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Get better quality sleep with these bedroom changes

Get better quality sleep with these bedroom changes

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep can improve your health and increase your lifespan, but it’s easier said than done. Many adults report getting less than the recommended hours of sleep every night, which leads to various health problems. Although there are multiple reasons for this, one of the most common issues is a poor sleep environment.

Henry Hamer
Sep 30, 2021

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Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep can improve your health and increase your lifespan, but it’s easier said than done. Many adults report getting less than the recommended hours of sleep every night, which leads to various health problems. Although there are multiple reasons for this, one of the most common issues is a poor sleep environment.

What is a sleep environment?

Simply put, a sleep environment is where you rest at night. For most people, it’s your bedroom. It encompasses everything from your bed and pillows to the lighting and temperature. When your sleep environment is conducive to your needs, it enables you to rest without complication.

Improving your sleep environment

So, what changes can you make to enhance your sleeping environment and thus your overall health and wellness? Below are a few suggestions.

Mattress quality

Has it been a while since you invested in a mattress? Your mattress is responsible for providing your body with the support it needs to sleep. If it is old, lumpy, too hard, too soft, or riddled with broken springs, getting to sleep is hard and painful. 

Assess the quality of your mattress. If you have had the bed for more than a decade, it’s uncomfortable or dangerous; it’s time to invest in a new one. Today, mattress technologies have been enhanced by leaps and bounds, providing you with various beds to meet your sleeping needs.

Temperature control

Trying to sleep in an environment that’s too hot or cold is frustrating. It can cause you to wake up in a pool of sweat or oversleep under a pile of blankets. If you want to get the appropriate rest, you must concentrate on temperature control.

The ideal temperature to get sleep is about 65 degrees. Using a smart thermostat can help you to regulate bedroom temperatures more efficiently. You can turn the heat up in the winter or down in the summer with the press of a button for a more comfortable sleep.

Creature comforts

While some people can fall asleep anywhere, others need a little assistance. The bedroom is meant for rest and relaxation, meaning you have to focus less on distractions and more on creature comforts. For instance, if listening to nature sounds helps you rest, buying a turntable with Bluetooth capabilities enables you to turn on the playlist just before bed. If you like soothing scents that relax the mind and body, an aromatherapy diffuser is an excellent investment. Do you like snuggling under the covers on a cold night? Why not treat yourself to a down comforter for extra cushion?

Technological distractions

There was a time when bedrooms had nothing more than a bed, dresser, side table, and lamp. The idea was to have few distractions to keep you awake. As time and technology advanced, this concept changed. People started investing in flat-screen televisions and computers for the bedroom as a source of entertainment before going to sleep. The only problem is, these devices can cause anxiety and keep you up at night.

Removing these distractions from the bedroom is likely the best choice. If you like the idea of having technology in the bedroom, there are other options. You can turn the TV off before you go to sleep so the blue light doesn’t send signals to the brain that you should be awake. Finally, you can be mindful of what you watch before bed to avoid getting emotionally overwhelmed. As for computer usage, set a time to unplug and unwind before going to sleep.

Going a day or two without efficient sleep may not have an impact on your health and wellness. However, if minimal sleep is an everyday problem, you have to act fast. While you should certainly investigate the other causes of poor sleep, your bedroom is a great place to start. Making changes such as your mattress quality, temperature control, limiting distractions, and incorporating creature comforts, can create an environment perfect for 7-9 hours of rest.

Henry Hamer | I'm currently working for Google's Chrome team in Munich, Germany, as a developer advocate. I was a member of the team responsible for the online presence of, one of Germany's largest daily newspapers, from January 2010 to November 2011. I used to work for Yahoo! on their similarly massive European news pages before joining Sueddeutsche. I've concentrated my efforts on the internet, which has turned out to be a fantastic decision.


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