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Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Signifies Time For Transition


The Eight of Cups tarot card meaning represents abandonment, walking away from plans, letting go, traveling, escapism, reaching a breaking point, and introspection.

The eight cups that are seen in the foreground are being left behind by a guy in the Eight of Cups.

The cups are positioned such that it appears as though one is missing, which represents a lack of emotional fulfillment and wholeness.

With a sense of loss and sadness, the man has turned his back on these cups and shuffles out into the mountains.

His feelings are represented by a nearby river, and the mountains stand in for his realization that this would not be an easy path (though it would be necessary for true long-term happiness).

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The guy is going in the dead of night trying to go undetected, implying that there may be some element of escape or avoidance in this card. The moon in the night sky lights the route ahead.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright

The Eight of Cups denotes a period of transition or change that will include leaving behind something.

We all need to change from time to time in our lives, much like a caterpillar must die to change into a lovely butterfly.

This is particularly true when one sets out on a trip to gain a better understanding of life in general after growing weary of living day to day.

Getting this card's upright side indicates that you are unhappy with your life and need to discover a deeper meaning in it.

You could have been considering your alternatives, hopping from one to the next, and tasting the wine in each cup as a way to figure out what you truly want from life.

You are now feeling exhausted and realize that you need to leave the familiar behind.

It is a decision that acknowledges the fact that what you have previously accomplished will not bring you genuine pleasure.

Assorted Tarot Cards On Table
Assorted Tarot Cards On Table

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Love & Relationships

The Eight of Cups represents isolation or feeling abandoned in a love relationship. You may be worried that your lover may leave you.

Perhaps you had a disastrous relationship in the past, or your parents divorced when you were a small child.

If you can relate to this, it could be a good idea for you to seek out assistance in resolving your issues right now.

If you're the one quitting the relationship, see this card as indicating that a new chapter is about to begin.

While being dumped or deciding to leave someone you once loved can be terrible, it can also mark the start of something new.

The Eight of Cups indicates loneliness when it comes to singles. Due to abandonment concerns or previous heartbreak, you could be reluctant to begin a new relationship.

Reminding yourself not to take anything personally just because you've been wronged in the past is the finest thing you can do.

You might not be able to establish new relationships or keep up good ones because of these issues.

Which circumstance pertains to you should be determined by consulting the related cards.

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Money & Career

In a professional reading, the Eight of Cups is a sign that you could leave your current position. Are you dissatisfied or unsatisfied with the job you currently hold?

The cards suggest that it would be wise to venture out and look for new prospects, perhaps in an area other than the one you are now in.

The Eight of Cups suggests that you should be cautious while making new financial investments. In other words, pay close attention to every detail of your financial dealings.

Don't be scared to leave if you don't like the conditions or how your money is being invested. Making the best financial decisions for your well-being should be your top focus.

A Fortune Telling Session in Progress
A Fortune Telling Session in Progress

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Health

The Eight of Cups in a health context suggests that you could be obsessing about the bad aspects of your life too much, which might be hurting your health.

Try to change your perspective, since having a good attitude could enhance your health. You could benefit greatly from and receive a much-needed lift from a vacation.

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Spirituality

The Eight of Cups is a spiritual card that suggests you could be on a journey of self-discovery.

When this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot spread, you can find yourself engaging in a lot of soul-searching and introspection.

In your quest to develop your spiritual path, you may find yourself letting go of previous spiritual convictions.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

We will discuss what it signifies a bit more in this section if you have drawn the Eight of Cups tarot card in reverse (upside down).

The Reversed Eight of Cups signifies fear of moving forward. When this card appears in a spread, you should carefully examine your interpersonal ties.

Are you holding onto a bad relationship because you're afraid to leave?

If you identify with this, it would be wise to have the courage to leave this connection, whether it is personal or professional.

Finding the appropriate route to go down is impossible if one keeps going down the same dead-end road.

If you dare to go on this road, have the conviction that you deserve more and that happier things are waiting for you.

If the aforementioned doesn't ring true for you, the Eight of Cups reversed might also represent uncertainty about the direction you should go in.

This typically happens when you don't know what is best for you.

Think about all your possibilities, and maybe even list the advantages and disadvantages.

This will undoubtedly assist you in making the best choice and removing yourself from the situation of uncertainty.

The Eight of Cups reversed might represent stagnation in a broad sense.

If it seems like you're accepting your lot in life or staying in a miserable position, you're either afraid to move on, or concerned about what the future could hold.

Although you may appear content to those around you, you know deep down that moving forward will require you to let go of some people or circumstances.

Because fear has paralyzed you, you are rejecting this transformation.

It could also indicate that you are avoiding events out of fear of being exposed and taking a chance, rather than because they are awful.

In a reversed position, this Minor Arcana card might indicate a lack of emotional maturity as well as poor self-esteem or low self-worth.

