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Your Illness is a Blessing for the Health Care Industry!


My point is that nearly every sickness and ailment has all-natural remedies. The pharmaceutical industry, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as other organizations, are preventing and shielding these cures from you.

When I make these claims, the question that arises most frequently is what is the motive for such a thing to happen?' The answer is simple: money and power. Many individuals have no idea how powerful the money and influence of a driving force can be. Indeed, money does make the world go round. In fact, the love of cash, which is the concept of greed, is the root of all evil.

Think Of Some Apparent Truth.

Today, ninety percent of all people in jail are there because of a crime related to money. Interesting, aren't they? Money is such a strong force that people fear going to prison because of it. 75 percent of all killings are committed for money. The insatiable appetite of people to have cash actually pushes them to kill another human being!

It is the rule that all publicly traded firms have a legal duty to maximize income! Think about it every single organization, with rare exceptions, has one goal: to make more money.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/health-care-industry/ by Kenzo Norman on 2022-12-25T23:40:53.833Z

By making their goods at the lowest possible cost, selling them at the highest possible price, and selling as much as they can, the only way businesses make more profit is. Any decision a business takes is to boost income.

Companies, however, are run by individuals. People have two motivations: firstly, to personally make more money for themselves and secondly, to increase their wealth, reputation, or influence. Therefore the people who manage businesses will still make choices based on what will enrich themselves individually.

Very few people are concerned with the benefit of humanity, the world, or any spiritual nirvana being achieved. Decisions are based on the answer to the question, "What's in it for me?" to varying degrees.

In Business, Is It Always All About Money?

Yeah. Yes. Expected obsolescence has been the standard operating practice in the history of big business. This is when a product is made in such a manner that it may wear out or have to be replaced.

The product should have been designed to last for a very long time, but it intentionally created an item that was fundamentally defective in order for the company to guarantee future profits. So it prepared for the obsolescence of the commodity, all in the interest of profit.

Companies only do things in today's market world that can boost revenue, decrease the cost of the product, or guarantee a higher price for the product. With restaurants situated in airports, a simplified instance of this can be seen. There is a monopoly in the restaurant, no competition.

Since the restaurant knows that it does not rely on repeat sales, high-quality food, good service, or a fair price do not have to be offered. Have you ever had a fantastic meal with great service at an airport restaurant at a great price? I sure didn't. About why?

And they're not allowed to. At an airport restaurant, offering good service and a good product at a reasonable price will not increase profit because they do not rely on repeat customers. Outsourcing is another example.

Why Do Hundreds Of Corporations Lay Off Millions Of American Employees And Outsource These Jobs To Citizens In Other Nations?

And it's less costly! Note, it is the ethical duty of the corporate officers and directors of publicly traded corporations to raise profits.

They will lose their jobs if they do not. Big business will always make profit-based choices, not what is good for the workers, what is good for the client, what is good for the community, what is good for society, or what is good for humanity.

Let's look at the drug market. Let's say you sell diabetics with insulin. Will you be pleased if anyone found a herb that cured a person's diabetes when taken so that they never needed insulin again? Not of course. You'd be out of business there. As a curious note, there's a diabetes cure like that. The person who discovered it was paid by a big pharmaceutical firm over $30 million not to sell it! It's just a matter of money.

The Most Lucrative Industry In The World Is Health Care.

Described as the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of illness. As long as people are infected, a benefit of billions and billions of dollars is made per year. Think about this. As long as people stay sick, huge quantities of money can be made. On the other hand, a healthy individual does not spend any money on the health-care industry.

A stable person does not need to purchase medications, does not undergo medical attention, and is a liability to health care companies. The drug companies and practically the entire health-care industry would be out of business if every person was safe and disease-free. You are nothing more than a client for the drug industry and practically all the companies involved with health care.

For the health-care sector, there is a little financial opportunity to keep people living disease-free. There is no financial reward for disease prevention or recovery. Rather one overshadowing motive is motivated by the entire health-care industry to make money! In the form of officers and directors of the publicly traded firms that make up the sector, the entire health-care industry is run by individual individuals. With rare exceptions, these people are some of the cruelest, richest, and most selfish people on the planet. Is it true?

Let Us Discuss A Fictional Situation, Or Maybe Not So Fictitious.

Imagine that there is a scientist somewhere working in a lab. He makes a groundbreaking discovery: A small plant is discovered in the Amazon that kills all cancer in the body within one week when it is made into a tea and eaten.

Imagine this researcher declaring that he gave this tea to one thousand patients with cancer and that every single one of them was found to have absolutely no cancer in their body within one week and without having undergone surgery. Uh! Eureka!

A cancer cure! With no side effects, a simple inexpensive, all-natural remedy. Just a simple plant that's made into a drink and tea. It absolutely has no side effects whatsoever. It is pure, all-natural, and it just costs a penny.

