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How Much Is A Mail Order Bride? Mail Order Bride Cost Estimated


What Is An Average Mail Order Brides Price In 2022-2023?

Many Americans dream of starting a family, and international dating sites make it easier than ever to meet your future wife online. But can an everyday American guy afford such a relationship? What's an average mail order bride pricing and what's included in it? In this article, we'll explain mail order bride cost and provide some estimates of how much you have to pay to find mail order brides, go on a romantic trip to meet your potential soulmate, and tie the knot with her. If you think that dating and marrying a mail order bride from another country is too expensive and complicated, keep reading to have your doubts dispelled! As a first step, check out this selection of trustworthy international dating sites with active user bases.

Best international dating sites

The variety of mail order bride platforms is spectacular. There are free dating websites or with paid membership; some of them have a location focus, and some are international. Here are just some of them:

  • Bravodate
  • Easternhoneys
  • UkraineBride4you
  • JollyRomance
  • DateNiceAsian
  • LatamDate
  • CuteAsianWoman

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Which one should you choose to look for foreign women? Think of how serious your intentions are or your interest in women from a particular area like Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. With the following mail order brides sites and international dating platforms overview, you can start your search for the best dating platform for you:


Those of you interested in dating sites that specialize in Slavic beauties will find Bravodate to your taste. Whether it's a Polish beauty or a gorgeous Ukrainian lady, the dating platform features hundreds of single, sassy women from Eastern Europe. Perfect for finding the foreign girlfriend of your dreams!


It’s that case when the name of the dating agency speaks for itself. The service offers the widest array of Asian women from East Asia that are more than willing to become your girl. Once you visit the site, you’ll be impressed with the modern layout and variety of advanced features, including date arrangements and various communication tools.


As opposed to the previous service, JollyRomance is centered around European women only. Visit this site to see how open and easy-going Slavic women are. The simplified registration, along with the affordable price policy of the dating site, will pleasantly surprise you.


Latin women are the dream of many, and there are countless reasons why. While in real life it may be challenging to come across a single Latina, LatamDate will grant you access to thousands of singles ready for anything from casual chatting to serious relationship. All the profiles on this dating site are verified and active. Besides, when you visit the site, the advanced search engine will help you filter accounts until you find the Latina of your dreams.


Most women from Oriental countries pick DateNiceAsian international dating service, and you should check it out. Not only is the price tag affordable, but also you can send gifts to your future wife in the least time - and effort-consuming way.


In case Russian girls aren’t your type, but you’re still interested in Slavic culture, that's exactly what UkraineBride4you offers. This mail order bride website offers the video chat feature and other tools you won't find on free dating sites, and they might help you develop your casual fling with a cheap mail order bride into a more serious relationship.


Should you be willing to meet women from Asia, CuteAsianWoman is among the best sites to pay attention to. All it takes is a few taps to visit the site and connect with an Asian girl of your dreams. You can join this mail order bride platform for free.


The mail order bride market statistics

More and more people choose mail order brides platforms to start a family or find a long-term relationship. Here are some interesting facts about online dating services:

  • About 270 million users of online dating all over the world and the number is growing
  • Around 17% of all marriages begin with online dating
  • Nearly 60 percent of online dating users had a strong orientation for long-term relationships
  • Countries with the most popular mail order brides are Brazil, Ukraine, Thailand, China, Russia
  • Around 500k singles on average go to a dating site every day
  • Average age of mail order brides is 25
  • Close to 2k single women register on the mail order bride sites​ every day

What does mail order brides pricing imply?

When you think about a bride for sale, it feels somehow wrong. Gone are the days when it was okay to simply buy a foreign bride. The crime of human trafficking is still a problem globally, but, thankfully, that's not what mail order bride websites do. Most mail order bride services offer women from all over the globe to register with dating platforms searching for potential husbands and life partners. Online dating expenses are traditionally paid by men. Unlike free sites, these platforms charge for using communication tools and gift delivery.

So notion of a mail order brides price is designed to give you a better idea of how much it will cost to date a foreign woman online. Various dating sites offer different monthly subscription plans, let alone other service fees. So, the primary aim of an average mail order wife cost description is to help you calculate almost an exact notion of how easy online dating with foreign mail order brides will go on your pocket. Potential wedding expenses vary depending on the type of ceremony you want.

What mail order bride cost depends on?

Once you have a mail order bride's geographical origin in mind, many factors can affect the price range. Generally, you should consider the following points:

  • Dating site's fees
  • Bride's country:
  • flight tickets
  • visa fees
  • accommodation
  • Communication expenses
  • Courtship expenses

The variety of dating sites is growing by the day. Such a fierce competition in the mail order fiancé industry ensures that there are various price tag options to choose from. Surely, the best sites will cost more. For instance, some dating platforms offer a monthly subscription for around $10, while others go up to $50 and higher. The wedding expenses can range from the cost or simply registering a marriage in the courthouse to dozens of thousand dollars for a lavish celebration with hundreds of guests.

