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Wv Metro News: Serving the people of West Virginia


Maintain the mobility of your message. Every one of your clients is always on the go. It is the radio and the Internet that accompany people throughout the day from the radio alarm clock on their bedside table in the morning to their laptops at home and at work, and even via the drive-thru window on their way home from work.

Getting your word out to all of your prospective consumers in West Virginia via radio and online advertising is the most cost-effective and efficient method available.

West Virginia's Official Broadcasting System (Wvu)

MetroNews is the only genuine statewide news organization. We are West Virginia's sole news, talk, and sports network, allowing you to reach virtually the entire state of West Virginia from a single location.

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In addition to engaging news and information, MetroNews and wvmetronews.com provide West Virginians with statewide discussion programming, high school sports, Mountaineer sports, and much more.

No matter whether they're talking about current affairs with Hoppy Kercheval or the latest Mountaineer football game with Tony Caridi, MetroNews listeners feel at ease when they're with the crew on the air.


We've Got You Covered, No Matter What

If you want to reach listeners in all 55 counties in West Virginia and beyond, MetroNews can deliver your message for a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual radio stations. Due to the fact that almost 60% of the state's population lives outside of the state's urban regions, contacting your prospective clients may be very challenging.

On a weekly basis, MetroNews reaches over one million West Virginians via excellent radio stations in both urban and rural regions, including hard-to-reach places where local television is patchy at best and newspapers may be lacking.

With an average of more than 260,000 unique visits per month, our user-friendly website, wvmetronews.com, provides you with an excellent chance to not only enable your prospective consumers to hear your message but also to see your goods in action. The citizens of West Virginia and the rest of the globe are just a click away from your company thanks to this interactive medium.

Coverage From Border To Border Made Simple

In the same way that ABC, NBC, and CBS transmit national news to their affiliate stations from coast to coast, MetroNews broadcasts border-to-border to our affiliate stations in West Virginia and Ohio.

That is the core of a state radio network, and we are the biggest state radio network in the United States in terms of per capita reach. With MetroNews, all it takes is a single phone call to reach statewide outcomes. MetroNews is the official broadcaster of the state of West Virginia.

 It's Not Only About The News And Sports

While MetroNews is home to several highly popular, long-form shows that broadcast both on radio and online, the company also produces 13 updated newscasts every hour and three updated sportscasts daily, which are heard statewide on a variety of radio station formats.

Some of MetroNews' award-winning shows include Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval, Sportsline with Tony Caridi, and High School GameNight with Fred Persinger, to name just a few examples.

Some Of The Benefits Of Advertising On Metronews And Wvmetronews.Com

If you're launching a statewide or regional marketing campaign in West Virginia, you'll want to reach as many people as possible with your message. You will also want to target individuals who have money to spend on your goods or services, such as folks in big cities and small towns, or people who are always on the move.

Using MetroNews and wvmetronews.com to communicate with West Virginians is, without a doubt, the most effective and efficient strategy available. Consider who you would lose out on if you restricted your marketing to spot radio purchases in major markets.

This increased purchasing power is a result of the increasing population in outer counties and bedroom communities, which is reflected in the state's purchasing power. We have a population of about 60 million people that reside outside of urban areas.

Benefits of advertising for customers

Some Top Stories; Researchers Focusing On Potential Long-term Health Effects Of Covid-19

Because Covid-19 is a novel virus, physicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals are always learning more about the illness, even if they have started from the beginning. An increasing number of people are concerned about the potential that the virus may create health issues that will persist long after the sick person has recovered.

Covid-19 (West Virginia Covid-19) At Wednesday's briefing, Dr. Clay Marsh, the Czar of Health and Human Services, mentioned research that shows how the illness may damage the heart.

The findings of the research, which was performed in Germany, were published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). One hundred individuals who had recovered from Covid-19 were observed by the researchers using cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR imaging). Men and women were distributed fairly equally among the participants.

Two-thirds of the patients were able to recuperate at home, with the other third requiring hospitalization. Their average age was 49 (45-53) years, and the average time between a Covid-19 diagnosis and a CMR was 71 days, according to the study.

Researchers took into consideration any cardiac problems that existed before the Covid study. They discovered that the illness had had some effect on the hearts of the majority of the individuals who were studied.

Seventy-eight patients had "abnormal CMR findings," and 60 patients had "ongoing myocardial inflammation," which refers to inflammation of the heart muscle tissue. As Marsh said in his statement, the research "indicates that there are persisting, longer-term consequences of Covid." Furthermore, the German experts said that further research is required.

Previous research published by the American College of Cardiology expresses worry about elite athletes returning to intense activity too soon after recovering from symptomatic COvid-19.

The emphasis is once again on the heart. "We would stress that the person should begin slowly and gradually return to their prior levels while keeping an eye out for any clinical changes or new cardiovascular symptoms," the researchers said in their study.

The researchers went on to say that individuals who have sustained cardiac muscle damage, which according to the German study is more frequent than not, should "wait 3-6 months" before choosing whether or not to resume strenuous activity.

After two weeks have passed after the positive test, competitive athletes and highly active individuals who are sick but not symptomatic may begin to gradually return to exercise under the researchers' "Return-to-Play" methodology.

Now, these are only a few of the many studies that are now being conducted to determine the long-term consequences of Covid-19, which is a rapidly growing body of knowledge.

It's also important to remember that the average age of the participants in the German research was 49, while the majority of competitive athletes are considerably younger. However, the image is getting more apparent. "We're gaining more and deeper insights," Dr. Marsh stated of his research.

Despite the fact that the virus is not going away, we are learning more and more about it. And as we do, healthcare providers and individuals who are infected with the virus may make the necessary adjustments.

Wv Metro News
Wv Metro News

A More Perfect Union

"We, the people of the United States, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

Those are the first words of the constitution that has served as the foundation for our nation since its adoption 233 years ago on this day.

Today, September 17, is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, which is intended to serve as a reminder of the event as well as a chance to study and refresh our knowledge of the constitution. Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was one of the most ardent supporters of the Constitution.

He kept a battered copy of the Constitution in his breast pocket at all times, ready to present it during an argument. On September 17, 2008, Byrd gave a short lesson about the Constitution in the Senate.

His voice was powerful, and his ideas were clear, despite his deteriorating health. The Senator began by drawing a distinction between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

He claims that the Declaration of Independence has the lofty rhetoric that sparked a revolution, while the Constitution is less fascinating to read. "The Constitution isn't full of impassioned pros; rather, it's more like an assembly and maintenance manual straightforward and common sense," he said.

The document's beauty lies in its direction and endurance. He took the Constitution from his breast pocket and stated, "The Constitution provides the foundation for freedom and justice."

"The language of the Constitution, as well as the wording of its amendments, are as vital to every American as instructions on how to use a lifeboat are to passengers on a storm-tossed ship." He was astounded by the document's shortness; a whole nation could be founded on only seven articles and a prologue.

Despite the fact that the Founders could not have predicted all of the difficulties and changes that would face the nation, the Constitution has endured and the country has flourished, according to Byrd, because it has been "honed by years of practice."

On September 17th, Byrd hoped that every American would spend a few minutes to "read and reflect on our wonderful Constitution." That is good counsel, particularly in these trying times, if we still want to "create a more perfect union," as the Constitution's preamble states.

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