Imagine this scientist revealing to the world his discovery. He will definitely win a Nobel prize. The world medical community will definitely be pleased. No cancer anymore! Any cancer patient will drink this tea and be free from all their cancer in one week.

Anyone who is afraid of cancer will now know that they can easily drink a couple of cups of this tea, which costs them only a few pennies, and stop having cancer at all times. Oh, my, a better place would be the earth.

You'll Never Hear This Story, Sadly.

Not because the tale is not real, but because it would not be necessary for the American Cancer Society if this simple herbal tea that cures all cancer was permitted to be sold. There will be no need for any of the drug companies that manufacture and distribute medications for cancer. There will be no need for any extra money for cancer research.

Cancer clinics around the world would be shut down, hundreds of thousands of people would be put out of work, whole companies would be shut down overnight, and the kingpins that run the cancer industry would no longer earn billions and billions and billions of dollars in income.

So What Happens When This Person Makes This Discovery?

In certain instances, these individuals have simply disappeared. In other instances, hundreds of millions of dollars have been given to these individuals for their study. In other cases, the federal government searched the offices of these researchers, seized the data, and jailed the researchers without a license for practicing medicine. Is it fiction, or is it the truth? Well, there's a dirty little secret in the health care business and I'm blowing the whistle on it.

The talks I've heard, the meetings I've attended, the papers I've read, and the inside knowledge I've gotten about this world's health-care scam has made me angry as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Since I'm blowing the whistle on the most successful industry in the world: health care, I've been called "the Whistleblower" I'm revealing lies, deceptions, and scams. I'm going to let the cat out of the bag. Like other sectors, things tend to shift until reality is made public.

Is It True That Natural, Affordable Disease And Disease Treatments Are Kept Back By The Health-care Industry?

May it be true that profits are the only incentive for health care? Only let's look at the recent past.

We all heard the tales of inventors who had carburetors to make cars run a gallon of gasoline for a thousand miles. We also heard that the car industry has paid millions of dollars off those inventors to obtain the patents and then buried those patents and never used the technology. About why? Since it will cost billions of dollars in income for the automobile industry.

We all know the story of how in California, the three major car manufacturers acquired the Redline Train System, only to destroy it to ensure that more cars were sold. Most people do not know that a lawsuit has been filed about this apparent antitrust issue and the "big three" have been found guilty!

There's corruption running deep. It was proved in this case by the judge awarding the claimants an insulting $1 in damages! That's right, $1 just! Obviously, the big three car manufacturers paid off the right individuals to ensure that their fraudulent acts have no consequences.

Most recently, many of you have seen the film The Insider or read the book about how the tobacco industry has been misleading about their perception for years that the ingredients in cigarettes are extremely addictive. An insider finally blew the whistle and told the truth.

Finally, he revealed what we all thought was true, that the study was conclusive, that cigarettes are addictive, and that cigarette manufacturer knew this for years and years and years, but lied before Congress and said they had "have no knowledge" or "credible scientific evidence" that cigarettes were addictive. They were a flat-out lie. Why were they lying? With capital. It's about all that money!

I Happen To Be An Entrepreneur And A Capitalist.

I have been inspired to make money in my life. Money isn't bad itself. It is not bad to make cash and profits. When it transforms into greed, it becomes evil. When you enjoy money, making money becomes very bad.

Making money and making profits is very bad when you harm your staff, lie and cheat your customers, damage the environment, exploit employees, push rivals out of business illegally, and intentionally sell inferior goods and services.

When you put money above all else that is when it's a challenge to make money. Money must be used and people must be loved. The problem is that they love money and people use it!

"The love of money is the root of all evil."The love of money is the root of all evil. Through first-hand experience, I can tell you that most officers and directors of major publicly traded firms are greedy beyond confidence and corrupt beyond faith!

Money making is becoming an addiction. Making more cash becomes these individuals' all-consuming compulsive motivator.

The most significant thing in the lives of these people is making money. In nearly all their choices and acts, making money and doing whatever it takes to make more money becomes the chief incentive. It's all right if making more cash means lying, cheating, defrauding, falsifying, or hurting other people.

It's all right if making more money means violating the rules, damaging the environment, or watching other individuals suffer. Don't you trust me? A few points, let me point out.

Did You Know That In Prisons All Over The World There Are Thousands And Thousands Of Millionaires, Multimillionaires, And Billionaires?

And why are they in jail? Since they had such greed, even with their millions, that they were willing to break the law to make more money. You may assume the exceptions are these individuals.

Consider this for every drug dealer who has been arrested and is in jail, there are potentially one thousand drug dealers who have not been caught on the streets! I can tell you firsthand that there are hundreds if not thousands of officers, executives, and wealthy stockholders who defraud the public, motivated by personal greed, for every millionaire or corporate officer or director who is in jail for violating the law out of covetousness.