It may also mean coming home after a lengthy trip or stint living abroad.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card

Reversed Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Love

In a love tarot reading, the Eight of Cups is reversed. The spread might suggest that you are in a relationship even if you are dissatisfied with it because you are afraid of being alone.

While things may appear to be going well in your relationship on the surface, they may be boring and stagnant on the inside.

It may also indicate a lack of emotional maturity or a fear of commitment that is causing issues in a relationship.

The Eight of Cups reversed, as it pertains to a divorce or separation, depicts things being handled poorly, such as a father or mother fleeing the family or a divorce getting contentious.

In a reversed situation, the Tarot card Eight of Cups might suggest that you are being overly needy and repelling possible companions if you are single.

It could also mean that you put up with poor treatment from partners as a result of low self-worth or self-esteem.

Alternatively, you could be avoiding relationships as soon as they get committed out of a fear of being tied down.

Whatever the problems are, you must address them if you want to maintain a positive relationship in the future.

You will attract the appropriate mate for you once you address your relationship concerns and improve your sense of worth.

Reversed Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Money & Career

The Eight of Cups reversed in a work situation denotes that, despite your career being stale and unfulfilling to you, you are sticking with it out of fear of change.

You might not have considered all of your alternatives and instead decided to accept your fate in life. When this card shows up, you must be open to change.

The only person who can make your career more meaningful is you, even if it means completely changing your career path.

Be bold and pursue your goals. You will at least know that you tried, even if you don't receive all that you wanted.

If you work for yourself, the Eight of Cups reversed might mean that you might be hanging onto a failing business out of a sense of obligation.

Similar to that, it can refer to holding on to a career or business that you should be leaving because you are worried about losing the financial stability it provides.

A Woman Engaged in Fortune Telling
A Woman Engaged in Fortune Telling

Reversed Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In Health And Spirituality

The Eight of Cups reversed in a health context may be a sign that you are continuing to be in a circumstance that is negatively affecting your health.

You must evaluate the factors affecting your health and what you can change to improve things.

You can enhance your health, whether it is through dietary changes, increased physical activity, or letting go of stressful situations in your life.

When the Eight of Cups reversed appears in a Tarot reading, it signifies that your spiritual development may now be stalled or that you may lack self-awareness.

You might need to do some soul-searching to get in touch with your spiritual self and find your true life path.

A spiritual connection may be able to offer you the strength and courage to let go of things that are no longer beneficial to you if you feel as though you are floating through life aimlessly.

Do not be scared. All we have to do is listen; the spirit is always present, compassionately assisting us in fulfilling our destiny.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Yes Or No

Leaving a poor circumstance in the past is the main topic of The Eight of Cups.

It symbolizes the breakdown of a relationship, dejection or loneliness, and turning away.

Because this card has a generally depressing vibe, the answer to your query in a yes-or-no reading is no.

The only exception is if your query has to do with ending a relationship or employment.

Severing relationships could be your best option in that situation.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Upright Yes Or No

The Eight of Cups is a "no" card. This tarot card depicts a somber truth since it mostly signifies a feeling of abandonment and letting go of particular circumstances.

When the eight cups appear in your tarot reading upright, it may be seen as a sign of inspiration to discover your mission.

Close-Up Shot of a Woman Holding Cards
Close-Up Shot of a Woman Holding Cards

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Yes Or No

Reversed, the eight cups represent "yes." However, it also demonstrates that you have a strong innate sense of which route is right for you, although it still symbolizes a symbolic fear of uncertainty and change.

You are urged to trust your judgment and listen to your emotions by the reversed Eight of Cups.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Love Yes Or No

The Eight of Cups represents rejection in matters of love. The Eight of Cups is frequently a strong indication that you have doubts about your relationship when it appears in a love-related tarot reading.

The Eight of Cups warns single people against settling down too soon out of fear or loneliness.

People Also Ask

What Does The Eight Of Cups Means In The Tarot?

The Eight of Cups denotes a period of transition or change that will include leaving behind something.

Does The Eight Of Cups Mean Yes Or No?

The general tone of this card is depressing, hence the answer to your question in a yes-or-no reading is no.

Why Do I Keep Getting Eight Of Cups?

Getting the eight cups indicates that you will have the courage to let go of anything that is no longer beneficial to you.


The most striking image in the entire piece is that of a person leaving their current situation. However, it's not necessarily a terrible thing.

It appears that someone has had enough of those cups and has established a concrete goal for the future.

A greater and more exciting journey to discover! Therefore, everyone reading this Eight of Cups tarot instruction should not be reluctant to work on their personal development, understanding, and advancement. Only you will benefit from it.

The upright Eight of Cups signifies "no." This tarot card suggests that now is not the appropriate time to make significant decisions, since it signifies a feeling of abandonment and the need to let go of certain circumstances.

Before starting a new course, The Eight of Cups advises developing a sense of purpose.

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