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How Better Workplace Training Improves Productivity

How Better Workplace Training Improves Productivity

It might sound obvious, but workplace training is a huge part of productivity. It’s imperative not only to ensure that the employee understands their role and what they need to be doing, but also to avoid mistakes, workplace danger, and delays in production.

Iram Martins
Nov 10, 2021

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It might sound obvious, but workplace training is a huge part of productivity. It’s imperative not only to ensure that the employee understands their role and what they need to be doing, but also to avoid mistakes, workplace danger, and delays in production. While the initial thought is that employee training only affects their individual role, this isn’t the case. Better training improves the business overall. Below are a few ways that the best training can increase the productivity of an operation.


A large part of productivity in factory and warehouse environments is safety. Depending on what the company manufactures and how fast they do it, there can be a lot of hazards to the employees. One of the most important things to do is require them to take the OSHA 10 hour course, even if they are not required to by the local government. This class provides a basic understanding of workplace accidents, hazardous materials, mistakes, and other mishaps to help avoid them and overcome mistakes in the moment. If you are sure that your employees are safe, the whole operation will be able to move more smoothly and productively.

Optimizing Individual Performance

When extra time is taken to make sure the company’s employees know what they are doing, they will do better work. The second way that better training improves productivity is by optimizing the performance of individual workers. If one person is lagging behind, it will not only show in their performance. It will have an impact on the whole operation.

Not only should the employee know how to do what they are doing, they should also know what to do when they don’t have anything to do. Keeping people busy is a huge part of training. Managers should approach this by acknowledging that if the person is busy, their shift will go by faster and they will enjoy their work more. Individual training is great, but collectivized training is also necessary.

Increasing Collective Productivity

The individual matters, but the collective productivity of a business matters more. This suggests that the overall training of employees is a crucial place to start. If the whole team isn’t producing the kind of work the business needs, it is a great idea to have collective training sessions. When you take the time to train all of your employees the same way, the collective operation will run much smoother. There will be synergy and the various parts of the company will work together more effectively. Furthermore, if your current situation simply isn’t working, taking a different collective training approach can change the game. If the goal is to increase collective productivity, new training methods may be necessary.


If the business has tried to increase collective productivity but can’t seem to get things going, it might be time to take a look at leadership. So often the atmosphere, outlook, and attitude comes straight from the top. If the management doesn’t have a good attitude or mindset, neither will the other employees. Of course, talking to management or firing them should be done delicately.

There are plenty of examples that didn’t go this way. Leadership doesn’t just determine who is hired and fired, the vibe of the workplace is dictated by who is giving orders and how. Orders must be gentle but firm, poignant yet understanding. If you are suspicious that the leader you have in place isn’t getting the job done because they are unhappy, it is probably time to hire someone else.

Training the Right People for the Job

Finally, if a person the company is training for the job doesn’t like the position, this will inevitably lead to a lack of productivity. It is absolutely imperative to hire people who are passionate about the job, whatever it is and wherever that passion comes from. Training won’t be effective if they aren’t receptive to it. That’s why to start the employees need to be primed to receive the training, whatever it is. If they aren’t, it’s a non-starter.

Workplaces of all kinds are increasing in productivity, but if the proper training isn’t there the efficiency of the operation will lack. Whether it’s the collective training given to everyone, specific training on hazards, or the hiring of the right leaders and workers, training is pivotal to productivity.

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