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Habiba Abdul Jabbar - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Ex-wife

Habiba Abdul Jabbar is the ex-wife of the renowned basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, once known as Janice Brown, who has a special position in NBA history. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar had a huge impact on Kareem throughout their marriage, despite the fact that her name may not be as well-known as that of her ex-husband.

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Habiba Abdul Jabbaris the ex-wife of the renowned basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, once known as Janice Brown, who has a special position in NBA history. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar had a huge impact on Kareem throughout their marriage, despite the fact that her name may not be as well-known as that of her ex-husband. She opted to take on her husband's last name after assuming the name Janice Brown, signifying their devotion to one another and their relationship.
Although information about her personal life and history is scant, her connection to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gives her narrative an additional dimension of fascination. The inclusion of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar in the legendary NBA family tree serves as a reminder that the lives of famous people's companions and wives are often fascinating and worthy of acknowledgment in their own right.

Quick Facts About Habiba Abdul Jabbar

Full NameHabiba Abdul-Jabbar
ProfessionFashion Designer
CountryUnited States
DivorceKareem Abdul-Jabbar
EducationUniversity of Los Angeles
KidsHabiba Alcindor, Sultana Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr.

Early Life Of Habiba Abdul Jabbar

Habiba Abdul Jabbar was born in the month of October 1950. Being a private person, Habiba hasn't disclosed any details about her private life.
The woman has also avoided discussing the names of her parents and siblings. Also not revealed is their occupation.
Mrs. Jabbar is a successful lady who has attained a high level of education. In the US, she completed high school. She was a student at the Los Angeles campus of California State University. Habiba, the ex-wife of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, has a degree in fashion design.
Habiba, the ex-wife of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was born in this country. She is a citizen of the United States as a result. She is also straight in terms of her sexual orientation. The stunning lady is of mixed ethnic heritage. i.e., of Afro-American heritage. Habiba practices Islam as her faith.

Biography Of Her Ex-Husband

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was formerly known by his birth name, Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. He was exceptionally huge and hefty for his age when he was born in New York City on April 16th, 1947.
His birth date was 1947. By the ninth grade, he was 6 feet and 8 inches tall. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a basketball player when he was younger and because of his towering stature, was particularly successful in the sport. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar learned how to dunk when he was 12 years old.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's prowess on the basketball court became immediately apparent when he began attending high school. His high school squad had a lot of success in the New York City Championships, which they won many times thanks in large part to his contributions.
Because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a student at Power Memorial Academy, he became known as "the tower of power." Kareem Abdul-Jabbar eventually shattered a number of records during his time playing basketball for his high school.
 Habiba Abdul Jabbar Taking Selfie
Habiba Abdul Jabbar Taking Selfie

Career Of Habiba Abdul Jabbar

After graduation, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar started her work, and she has since carved out a place for herself in the competitive world of fashion design. Habiba has established herself as a leading figure in the sector because of her persistent love for originality and elegance. She started her own apparel company, Tutu Glam, because of her business energy, and it has received a lot of praise.
Habiba founded Tutu Glam, which specializes in making stylish holiday tutus. These distinctive and fashionable clothes have quickly gained popularity among fashion aficionados, showing Habiba's sharp eye for design and her capacity to satisfy a variety of interests. She has effectively caught the spirit of festivity and elegance with Tutu Glam, giving people a chance to show their uniqueness via their clothing.
Habiba's profession in fashion design has given her the chance to not only showcase her creativity but also to empower and inspire people via her creations. She has earned a reputation as a recognized and powerful person in the fashion business because of her passion for her craft and her desire to provide high-quality items. Habiba's skill and creative thinking continue to have a significant influence on the fashion industry as she advances in her career.

Professional Career Of Her Ex Husband Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Although Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first played for UCLA's freshmen squad, he swiftly switched to varsity basketball. Sports Illustrated and other media outlets identified Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a future star.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a significant effect on the team's success during this period, which includes a three-year stretch with only two defeats. He was so adept at this manner of scoring that he actually contributed to its prohibition in collegiate basketball.
He refused to try out for the US Olympic team in 1968 and instead boycotted them. During this time, he also had a Muslim conversion and adopted an Islamic name. Later that year, in 1968, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar participated in what came to be regarded as "the game of the century."
For the first time in collegiate basketball history, the game between the UCLA Bruins and the Houston Cougars was aired nationwide, and more than 50,000 spectators tuned in to watch the action live. Even though Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's team lost, they went on to upset Houston in the NCAA Tournament.
The Milwaukee Bucks selected Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the 1969 NBA Draft for a fee of $1.4 million. The Bucks finished second in the Eastern division during his first season in the NBA. In addition, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar moved up to second place in the league in scoring.
The Bucks won the title the next year, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar surpassed all other scorers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar formally accepted his Islamic name after winning the championship in 1971. In the end, he asked for a move in 1974.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar switched teams in 1975, joining the Lakers. He had a solid start and a high average of points per game. Even though the club was doing well, they kept losing in the playoffs with each passing year.
After the Lakers acquired Magic Johnson in 1979, things seemed to be a lot more promising. This opened the door for a successful run in the 1980s. The LA Lakers had a successful run during their "dynasty," winning five championships, with the assistance of Magic Johnson and the wisdom of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's career started to decline in the early to mid-1980s. He was in his early 40s, and due to his physically demanding job on the squad, his body was having trouble functioning. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had begun practicing yoga much earlier in order to keep his strength and flexibility.
In an attempt to compete in the center position, he also bulked up. He had also developed a reputation for donning safety glasses. This was because his corneas were vulnerable to collisions and scratches. During this period, he furthermore got an eye issue.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said in 1989 that he will stop playing basketball after the season. His influence on basketball was so profound that the announcement of his retirement was a big deal. Fans presented him with a variety of presents, ranging from a boat to an Afghan rug. At games, people applauded him for standing up. He had a 20-year career and was the player with the most games played by one person at the time of his retirement.
 Habiba Abdul Jabbar Running
Habiba Abdul Jabbar Running

