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Geremiah Fulton - Hitman Holla's Son

Geremiah Fulton is a name that has only recently come to the forefront of public attention, but he is already well-positioned to make a splash in the entertainment sector. Geremiah's claim to fame is based on the fact that he is the son of the famous Hitman Holla, even if he may not yet have started his own career.

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Geremiah Fultonis a name that has only recently come to the forefront of public attention, but he is already well-positioned to make a splash in the entertainment sector. Geremiah's claim to fame is based on the fact that he is the son of the famous Hitman Holla, even if he may not yet have started his own career. This is because Geremiah has a remarkable genealogy.
Geremiah bears the weight of expectations and interest that naturally come with being tied to a well-known celebrity. Because his father was such a renowned character, Geremiah is the child of such a figure.
On the other hand, he is resolved to forge his own way and emerge from his father's shadow with a personality that is uniquely his own. Geremiah Fulton is a name to keep an eye out for as he starts his journey in the spotlight because of his unmistakable charm and potential. He is prepared to captivate audiences with his own unique abilities, so this is an exciting time for him.

Quick Facts About Geremiah Fulton

Real NameGeremiah Fulton
Father name Hitman Holla
Famous forBeing the son of Hitman Holla
Father ProfessionRapper, Actor, Social Media Personality, Entrepreneur, and Singer
GrandmotherSue Fulton
GrandfatherGerald Fulton Sr

Biography Of Geremiah Fulton

There is no information available at this time on the date of birth or age of Hitman Holla's kid. Because he is not very active on any social media site at the moment, the little information we know about him comes from his father's profile and the social media postings he has made.
He has a very special relationship with both his grandfather, Gerald Fulton Sr., and his grandma, Sue Fulton, who are his father's parents.
Geremiah Fulton is the only kid that Hitman Holla has ever had. This denotes that he is an only child and does not have any brothers or sisters of his own. At the moment, he is 16 years old and is treasured and loved by both his mother and his father. The fact that Hitman Holla mentioned his son's birthday in an Instagram post makes this quite clear.
At the time, there was not a great deal of information available on Geremiah Fulton. His father's biographies and other interviews have provided us with the information we have about him. It is not known where he attends school at the present time or what he majors in at this institution.
In addition, there has been little information provided about the ambitions he has for his life. He may follow in his father's footsteps and become a combat rapper, or he could go in a different professional direction entirely. The fans can't help themselves, so they'll just have to wait and see what kind of success he has in life.

The Early Life Of Geremiah Fulton's Father

Hitman Holla was reared in St. Louis, Missouri, by his African-American mother and African-American father. The name Gerald Fulton Senior was given to him by his father, while Sue Fulton was his mother's name.
He spent much of his growing up with his younger brother, whose name is Showout, and who also has aspirations of becoming a combat rapper. One of his rap battle videos went viral on the website WorldStarHipHop, which is a platform for sharing videos online. This helped his brother Showout achieve notoriety and become more well-known.
Hitman Holla continued his studies at California State University, Northridge, where he was awarded a scholarship that allowed him to attend the school tuition-free. While he was attending college, he had a significant interest in sports and played basketball very often. However, once he graduated, he acquired a passion for rap and started his career in that field.

Career Of Geremiah Fulton's Father

Hitman initially had aspirations of being a professional basketball player when he first started out, but as time went on, he became more interested in rap music instead. It was the strong vocal style and spectacular lyrics of battle rappers X-Factor and Murda Mook that served as an inspiration to him when he decided to pursue a career in rapping. He derived his inspiration from them.
Joining the Flight Klub league was the beginning of Hitman's professional career as a battle rapper. In the very first rap battle, he was given the opportunity to compete against Remy D. After beating Bill Collector, he was thrust into the public eye, which paved the way for his rise to stardom and the development of his rapping abilities.
The time when Himan started competing in combat leagues like SMACK/URL and Combat America was the defining moment in his professional life.
Following his appearances on these programs, he became a major star and gained even more notoriety. Hitman finished his rap battle career by competing against various well-known rappers, including Math Hoffa, Goodz, Arsonal, and Conceited. Hollow Da Don was also one of his opponents. While competing in rap fights, he was victorious on occasion, but he also suffered defeat on occasion.
Despite the fact that Holla was kicked out of the Battle American Fight Club SMACK/URL after he made a threat to beat up one of the program's participants, Norbes, the show continued to air.
Following that, Holla was selected to be a part of the cast for the sixth season of the famous comedy program known as Wild 'n Out. Following Conceited's lead as the first battle rapper to emerge on the program, he was the next to make his debut.
Hitman released his first song, "Ball Game," on June 11, 2013, and it was his debut. The CD may be purchased from Amazon for a price of around 8.91 dollars, and it is also accessible there.
Following a hiatus of three years, Hitman collaborated with the rapper Jeff to produce another version of his song titled "Diddy Dum Dum." In addition to his work in the music industry, he also appeared in the movie She Ball in 2020.

Personal Life Of Geremiah Fulton's Father

When it comes to Hitman Holla's girlfriend, he is now seeing social media personality, Cinnamon. The couple has been together for quite some time. On Instagram, the two often combine their photo collections, and on their joint YouTube account, they frequently produce vlogs.
It was also announced that his girlfriend, Cinnamon, would take on the role of brand ambassador for the eyelash company Lash U Studio. Although Holla has a son named Geremiah Fulton, he has not revealed the identity of the woman who gave birth to his son.

