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Geetika Tyagi - Untold Stories Of An Extraordinary Talent

Geetika Tyagi is an established name in the Indian entertainment business, both as an actor and a producer. She predominantly operates in the Hindi cinema industry. She has had roles in a number of television series, including Powder (2010) and Brings on the Night (2012), among others.

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Geetika Tyagi is a well-known name in the Indian cinema and television industries, as well as in the field of journalism. She became famous for her role as Ujjawala Rawat in the television sitcom Jo Kahunga Sach Kahunga, which she played from 2005 to 2007. In addition to that, she has appeared in the films The Owner, Powder, Class of '83, and City of Dreams. In 2021, she made an appearance on City of Dreams for the show's second season.
Geetika Tyagi is an established name in the Indian entertainment business, both as an actor and a producer. She predominantly operates in the Hindi cinema industry. She has had roles in a number of television series, including Powder (2010) and Brings on the Night (2012), among others.
It was the 2011 short film "The Eclipse of Taregna" that launched her career into the public eye. In the years that followed, Geetika appeared in films such as Aatma (2013), What the Fish (2013), One by Two (2014), and Tera Mera Tedha Medha (2015). 2015 marked her debut as a producer with the release of the documentary titled "In Their Shoes." Geetika had a role in the 2017 film CRD by filmmaker Kranti Kanad, in which she also appeared.

Quick Facts About Geetika Tyagi

Full Birth NameGeetika Tyagi
Working AsActress & Former Journalist
Age33 years
Date of Birth25th of September 1989
BirthplaceNew Delhi, India
Star SignLibra
Current ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra, India

Geetika Tyagi Biography

This Indian actress was born on September 25th, 1989, in the city of New Delhi, which is located in India. As a result, Geetika Tyagi must be somewhere in the vicinity of 33 years old. In fact, the name "Narender Pal Tyagi" belonged to her father. The woman known as "Pushpa Tyagi" is her mother.
Geetika also has a degree in journalism from the University of Delhi, where she studied. After completing her education, she moved to Mumbai and began a career in journalism, which she maintained for a total of eight years. Her older brother now works in Delhi as a software developer for an information technology business.
Geetika has been performing professionally in the theater since she was a youngster. In addition to that, she was affiliated with the Delhi Sahitya Kala Parishad. She has done various plays, including Andher Nagari Chupat Raja, Chanakya, and Bernarda Alba.
Geetika Tyagi is a well-known actress in Indian films and a former journalist who hails from the city of New Delhi in India. In fact, she has worked as an actress in Bollywood films such as Atma and One by Two. In addition, Geetika is a young actress who is trying to make it big in the world of Hindi cinema. Tanushree Dutta has spoken out about the sexual harassment she endured at the hands of actor Nana Patekar as part of the #MeToo movement.
Immediately after that, Ms. Tyagi struck the famous director of Jolly LLB, Subhash Kapoor. In addition to that, Kapoor made an attempt to rape her in 2012. Later on, he was taken into custody by the Mumbai Police, but he was released on bail in 2014.
Additionally, Ms. Tyagi has smacked Subhash. Now, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has exited the role of Mogul in the film. In addition to that, it has been speculated that Subhash would helm the movie.
Geetika Tyagi In Movie Shooting Scene
Geetika Tyagi In Movie Shooting Scene

Career Of Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi got her start in the entertainment industry with the television serial Jo Kahunga. From 2005 to 2007, Sach Kahunga portrayed the character of Ujjawala Rawat, a young lawyer who works tirelessly to bring criminals to justice. The following year, she made an appearance as the prostitute in the 2008 version of the short film Midnight Lost and Found.
In 2010, she played the role of Brinda Swahney in the television crime drama series Powder, which ran for a total of 27 episodes. The concept revolves around the fight against drug addiction in India. In 2010, she appeared as an actress in the short film Dream Stalker.
In the 2011 animated short film for families titled "The Eclipse of Taregna," Geetika portrayed the character of Laxmi. 2011 saw her portray the role of Preeti in the animated short film Lions in the Night. She played the role of Sarika in the drama film The Owner, which was released in 2012.
2012 was the same year that she starred in the comedy-drama television series Bring on the Night under the stage name Piyali Chaudhari. She had a role in the comedy-drama-adventure film What the Fish as Meenal, which was released in 2013. Before she goes on a month-long trip, a woman whose name is Sudha begs Sumit to make sure that his buddy fish is fed on a regular basis.
In the 2014 film One by Two, a comedy-drama romance film, she portrayed Radhika Rupani and was one of the film's starring actors. Amit, an aspirational musician, and Samara, an unconventional dancer, get a clearer look at what their respective futures have in store for them.
In 2019, she played the role of Rica Sahay in the film 22 Yards, which was a sports movie. A theatrical retelling of a happy ending to a story about a cricket officer who was killed in the line of duty and a young cricket player In 2019, she played the role of Shireen Ali in eight episodes of the suspenseful television series Mayanagari: City of Dreams.
Recent projects include the role of Sudha Singh in the action-drama film Class of '83, which she played. She has made appearances in a number of films and television programs, including Aatma (2013), Tera Mera Tedha Medha (2015), Crd (2016) as Veena, and Ok Tata Bye Bye (2017), among others. In 2015, she was the producer of the documentary film In Their Shoes.
Geetika Tyagi With Her Friends
Geetika Tyagi With Her Friends

