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How Have Chantelle Cameron And Katie Taylor Prepared For Their Second Fight?

Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are gearing up for their blockbuster second bout at the 3Arena in Dublin on November 25.

Henry Hamer
Nov 21, 2023246 Shares14478 Views
Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are gearing up for their blockbuster second bout at the 3Arena in Dublin on November 25.
The pair clashed in the Irish capital in May, with Cameron dismantling Taylor on what was her first professional fight on home soil and winning by a comfortable majority decision.
Not only did KT’s hopes of picking up a monumental win in the Irish capital go up in smoke, but so did her unbeaten record.
Both will put it all back on the line at the 3Arena later this month. However, the odds on Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylorare firmly in the Northampton native’s favour following the nature of their first bout.
There’s a lot at stake for both fighters, so let’s take a look at how they have prepared for this fight and how they plan to win it.

Chantelle Cameron

You have to give Cameron plenty of kudos. Eyebrows were raised when the second bout was confirmed to take place back at the 3Arena, as her victory earlier this year theoretically meant she had the power in negotiations.
However, she has agreed to return to the lion’s den to take on not only a sensational fighter in the form of Taylor — but an army of 9,000 passionate Irish boxing fans, who are one of the best in the world when it comes to creating an atmosphere.
She’s done it once though, so why not do it again? And this time, Cameron is vowing to be even more destructive than before.
"I have to be more aggressive. First fight I showed too much respect,” she said.
"You beat Katie Taylor you've completed boxing, because she's such a great fighter.
"I'm expecting a better Katie Taylor. She needs this win against me so I'm making sure I'm a lot better.
"I still have more gears. The first fight was good, but the second fight will be even better. I've got to be spiteful and go back to being more aggressive."

Katie Taylor

While many have suggested that a defeat here could spell the end of Taylor’s illustrious career, including her promoter Eddie Hearn, the 37-year-old has ruled out the possibility of retirement.
She feels like she is going into this fight a lot better than she was prepared for the first one, and she remains confident that she can avenge her loss to Cameron earlier in the year.
"The preparation has been a lot different," the Irishwoman said. "I feel a lot better going into this fight. I feel in top form right now.
"I don't want to really expand on it, I just didn't feel myself going into the last fight. It was just a flat performance. I was good enough to step into the ring on the night, I just fell that bit short.
“Mentally and physically, I feel a lot better for this one, that's obviously a big deal.
"I'm not thinking that this fight is going to be my last fight and I'm not thinking of any other outcome other than a win. So, any other outcome for me isn't even entering my mind.
"I feel very fresh, feel very good in the gym right now. I know I have a lot of fights left in me.”
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