Now look at these foreign wife price points in more detail.

Possible travel expenses

Modern mail order brides come from many countries. Therefore, the location has a direct impact on the mail order brides pricing. The economic situation in the country, the flight cost, accommodation expenses, and all things related will predefine the average mail order bride cost, but never the exact price. For instance, if your girl is from a major foreign city, the round trip from New York to Moscow will cost you around $550–$800, while the New York-Tokyo route is priced around $800–$1,050, at the same time, a flight to Mexico will cost you only $400.


Free registration to find single women

Communication cost

Before you set your mind on visiting any country, you need to spend some time communicating with the mail-order fiancé of your dreams. Depending upon the types of interaction, along with how often you talk to one another, let alone the price range of different dating sites, you can expect to spend $100–$1,000 a month.

Extra costs

Some mail order brides don’t ask for gifts directly, while others speak about those clearly. Sending a gift through an online dating service is convenient and fast, but it's costly. For example, you can send a flower bouquet for around $50–$100, or an expensive laptop priced at $1,000.

All these factors can affect the total mail order bride prices, but the experts claim that the average cost of a mail order bride varies from $100–$600 a month.

Mail order brides pricing depending on region

Mail order bride pricing varies greatly depending upon the region that you’re looking for a fiancé from. Among the best regions that the best mail order brides come from are divided into 3:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America



Since Asia is a vast region, you can't point out a single mail order brides cost for the area. Asian mail order brides from Thailand, China, and Japan are the most popular. In some countries, you can expect to spend as much as $3,000 on accommodation if you’re planning to stay in the country for 2 weeks, in others—you can cut the price in two.

Check EasternHoneys to find Asian women

Filipino mail order brides cost

Depending upon the mail order bride site that you prefer, you can spend within $600–$3,000 on your online dating interactions, and the relationship can barely go without it. No matter how attractive Filipino mail order wives are, you need to know the person well before you decide to visit the country.


The most expensive part of the Filipino mail order bride cost would be the tickets price range. Often, they start at $1,500 and can go up to $2,000 and over. But, at least, no visa is needed in case you don’t plan to stay there longer than 2 months.


The Philippines isn’t as expensive as other countries, so you live comfortably for 2 weeks with as much as $500–$600 at hand.


The modern world is full of wonders. While the food and drinks are relatively inexpensive—around $25-$30 for a good meal, there are other things to do when you're in love. Usually, it takes around $30–$40 for two to spend a day enjoying everything that the country has to offer.

The overall Filipino mail order bride pricing is around $5,000, considering all online and offline expenses.

Chinese mail order bride price

China may not be as expensive as some other countries to visit, but the current situation there has had its toll on the ticket prices. Some airlines list prices that go over $5,000 per two-way flight.


A decent quality hotel in Beijing would cost you around $90 per night. So, a week in the country can go up to $1,000 in terms of accommodation.


You can expect to spend around $20 per person on food and beverages in China. Any additional entertainment shouldn’t exceed $30–$40 for two per day.

All factors considered, expect to pay around $8,000 for a Chinese bride.

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Thailand bride price

Once you decide to buy mail order brides from Thailand, you can expect to save money since Thailand seems like an inexpensive country.

  • Flight—a roundtrip to Bangkok would cost around $900–$1,000
  • Accommodation—hotel price range is a bit cheaper when compared to China. You can book a good place for around $60 a night.
  • Entertainment—it takes around $50–$60 for two to spend quality time in Thailand.

The average price for a Thai bride is around $2,500.

European And Slavic brides cost


Mail order fiancés from Europe are known for their impressive beauty. Depending upon the country that you decide to visit, you can count on spending within $4,000–$9,000.

Russian mail order brides cost range

The beauty of Russian ladies is known all over the globe. However, Russian brides costs may scare most men away. While the Russian bride price remains unchanged in terms of dating agencies—$50–$500 a month, the travel expenses are utterly different from what you’ve learned so far.

Time To Meet Russian Beauty


Depending upon the season, you can expect to spend around $600–$1,200 on roundtrip flight tickets. Don’t forget that you need a visa to enter the country, which costs $160 at the moment.


Accommodation in Russia may cost you as much as a few dollars. You can live in a hotel for a month with as much as $200–$300 in your wallet.


There are high-end, fashionable restaurants in Moscow, which would require as much as $200 to be paid for a dinner for two. However, regular dinners out won’t take more than $30.

A Russian wife usually costs around $5,000.

Ukrainian mail order wife cost

​Ukrainian mail order brides have everything to be a good wife: outstanding beauty, rich culture, keen family interest. Definitely, a good area to look for a wife. No war can last forever. Ukrainian single women keep registrationg on the best international dating sites. The first advantage of going to Ukraine is that you don’t need any visa, so you save money and time. Generally, you can count on spending $3,000 per week spent in Ukraine, including flight expenses. Let's look closer.


