete requirements
  • Unclearly formulated requirements
  • Unrealistic expectations beyond the offered services
In such instances, maintaining composure and exhibiting understanding is crucial. Take the lead in communication, diplomatically and professionally explaining what additional information is required to deliver the best possible service.
This considerate approach is not always commonplace but is generally appreciated and acknowledged. Attempting to proceed with an assignment despite inadequate instructions is likely to result in an outcome that does not meet the client's expectations, inevitably leading to disputes.
Always approach clients with leniency and patience, ensuring you gather all necessary information before commencing the task.

Frequently Asked Questions - How To Become A Freelancer On Fiverr

How Much Does Fiverr Freelance Cost?

How much does Fiverr take from the seller? Fiverr fee for sellers remained the same from the 1st day Fiverr was launched. No matter how much it is, for each order, every seller gets 80% of the payment on Fiverr. So the Fiverr fee is 20% of the total payment of your order.

How Does Fiverr Pay?

When you start an order on Fiverr, your buyer pays for the services upfront. The platform holds the funds until you finish the order and they're satisfied with your work; then, the money will automatically be released to you.

Which Work Is Easy On Fiverr?

The seven best Fiverr skills for beginners to make quick cash are Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Translation, and Data Entry. These skills are in high demand and will give you the chance to start earning money right away.


This guide on "how to become a freelancer on Fiverr" isn't just a read; it's a roadmap. If the idea of embracing the freedom and flexibility that come with freelancing on Fiverr resonates with you, it's time to take decisive action. Invest in honing your skills, creating compelling gigs that showcase your expertise, and consistently delivering top-notch services. Maintain persistence, be open to feedback, and make the most of Fiverr's abundant resources. Before you know it, you'll be constructing a flourishing freelance empire, earning the satisfaction of clients one project at a time. The question remains: What are you waiting for? Embark on your Fiverr journey today and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with unwavering confidence.
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