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How Do I Know If My Reiki Attunement Worked Or Not? Ways To Verify It

The simplest approach to determining whether your attunement was successful is to activate the energies, see if there is a connection, and make sure your expectations are reasonable.

Karan Emery
Oct 08, 20231856 Shares109159 Views
How do I know if my reiki attunement worked? A small percentage of people don't feel attunements, but that's okay because an attunement is only a technique and not the energy system.
According to this articlefrom Reiki Connection, attunement expands your energy system, allowing you to conduct energy more efficiently and it refers to our receptiveness to another individual. It is the mechanism via which we establish relationships.
The simplest approach to determining whether your attunement was successful is to activate the energies, see if there is a connection, and make sure your expectations are reasonable. The blog post, how do I know if my reiki attunement worked? is a wonderful place to start.
The following five ways to see if your attunement was successful, in addition to activating the energies, may be of interest.

Ways To Verify Your Attunement Was Successful


Did you feel anything at all? The most common sorts of sensations include chills, warmth, twitches, tingling, ringing in the ears, spinning in the hands, waves of energy across the body, etc. Of course, being unique means that you will perceive the world in different ways.

Energy Flow

You might be able to sense an energy flow after accepting the attunement. This knowledge is frequently sufficient to know that the energies are being correctly integrated and flowing, regardless of how profound or delicate the energy flow may be.

Feeling Disoriented

A good indicator that attunement has been acquired is feeling unrooted after receiving it. When you lack a sense of grounding, your energies are likely slightly out of balance due to higher vibrational energies.


You could occasionally experience extremely mild detox symptoms after receiving an attunement. Mild symptoms suggest you are going through a cleaning of negative energy after attuning, not the flu or an illness.
Mild headaches, chills, feeling like you're going to catch a cold, and other symptoms are possible.

How to Attune Yourself to Reiki


Following an attunement, having a lot of dreams typically signals a significant energetic cleansing. Try to determine the theme of the dream so you may use it to your advantage when you are awake to aid in the cleansing.

What To Expect At My First Reiki Attunement?

You can expect these things:
  • The healer will touch various parts of your body.
  • They might casually touch you or place their hands close to your body.
  • There's a chance that your body will start to feel hot or tingly.
  • Some people say that memories come back to them or that they see colors or images that look like them.

Reiki Attunement Cost

Reiki attunement costs about $200.

People Also Ask

How Is Reiki Attunement Done?

The symbols used in a reikilevel 1 attunement, power, mental/emotional balance, and distance healing, represent three separate aspects of reiki energy. Each pupil is attuned to these three symbols four times, and each time the link gets stronger.

How Many Levels Are There In Reiki?

Training normally consists of three (rarely four) levels, with each level emphasizing "attunement" (an empowerment ritual), education, and practice. What distinguishes Reiki from other types of healing touch and energy treatment is attunement.

Can Reiki Be Done Without Touching?

If necessary (for instance, in the case of an open cut or burn), the Reiki practitioner can hold her hands just off the body. Some practitioners even constantly give Reiki in this manner.


If you have any doubts about how to know if your reiki attunement worked or not, please wait a few days before trying to accept your attunement again.
Also, it's important to make sure your intention to accept the attunement is clear and strong. If it is, you will feel the attunement.
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