It is difficult to predict the exact cost of air travel. The prices of tickets will depend on when you buy them and what promotions or discounts will be in effect at that time. On average a flight to Kyiv and back will cost $900-1000, although if you buy several months in advance this figure can drop to about $600. If you make a stop in Europe, you can use local low cost airlines, so the flight will be cheaper: tickets are notoriously inexpensive in Europe.


As usual, accommodation cost depends on how much you want to spend on it. One star hotel room can cost $20 per night on average. Hotel room with five stars: $400 on average per night. One-Bedroom Apartment on Airbnb: average $140 per night. Renting a one-bedroom apartment downtown: average $600 per month.


Renting a car will cost $10-30 per day for a mid-size sedan. Gasoline costs, of course, depend on car consumption and distances.


Courtship is one of the budget items of mail order bride cost that is the hardest to plan for. Surely, any Ukrainian girl would like to receive gifts and spend time in a romantic place. While meal prices in Ukrainian restaurants can vary, the average cost is $30 for two people.

In total, the average amount of Ukrainian bride is about $3000-$5000.

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Latin America brides cost


Pursuing Latin women as mail order brides, you can expect to spend around $3,000 upon the visit and some offline dating with the lady of heart. However, if you decide to legalize your union, you should be ready to pay for the wedding. The cost of the event within Latin countries may go as high as $10,000.

The average cost of mail order bride from Mexico

Latin mail order brides from Mexico are hot and spicy, so the interest in Mexican mail order brides prices constantly grows. When you decide to pursue a sassy Mexican dream of a woman, here are the main categories of expenses to keep in mind.

Online dating

Depending upon the type of online communication and service you prefer most, you can count on spending $100 a month. So, if it takes at least 6 months to get to know one another, you consider $600 an average cost for a Mexican bride.


Flight tickets won’t be the primary investment into the serious relationship with Mexican mail order brides, since the roundtrip costs $165–$210, depending upon the season and urgency of your visit.


It takes around $40 to spend on a nice hotel in Cancun, Mexico. So, a 10-day visit will cost you $400–$500.


The prices for taxi services are more than affordable in Mexico. $2–$10 per ride is what you can count on.


Food is as affordable in the country as transportation so that it won’t take you more than $200–$300 a week, the cost may go up to $1,000 depending upon the type of entertainment you prefer.

Expect to pay the average price of $2,000 for a Mexican mail order bride.

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Brazil mail order bride pricing

Brazilian bride price is significantly higher when compared to that in Mexico, all due to the traveling expenses. While the average cost of Brazilian mail order bride online communication will remain the same, the flight tickets are almost 4 times as expensive.


To visit the love of your life in Brazil, you can expect to pay around $900–$1,100 per roundtrip. Besides, a multiple-visit visa will cost you another $190.


A 4-star hotel in Brazil will cost you around $400–$600 per week.


A tasty dinner for two in Rio shouldn’t cost more than $50. Usually, the prices vary within $20–$40. So, for a week, you can count on spending around $500 on dining out. However, if you go sightseeing and exploring, the expenses may grow to over $1,000.

The average cost of a Brazilian wife is approximately $3,000.

Is online dating cheaper than traditional dating?

When you put it this way, especially with the average prices of mail order brides in mind, it may feel like offline dating is a lot less expensive. For starters, you don’t have to travel outside the country. Besides, recent research proves that a man in the USA spends $2,000 a year on average dating. That’s if you keep on the relationship with the same person. Yet, another research proves that as many as 50% of first dates don’t result in the desired outcome. So, it means that you spend money in vain.

At the same time, mail order sites grant most users long-term perspectives. Such platforms are often filled with a grand variety of potential fiancés. After that, you can spend $100 on average to get to know the person better. You don’t need the first meeting to decide whether you suit one another. Besides, most site services allow as close a personal encounter as possible.


Can you reduce the cost of mail order wife?

There are many factors that the cost of mail order bride price depends on. However, there are 2 main ways to save money:

  • Don’t opt for the cheapest platforms. Such services are often fraudulent and if you want to find cheap mail order bride sometimes it can cost you more money.
  • Don’t abuse the extra features. It’s enough to share texts and videos, with occasional gifts, with a lady, you see as your potential partner.
  • Don't go to her country before you know your mail order bride well. Use enough online communication first.
  • Don't buy expensive gifts at the beginning of the relationship.

Final words

So, what is an average mail order bride pricing? Usually, the price range starts at $5,000 and goes all the way up to $30,000. At first, such a cost may scare you a little, but you need to consider it to be a long-term investment into a happy relationship and potential marriage. Is there a sum you wouldn’t spend on happiness and love-filled life?

Frequently ASked Questions

Is there any “fix price” for mail order bride?

There is no one-for-all cost to declare. The price for mail order bride depends upon your personal needs and preferences.

Is it expensive to get a mail order bride?

How much a mail order bride costs can vary from $5,000–$30,000 depending on the country of her origin and how much you're willing to spend on the growing relationship.

Are mail order brides free?

A quality company charges around $40 a month for user membership. The indicated mail order brides pricing ensures that you interact with actual users instead of potential frauds.

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