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FFXIV ACT Overlay Skins - Enhancing Your FFXIV Gaming Experience With Them


FFXIV ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) is a popular third-party tool that players can use to enhance their gameplay experience by providing in-game overlays for various data and statistics.

These overlays can be customized using FFXIV ACT overlay skins or themes, which can change the appearance of the overlays to better match a player's preferences.

There are several websites where players can find FFXIV ACT overlay skins, both free and paid. Some popular sites include FFXIV Overlay Plugin, RainbowMage, and ACT Themes. These sites offer a wide range of skins, from simple and minimalist designs to more elaborate and detailed ones.

To use an FFXIV ACT overlay skin, players must first download and install the skin files to their computer. Once the files are downloaded, they can be added to the ACT program by navigating to the OverlayPlugin folder and selecting "New." From there, players can choose the skin they want to use and customize it to their liking.

When choosing an FFXIV ACT overlay skin, it is important to consider how it will affect the player's gameplay.

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Some skins may be too distracting or cluttered, making it difficult to focus on the game, while others may not provide enough information to be useful. It is recommended to try out several different skins to find one that works best for the player's needs and preferences.

In addition to customizing the appearance of the overlays with skins, players can also adjust the settings to display different types of data and statistics. For example, players can choose to display party member HP and MP, enemy HP, and DPS (damage per second) data, among other things.

FFXIV ACT overlay skins three windows
FFXIV ACT overlay skins three windows

FFXIV ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) Overlay Skins refer to the user interface or visual display that appears on top of the game screen, showing real-time information related to combating statistics, damage dealt, healing done, and other relevant data during gameplay.

These overlays are designed to provide players with a more detailed view of their in-game performance and progress, making it easier to adjust their strategy and improve their gameplay.

There are many different FFXIV ACT overlay skins available, each with its own unique design, layout, and customization options.

Some of the most popular skins include MopiMopi, RainbowMage, and Kagerou. These skins can be downloaded and installed from various sources online, such as the FFXIV ACT plugin repository or user-created websites.

In addition to the visual customization options, FFXIV ACT overlay skins also offer a variety of functional features to enhance gameplay.

For example, some overlays include audio alerts that play when certain conditions are met, such as when a boss is about to use a powerful attack. Others may display information about your party members or allow you to track debuffs on enemies.

When selecting an FFXIV ACT overlay skin, it's important to consider your personal preferences and gameplay needs.

Some players may prefer a minimalistic layout with only essential information, while others may want a more immersive and detailed display.

It's also important to ensure that the overlaying skin is compatible with the latest version of FFXIV ACT and that it does not cause any performance issues or conflicts with other plugins or software.

FFXIV ACT Overlay Skins Download

The FFXIV ACT plugin is a popular tool used by players to enhance their gameplay experience in Final Fantasy XIV. The plugin includes a feature called "overlay," which displays various information about the game in a customizable interface that appears on top of the game window.

One aspect of customization is the ability to download and install different overlay skins. In this article, we'll go over how to download and install FFXIV ACT overlay skins.

Find A Skin

The first step to downloading an FFXIV ACT overlay skin is to find one that you like. There are many websites that offer custom skins for download. A popular site is RainbowMage's Overlay Plugin Repository, which has a wide variety of skins available for download. Other websites like GitHub, NexusMods, and CurseForge also offer skins.

Download The Skin

Once you've found a skin that you like, download it to your computer. The skin should come as a ZIP file, which you can extract to a folder of your choice.

Install The Skin

To install the skin, you need to copy the skin files to the ACT plugin's overlay folder. The default location for the overlay folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Combat Tracker\OverlayPlugin\resources. However, if you installed ACT in a different location, you need to navigate to that location instead.

Once you've located the overlay folder, copy the skin files from the folder you extracted them to and paste them into the overlay folder. The skin should now appear in the ACT overlay settings menu.

Configure The Skin

Once you've installed the skin, you need to configure it to your liking. Open the ACT plugin and navigate to the "Plugins" tab. Click the "OverlayPlugin.dll" option and then click "New." Select the skin you just installed from the dropdown menu.

You can now configure the skin's appearance and the information it displays. The settings for each skin will vary, but most skins allow you to change the size, position, and opacity of the overlay window. You can also choose what information to display, such as DPS, HPS, and threat.

Save And Apply Changes

Once you've configured the skin to your liking, click "OK" to save your changes. The skin should now appear on your game screen. If it doesn't appear, make sure the overlay is enabled in the ACT settings and that the skin is selected.

In conclusion, downloading and installing FFXIV ACT overlay skins is a simple process that allows players to customize their gameplay experience. By following these steps, you can download and install custom skins and configure them to display the information you want. With the right skin, you can improve your gameplay and make your FFXIV experience more enjoyable.

FFXIV ACT showing a list
FFXIV ACT showing a list

People Also Ask

What Is An ACT Overlay In FFXIV?

An ACT overlay in FFXIV is a customizable visual element that appears on top of the game interface using the ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) plugin.

How Do I Install ACT Overlay Skins In FFXIV?

To install ACT overlay skins in FFXIV, you need to download the skin files and copy them into the ACT OverlayPlugin directory. Then, you can select the skin in the ACT OverlayPlugin settings.

Some popular ACT overlay skins for FFXIV include RainbowMage's OverlayPlugin, MopiMopi Overlay, and Kagerou Overlay.

How Do I Customize My ACT Overlay In FFXIV?

To customize your ACT overlay in FFXIV, you can adjust settings such as size, position, transparency, and font type. You can also create your own custom overlay using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How Do I Resize My ACT Overlay In FFXIV?

To resize your ACT overlay in FFXIV, you can adjust the width and height values in the ACT OverlayPlugin settings. You can also use the mouse to drag and resize the overlay while it is visible.


Overall, using FFXIV ACT overlay skins can enhance a player's gameplay experience by providing useful information in a visually appealing way. By experimenting with different skins and settings, players can find the perfect combination to suit their playstyle and preferences.

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