Physical Appearance Of Geremiah Fulton's Father

Born Gerald Fulton Jr., Hitman Holla has a distinctive physical profile that adds to his distinctive theatrical persona. Holla grabs attention with his towering and athletic build, standing at an intimidating height. Because of his prior basketball experience, he possesses a well-built body that demonstrates both strength and quickness.
Holla's flashy and eye-catching dress choices often define his own sense of style. He often dresses in fashionable, vibrant attire that conveys his self-assured demeanor. His sense of style incorporates fashionable apparel, chic accessories, and colorful patterns with urban streetwear and a dash of flare.
Holla's hairdo is a distinguishing quality. He often wears a buzz cut or a low-cut fade that has been well-styled. His hairdo selection enhances his entire look and exudes a neat and professional vibe.
Holla's ability to engage people is aided by his expressive and energetic facial characteristics. He has a strong jawline, which is enhanced by a well-kept beard that gives him a somewhat gruff appearance. His eyes, which often exhibit intensity and concentration, demonstrate his love for his profession.
The physical attributes of Hitman Holla include athleticism, stylish flair, and a strong presence. He stands out in the realm of rap fights because of his tall physique, fashionable wardrobe selections, distinctive haircuts, and expressive facial characteristics.

Some Interesting Facts About Geremiah Fulton's Father

  • His birth name is Gerald Fulton Jr., but everyone calls him Hitman Holla.
  • His birthday is March 29th, 1988, and he was born in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Holla received high honors both in the classroom and on the basketball court when he was a student at East High School.
  • He first attended California State University, Northridge, where he was awarded a basketball scholarship; however, he ultimately decided to attend the University of Missouri, St. Louis instead.
  • After being engaged in street life and encountering legal issues, Holla decided to pursue a career in rapping instead of pursuing his goal of becoming a professional basketball player.
  • A rap battle that he participated in on WorldStarHipHop vs. Bill Collector went viral, which contributed to his rise to fame.
  • Holla has competed in battles against a number of well-known rappers, such as Hollow Da Don, Arsonal, Goodz, Charlie Clips, Tsu Surf, and K-Shine, among others.
  • In 2016, he issued the studio album "Diddy Dum Dum" as well as the mixtape "Ball Game."
  • In the middle of the BET Awards ceremony, Holla and Nick Cannon engaged in a rap fight.
  • It is well known that he is a doting father to his son, who goes by the name Geremiah Fulton.
  • Cinnamon, an expert in entrepreneurship and influencer marketing, is Holla's partner. Cinnamon excels in these areas.
  • Cinnamon is the name of both an online and a physical retail business that is owned and operated by Cinnamon.
  • Both Holla and Cinnamon have their own channels on YouTube, and they have also collaborated on a television program.
  • Holla's girlfriend was shot in the face by a thief who entered her house in October 2021.
  • As a prominent character in the rap battle scene, Holla maintains his activity, and he has a devoted following.

Net Worth Of Geremiah Fulton's Father

It is estimated that Hitman Holla's net worth is around $3 million. He has already amassed considerable wealth for himself from the many paychecks he has received since establishing himself as one of the most prominent battle rappers in the world.
Holla has been successful in a number of rap battles, which has allowed him to amass a substantial financial advantage for himself. Hitman Holla reportedly asks roughly $30,000 for each rap fight he participates in, according to some accounts. Because of his participation in some of the most well-known competitions, such as Smack/URL's NOME and URL's Summer Madness, he has amassed both a name and a fortune for himself.
A significant portion of his income comes not just from the television series he produces but also from the companies he owns. Hitman is now raking in a tidy sum of cash because of the success of his apparel brand, which is named Ball Game. Films such as "She Ball" and "Games People Play" featured him in acting roles.

People Also Ask

What Is Hitman Holla's Real Name?

His birth name is Gerald Fulton Jr., but everyone calls him Hitman Holla.

Where Did The Father Of Geremiah Fulton Born?

Hitman Holla was born in St. Louis, which is located in the state of Missouri.

What Got Holla Interested In Pursuing A Career As A Rapper?

As a result of Holla's engagement in street culture and legal issues, he decided to pursue a career as a rap artist.

Is It True That Hitman Holla, Father Of Geremiah Fulton Has Never Lost A Rap Battle?

Hitman Holla has, in fact, prevailed in fights against notable opponents such as John John Da Don and Aye Verb.

What Is The Name Of Geremiah Fulton's Mother?

Geremiah Fulton's mother's name is still unknown at the moment.

Does Hitman Holla Have Any Children?

Hitman Holla does, in fact, raise a kid who goes by the name of Geremiah Fulton.


Because of his father's notoriety and accomplishments in the rap business, Geremiah Fulton, who is the son of the well-known rapper Hitman Holla, has found himself in the public eye. Geremiah has had a one-of-a-kind trip due to the fact that he is the child of a well-known individual and has grown up throughout the course of his father's ascent to prominence.
Geremiah's affiliation with Hitman Holla has, without a doubt, opened doors for him and brought him notice, despite the fact that he may not have followed in his father's footsteps and sought a career in rap as his father did. It is a testimonial to the influence and effect that Geremiah's father, Hitman Holla, has had in the music business that his son, Geremiah, has risen to popularity as the son of Hitman Holla.
Geremiah continues to negotiate the obstacles and possibilities that come with being the kid of a famous rapper, embracing the benefits, and making the most of his unique position in the public eye as he carves out his own route apart from the legacy that his father has left behind. This is all while he is working on creating his own path that is separate from his father's legacy.
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