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Efficient Rules of Behavior When Getting Acquainted With Girls

Millions of guys with an attractive appearance and a developed intellect spend their evenings alone or with friends, experiencing a vague longing that their life is not filled with quivering anticipation of dates and exciting sensations during romantic meetings.

Paolo Reyna
Apr 06, 202232947 Shares672393 Views
Millions of guys with an attractive appearance and a developed intellect spend their evenings alone or with friends, experiencing a vague longing that their life is not filled with quivering anticipation of dates and exciting sensations during romantic meetings. Why don’t they plunge into the world of love adventures? Subconscious fear, based on the inability to approach girls right, becomes an obstacle on the way to what you want.
Any young man at Ladadatewants to win the attention of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity confidently and naturally. But exhausting excitement very often becomes an insurmountable obstacle on the way to an acquaintance.

Assess Yourself Adequately And Show Confidence

Low self-esteem is not the best ally when dating. That is what makes it hard to achieve a sense of confidence. Guys do not always realize their potential and do not even imagine what they are capable of. Therefore, it is necessary to increase your self-esteem by remembering your life victories, achievements, and successes. You should find the best features in yourself that distinguish you from others, and focus on them.
However, acting impromptu, you will not be able to feel your significance, so you need to tune in in advance. An hour and a half before a date, you need to completely relax and immerse yourself in the memories of those moments when you experienced euphoria and a surge of strength. It is crucial that the episodes that come to your mind are pleasant and that you classify them as personal achievements. They can relate to both achievements that are significant in the eyes of society, and victories recognized exclusively by you. This can be, for instance:
  • the award of first place in sports competitions,
  • victory in amateur car racing,
  • well-deserved revenge on the offender,
  • seduction of a beautiful girl,
  • or something else that can elevate you in your own eyes.

Take Care Of A Decent And Stylish Appearance

Clothing should emphasize the dignity of appearance. First of all, it must be sized. Sagging jeans and sweaters, as if from someone else’s shoulder, are unlikely to be successful with girls. If your build is far from athletic, it is better to wear slightly loose clothes. And for guys who have spent more than one hour in the gym, it is advisable to demonstrate their achievements by wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt, turtleneck, or T-shirt.
A well-groomed face is the crucial component of a positive image. Pimples and blackheads are unacceptable. It is necessary to get rid of them by visiting a doctor because it is precisely such flaws that cause rejection in girls.
A stylish hairstyle can be the main weapon when dating. Girls take care of their hair and always pay attention to the original haircuts of others. A high-quality haircut will not go unnoticed by a girl, so you should not save on the services of a barber.

Carefully Control Yourself And The Situation At The First Contact With A Girl

It should be remembered that girls like implicit excitement. After all, they interpret it as a signal of the emergence of attraction to them. Of course, it should not be expressed in ridiculous movements, nail-biting, stuttering, and other manifestations that irritate. But, if excitement is perceived as a background for confident speech, it can even win a girl’s heart. That is why it is necessary to learn to speak clearly, beautifully, and confidently.
Pay attention to facial expressions, intonations, movements, the construction of phrases, the sequence of verbal messages, etc. Such exercises will teach you to think through and plan your approaches to girls. And when dating, you will be fully armed, as there will be many behaviors learned in the arsenal.

Stick To Certain Topics In Conversations During Dating

At the very beginning of getting acquainted with a girl, topics for conversation should be fairly neutral. After all, the young man knows nothing about his interlocutor: neither about her interests, nor about preferences, nor character. The conversation usually begins with a greeting, compliments, easy questions, and jokes. If you have time, it is advisable to think about what phrase you can intrigue the girl with.
Many young people, in their quest to get to know a girl as soon as possible, bombard her with countless questions. They do it out of good intentions, wanting to adjust to her interests. However, this is a major mistake! The girl may experience a feeling of anxiety or irritation from obsession. Therefore, to inspire confidence, it is better to tell about yourself, to easily demonstrate your best sides. The first word or phrase is crucial when dating. Should you resort to the traditional “Hi”? No, since it is so hackneyed that it may not be perceived at all.
Don’t use templates, either. The conversation should be built in the form of a dialogue and develop gradually because in these minutes the interlocutors “probe” each other, try to find common ground, etc. But no matter what the conversation is about, the guy must use clear and correct expressions. Adequacy, politeness, and gallantry are the main tools with which he can make a positive impression. The girl should have the feeling that a self-confident and successful young man, seeing her, succumbed to a completely unexpected impulse and decided to get acquainted with her.

Notice Signs Of A Girl’s Interest

Girls can express their interest in the most unexpected actions. And the signs of indifference must be learned to understand and notice. The most common include:
a slight smile,
  • iridescent laughter,
  • a flirtatious wink,
  • pulling a lock of hair,
  • touching up makeup, hairstyles,
  • and other spontaneous manifestations of concern for their appearance.
It takes practice to learn to see the signs of interest. To do this, you can simply walk around crowded places, watch the girls, and study their reactions. A bit later, you can initiate a simple conversation and analyze the response behavior. For instance, say a compliment and, observing the reaction, fix certain signs of interest. All the results of observations can be recorded, and then among them, highlight the vivid moments of the behavior of girls in certain situations.
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