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From Airport Systems To Nuclear Power Plants: The Exceptional Career Of Gunangad Singh Maini

Gunangad Singh Maini is a seasoned engineering professional, project manager, energy management and facilities management expert who has extensive experience and achievements that have made him a respected figure in the industry.

Candice Burns
May 04, 202339 Shares554 Views
Gunangad Singh Mainiis a seasoned engineering professional, project manager, energy management and facilities management expert who has extensive experience and achievements that have made him a respected figure in the industry.
Maini's impressive career began in 2007 when he joined NG Global as a special airport systems engineer. He worked on flagship projects such as the Dubai International Airport's Terminal-3 and Concourse-2 where he worked on special airport systems such as flight information display system (FIDS), public address system (PAS) and IP CCTV systems. His contributions were vital in the successful operations and readiness test (ORAT) at the airport.
From there, Maini moved on to work for Trane Technologies a then subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, as a senior building automation systems engineer. There, he programmed, tested, and automated chiller management systems (CMS) for projects such as the tallest building in the world, the largest gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant in the world and the largest shopping mall in the world that yielded 15-30% energy savings and optimized energy efficiency. Additionally, he spearheaded the automation of the Middle East's largest, variable primary flow (VPF) system, which resulted in the large-scale adoption of the new technology for new energy-efficient projects in Dubai.
Maini's exceptional technical and leadership skills led him to Schneider Electric, where he worked as a senior project engineer. During his time there, he led the onsite execution of a new product that resulted in 10-15% cost savings and became the default gateway of choice for all future Schneider Electric projects in UAE. Additionally, he optimized the sequence of operations for control units and achieved value engineering for several flagship projects such as Middle East’s first ever theme based park resort, several high rise towers and industrial complexes.
Maini's track record of excellence continued at Al Tayer Group, where he worked as a project manager. He spearheaded the installation of one million Honeywell smart metresfor Dubai's largest utility company to create a smarter power grid, providing smart energy management solutions that drove energy efficiency, operational improvements, and cost savings. His efforts resulted in the utility achieving its sustainability goals under strict deadlines, with high quality control and within budget. He also supervised five engineering divisions' daily operations for 70 engineers and technicians across the UAE and increased profitability by strategically integrating in-house maintenance solutions for each division.
Maini moved on to lead as an assistant facilities manager at Inspire Integrated, where he was responsible for the facilities management inside the protected area of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plantin Abu Dhabi. He surpassed contractual key performance indicators by redesigning process flows for operations, approvals, and documentation. This prevented several million dollars lost previously in penalties. He also boosted customer satisfaction through proactive planning and expedited the resolution of emergencies with transparent reporting.
Maini acquired an MBA from University of Southern California’s (USC) Marshall School of business in Los Angeles, California where he received a Global business fellow scholarship, was on the dean’s list and was class vice president.
From articles on cybersecurity to receiving performance awards to captivating the audience with his public speaking skills and to being put on the watch list for the most promising body builders in UAE, Maini’s impressive track record of accomplishmentsand leadership skills have made him a respected figure in the industry. His contributions to several high-profile projects in the UAE have left a lasting impact on the region, and he continues to be a vital asset to any organization he works for.
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