Some Interesting Facts About Habiba Abdul Jabbar

  • Habiba was raised in a Christian household but converted to Islam after marrying Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  • She has three children from her marriage with Kareem.
  • Habiba is an accomplished fashion designer and the founder of her own clothing brand.
  • She and Kareem were married for nearly seven years before their separation.
  • Habiba's clothing brand specializes in festive tutu skirts.
  • She is known for her keen eye for design and creativity in the fashion industry.
  • Habiba's brand, Tutu Glam, has gained significant recognition and acclaim.
  • She is passionate about empowering individuals through fashion and expressing individuality.
  • Habiba's designs capture the essence of celebration and elegance.
  • She has a strong dedication to delivering high-quality products to her customers.
  • Habiba's talent and innovative approach have made her a respected figure in the fashion industry.
  • She draws inspiration from diverse sources and incorporates them into her designs.
  • Habiba's career in fashion has allowed her to inspire and empower others.
  • She is known for her attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship.
  • Habiba continues to make strides in her career, leaving a lasting impact on the world of fashion.

Awards And Achievements Of Her Ex Husband Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Habiba Abdul Jabbar's ex-husband, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, is a great personality in the sport of basketball, well-known for his extraordinary abilities and many successes. Kareem amassed a plethora of accolades and accomplishments over the course of his storied career, solidifying his place among the sport's all-time greats.
Kareem has a long list of achievements. He has won NBA championships six times, twice with the Milwaukee Bucks and once with the Los Angeles Lakers. His outstanding performance, which combined unstoppable scoring power with tremendous defensive abilities, allowed him to win these titles.
Kareem's accomplishments are all as outstanding on their own. He is a two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) and a 19-time NBA All-Star. His ability to score is unmatched, and he now holds the NBA record for most points scored with a career total of 38,387.
Kareem received multiple MVP honors in recognition of his abilities and contribution to the game. He set a record by winning the NBA MVP award six times, demonstrating his unwavering brilliance and power on the court. In order to further emphasize his defensive achievements, he was selected to the NBA All-Defensive First Team a staggering 11 times.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar received honorary induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1995 in appreciation of his extraordinary career. Beyond his accomplishments on the court, Kareem has made important contributions as a writer, actor, and activist who promotes social justice and equality.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar's accolades and successes attest to his extraordinary skill and influence on basketball, securing his position as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Family With Daughter,Son and Wife Habiba Abdul Jabbar 2020

Net Worth Of Habiba Abdul Jabbar

The net worth of Habiba Abdul Jabbar is not yet known. The ex-husband of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has amassed a sizable fortune via his professional basketball career. Her ex-husband Kareem, on the other hand, is worth $20 million. Kareem's NBA salary has aided in the growth of his savings.

People Also Ask

Who Is Habiba Abdul Jabbar?

Habiba Abdul Jabbar is a fashion designer and the ex-wife of basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

What Is Habiba Abdul Jabbar Known For?

Habiba is known for her involvement in the profession of fashion design and for founding her own clothing brand, Tutu Glam.

What Type Of Clothing Does Habiba's Brand Specialize In?

Habiba's brand, Tutu Glam, specializes in fashionable festive tutu skirts.

How Long Were Habiba And Kareem Abdul Jabbar Together?

Habiba and Kareem were together for almost seven years.

How Many Children Does Habiba Have?

Habiba has three children.

Did Habiba Abdul Jabbar Change Her Religion?

Yes, Habiba converted to Islam after marrying Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

What Is The Habiba Abdul Jabbar Height?

She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.


More than merely Kareem Abdul Jabbar's ex-wife, Habiba Abdul Jabbar has made a name for herself. Her work as a fashion designer and entrepreneur has blossomed, winning her respect from colleagues. Habiba gained notoriety via her association with Kareem, but she has now become recognized for her own clothing line, Tutu Glam, and its stylish tutu skirts.
In addition to her professional accomplishments, Habiba's personal journey, which included her conversion to Islam and her motherly responsibilities, gives her narrative depth. Her capacity for juggling several facets of her life demonstrates her fortitude and resiliency. In the cutthroat fashion industry, Habiba stands out for her dedication to creating high-quality goods and her enthusiasm for using fashion to inspire people.
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