Physical Appearance Of Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi is a gifted Indian actress and producer, and she boasts a stunning physical appeal that matches her dynamic on-screen personality. Geetika Tyagi has been in the industry for a number of years.
Geetika is able to easily attract attention and make an impression that will stay with people because of her beautiful smile and expressive eyes. Her facial characteristics, which include high cheekbones and a nicely carved jawline, give her whole look an air of elegance. Her jawline is wonderfully shaped.
Geetika Tyagi's black hair is glossy and drapes down to her shoulders, which contributes to the appeal of her appearance. She exudes elegance and self-assurance and has a particular sense of style in the way that she handles herself. She emanates a feeling of confidence and charm whenever she hits the screen, regardless of whether she is dressed in a traditional costume or a modern design.
Her trim yet muscular body is a reflection of her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which highlights her flexibility as an actor in her ability to play a variety of characters. Geetika's stage presence is elevated, and she is able to command the attention of the audience thanks to her elegant movements and flawless posture.
Geetika Tyagi's outward look is a seamless combination of her inherent attractiveness and her capacity to captivate the attention of others. She continues to make her impact in the Hindi cinema industry, capturing people's hearts and providing a source of inspiration for young actors and actresses alike because of her beautiful looks and compelling presence.

Face to Face with Geetika Tyagi, Actress

Interesting Facts Abot Geetika Tyagi

  • Geetika Tyagi is a well-known name in the Hindi cinema industry for her work as an actor and producer. She is from India.
  • Due to the breadth of her acting abilities, she has gained a lot of attention and praise.Geetika is appreciated for her beautiful grin and her expressive eyes, both of which contribute to the allure she exudes on film.
  • Her refined look may be attributed, in part, to the well-defined characteristics of her face, such as her high cheekbones and her chiseled jawline.
  • The rich darkness and shine of Geetika's hair contribute significantly to her overall allure and attractiveness.
  • She is noted for her attention to exercise, which allows her to maintain a figure that is both trim and athletic.
  • The grace with which Geetika moves and the perfect posture she maintains both highlight her stage presence.
  • She exudes elegance and self-assurance, which has earned her a reputation as a fashionista with impeccable taste.
  • Geetika Tyagi's prominence in the Hindi cinema business may be attributed to the fact that she is both a talented and charming presence.
  • Geetika demonstrates her versatility in the business by virtue of her role as a producer, in which she is instrumental in bringing captivating narratives to the screen.

Filmography Of Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi Career
Geetika Tyagi Career

Net Worth Of Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi is a talented actress who has amassed a fortune as a result of her work in the film business. It is believed that Geetika Tyagi's net worth is about 3 crore INR. Geetika has shown over the years her flexibility as an actor by giving spellbinding performances in a variety of media, including movies and television programs.
Her ability, along with the time and effort she puts into perfecting her profession, has garnered her acclaim and opened doors for her in the Hindi film business. Geetika has also tried her hand at producing and journalism in addition to her acting career, all of which may have contributed to the accumulation of her entire net worth.
Geetika Tyagi has established herself as a successful actress as a result of the hard work, talent, and several professional activities that she has undertaken. These factors have contributed to her excellent net worth.

People Also Ask

When Did Geetika Tyagi First Make Her Appearance?

On September 25th, 1989, Geetika Tyagi was brought into the world.

Where Was Geetika Tyagi Born?

Geetika Tyagi was born in New Delhi, India.

What Is The Age Of Geetika Tyagi?

Geetika Tyagi is about 33 years old at this point in time.

Who Are Geetika Tyagi's Parents?

The name Narender Pal Tyagi was given to Geetika's father, while Pushpa Tyagi was given as the name of Geetika's mother.

What Kind Of Experience Does Geetika Tyagi Have In The Working World?

Geetika Tyagi is an experienced performer in the theater as well as an actor in cinema and television, a producer, and a journalist.

Which Theatrical Organizations Has Geetika Tyagi Been A Member Of During Her Career?

Geetika Tyagi has been involved with the Delhi Sahitya Kala Parishad and has been a performer in a variety of plays, including Andher Nagari Chupat Raja, Chanakya, and Bernarda Alba. She has also been a part of the organization.

Other Than Acting, What Other Areas Of Employment Experience Does Geetika Tyagi Have?

Geetika Tyagi's resume includes not just roles as an actress but also those as a producer and journalist.


Geetika Tyagi is a well-known name in the Hindi cinema business, both as an actor and a producer. She has carved out a fantastic career for herself. Her alluring outward look, which is characterized by a bright grin and expressive eyes, contributes to the allure she exudes on screen.
Geetika has given performances that will be remembered for a long time in a number of films and television programs because of her adaptable acting talents and her devotion to her art. She has shown her skill in a number of various genres, ranging from the portrayal of complicated characters to the display of her comic timing.
Geetika's participation in the film industry as a producer is another evidence of her diverse abilities and her dedication to delivering captivating narratives to the screen. Geetika Tyagi continues to leave her imprint on the entertainment business, and in the process, she has established herself as an illuminating figure who has the ability to captivate people with both her skill and her alluring attitude.
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