Do you know what the number one murder motive is? Uh, money! Cash, that's right. Such powerful motivators are the love of money and greed that they are the number one reason people kill other human beings. It is most certainly true: greed is indeed the root of all evil, described as the love of money.

We're watching Enron and WorldCom on TV and Martha Stewart. Individuals who are so greedy and have tens of millions of dollars in their bank accounts want more. For their own personal benefit, they can lie and defraud, cheat, and effectively steal money from shareholders and staff. Their ethics were kicked out of the window.

They Sold Their Spirits To The Devil.

There are thousands of people who commit criminal acts in every aspect of business and government, all because they want more money. It's always about all that money. Just watch TV with facts! Do you know that the creators of most reality TV shows hope that their lives will be destroyed on national television by the real people on these shows?

With great reviews, the producers make money. If a person is physically injured or an emotionally traumatizing incident happens, the rating soar, and more money are earned by the producers.

The more "bad" that happens to the person, the more cash is made. It's like feeding the Lions to Christians. Why are people so pleased when the life of another person on national TV has been destroyed? Because you stop caring about the lives of other people when you are so involved in money, even voyeuristically.

You Stop, Yeuristically, Thinking About The Lives Of Others.

I've been in the boardrooms of big companies across the globe. I've been listening to these people talk. I've heard it myself, so I know what I'm saying is real, and most importantly, I was there myself. Greed inspired me to violate the law, and because of it, I spent two years in federal prison. I know firsthand what I'm talking about, trust me. Why haven't you previously seen this? Well, what went on in the mafia for decades was a mystery.

No one even agreed to the presence of La Cosa Nostra. Finally, one guy, Joe Velacci, came forward and blew the whistle on organized crime's inner workings. Since that time, there have been hundreds of former Mafiosi who have come forward to share the secrets behind closed doors.

The inner workings of the tobacco industry have been cloaked in secrecy in a similar way. Finally, at the cost of his own life, a man with a conscience came forward to blow the whistle on the greed, lies, and manipulation directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Think about this.

Where are mass-destruction weapons? They are in every cigarette box! Today, from the inside, I am one of the first to come forward and tell you the truth about the people who run "big pharma." You might be under the misconception that drug companies have officers and directors whose sole passion in life is for the good of humanity to prevent and cure disease.

But I'm Pulling The Curtain Back And Exposing The Great Oz For The Fake He Really Is.

You can hear the cry of "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," but don't be fooled. Not benevolent, wonderful people with compassion and a determination to rid the planet of illness are the officers and directors of the large companies that make up the health-care industry.

When the curtain is pulled back and the real personalities are unveiled, we see outrageously rich people whose greed, insatiable desire to make more money, and disdain for humanity are the stars of greed.

Just note that health care is the world's most lucrative sector because as long as people are sick, people make money worth billions of dollars.

The bottom line is this: There is no motivation for the healthcare sector to cure illnesses. If diseases were healed by the health care sector, they will all be out of business. As unbelievable as it sounds, their focus is to ensure that more people get sick and more individuals require medical attention. That ensures earnings. It's about all that money!

The "sick Care" Industry Should Really Be Called Hospitals, Drug Makers, And The Whole Health-care Industry.

By keeping people safe, this money machine does not make its profits, but rather by identifying a sick person and then selling them their outrageously costly medications, surgical procedures, and other medical procedures. And they make over 1.3 trillion dollars a year doing it.

I was in the boardroom, folks. I listened to these individuals. "I don't care how much liver damage this drug causes, get it approved by the FDA. Pay whoever you have to pay, get the lobbyists that you have to get, but just get this drug approved.

Do it and our stock price goes up threefold. We sell our stock and move on and five years from now when they find out about the liver damage, they'll take the drug off the market. But who cares, we'll have our money.

Just do it."I don't care how much liver damage this drug causes, get it approved by the FDA. Pay whoever you have to pay, get the lobbyists you have to get, but just get approved of this drug. Do it and our stock price increases threefold. We sell our stock and move on and five years from now when they find out about the liver dama.

Is It All About Money All The Time?

Are we denying and hiding natural remedies and therapies from us only because greedy individuals and companies want to make more money? Is it true that capital is causing the world to go round? Yes Yes! You must realize that the world's number one motivator is making money. Every day, we hear about it. But let's see who is involved.

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Kenzo Norman

Kenzo Norman - Kenzo is a journalist-turned-marketer who is fascinated by how storytelling and targeted marketing can result in content that changes businesses. He is responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that help his clients raise brand awareness, generate leads, and gain new customers as an Account Executive. Jason enjoys reading on the beach, tracking down mono records, and playing guitar when he is not working.

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